4 Things You Should Never Apologise For In Life

One of the most commonly used phrases we use in life is, “I’m Sorry” and it needs to stop. Unless you are severely hurting someone, you should never apologise for the things which make you most happiest in life.
This post is in collaboration with another incredible blogger – Amy Theodore from The Noise In Wonderland. Amy also recently posted 4 Things You Shouldn’t Apologise for in a Relationship; check it out here. 

Spending Time Being Lazy- Amy 

It’s important to work hard in life, but it’s equally as important to have some down time. It’s okay to have a super lazy day every now and then where you just do absolutely nothing without saying sorry for it. Binge watch Netflix, eat those snacks you’re craving and don’t go to the gym. Sure life is short and you only live and once so you should cease the day and all that, but sometimes you just don’t have to.

Life Decisions – Elly-Grace 

If you’re like me, than it’s always so hard to make a life decision!  More often than not there’s a thousand other people you’ve involved in the decision making process. However, once you have a vision for your life, or purpose, then you should never apologise for it. There is nobody living your life but you. So if you want to quit school for an apprenticeship, do it. You want to leave university to go and pursue your photography? Make it happen. Don’t apologise for it.


Buying Material Things – Amy

There is a lot more to life than the fancy clothes in your wardrobe and the twenty candles you have scattered around your house, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have them. So you want to buy that expensive coat because you’ve been eyeing it off for a year and you’re still in love it with it; DO IT! Maybe Macs are overpriced but your computer has just shit yourself and you think Apple products look pretty, BUY IT! Material things can’t keep your happy for your entire life, but they can bring spurts of joy into your day or week and we all deserve to treat ourselves.

Spending Time Alone – Elly-Grace 

We all feel the weight of life getting us down. When you’ve surrounded yourself with too many people and their energy isn’t uplifting you. It’s very important to spend some time alone to regain your thoughts and focus on what’s really important in your life. Get away for a little while- drive to a waterfall, lay in the sun outside, read a book quietly in your room. Do anything to spend some quality time alone and most of all; Don’t Apologise for it!

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