HAPPY EARTH DAY fellow friends and strangers, this post is well suited.
This is serious! I absolutely love where I live on the Sunshine Coast!
I love it not only because of its wonderful hinterland/beaches but because of a relaxed and stress free lifestyle for all who lives here. HOWEVER- the Sunshine Coast Council will be voting on the 27th April in Caloundra to decide on amending the town plan to increase height limit, furthermore enabling higher buildings near our beautiful beaches. If we can all urgently contact all councillors and the mayor again to confirm the community opposition it will make a HUGE difference!All that YOU have to do is send a simple build text (e.g ‘NO AMENDMENTS to the new PLANNING SCHEME that will allow High Rise developments where currently not allowed’) Email (mail@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au with the title ‘Attention Mayor’ phone, text or post on the Councillors Facebook sites or write letters to Locked Bag 72 Sunshine Coast Mail Centre QLD, 4560 to help the Sunshine Coast!

This decision will affect our region indefinitely so everyone’s opinion counts!

Thanks wonderful people! xxxx


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