2015 Goals


This might seem like such a pointless blogpost considering the amount of New years resolutions that other hopefuls create to make their lives appear somewhat organised. So instead, I have titled this post 2015 Goals, replacing the word resolution with Goals; I don’t know it just seems more attainable. I also wanted to post this before New years Eve/ New years day because I would end up forgetting otherwise!

I am sure that the fact I have finally finished school will hit me around the time all the young ones start heading back for their first day of term one. So therefore as the new year is approaching quickly I not only have to think of personal goals but of career goals as well… which is scary stuff.

However I will only discuss personal goals today largely due to the fact that I have NO IDEA what I aspire to be, only that I am having a gap year next year and will start university the following year (2016).

Next year I have 6 goals:

1. To stop making excuses for not living out my dreams

2. To save enough money to be able to travel to Greece and some other wonderful places!

3. To be daring to try new things

4. Living simply (getting rid of all unnecessary things/ people in my life… the ones who are drowning me down instead of lifting me out of the waves)

5. Filling my body with good nutrients and exercising

6. Exploring more wonderful places

Those goals don’t need much elaborating so I might just leave it at that. Basically I wanted to publicly share what’s been on my heart, sorry if this is boring to you!

I personally cannot wait for 2015 to start and also can’t wait to see what amazing things happen in my life! If you would like to check out my bucket list which seems to be expanding everytime I log onto tumblr then click this link here  >>> http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist <<<

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas shared with family and friends, and also have a spectacular New Years!

Love & Blessings,

Elly-Grace XXXXO

p.s If any soul knows ‘where-abouts’ my feature photo above was taken can you PLEASE let me know somehow!

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