There are moments in our lives when particular situations arise which offer nervousness in our bodies. In these moments we feel that our only option is to have a long hard think so that a decision does not turn into a hazardous bad choice. But what if in these spilt reality moments if we choose to make the quick, easy decisions…? Those decisions that scream for you to ‘Just do it!’ (Yes that’s right, you go ahead and think of the Nike tick symbol, the advertising is very catchy indeed!)

Everyone aims to get a little peak into our lives… admit it. When have you ever just kept your eyes straight on the road ahead when driving past an car accident on the highway. Yes, because it’s in our nature to have to have a little sticky beak even if it means holding up the traffic banked miles back behind. But not only do we get distracted in ourselves, but in others judgements about our clothes, relationships, who we should or shouldn’t be seeing and just general ‘not even that tough at all’ life questions. When was the last time you didn’t ask for someones personal opinion on the toughest decision you deemed possible… ‘What handbag you should you buy??!?’ I am referring to this example as it is exactly what happened to me when I was shopping in David Jones yesterday. I have been looking and looking for the perfect black handbag for a long time and finally came across a Steve Madden tote which was obviously saying my name out loud ‘Elly Please buy me!’ (It was totally a Confessions of a Shopaholic moment.- You know when Isla Fisher strolls past the mannequins, they won’t leave her alone and eventually her fashion instincts lure her inside) Anyways! So the Steve Madden Tote was on sale as well and going super cheap! My mother was there to help with the decision and so I thought the need to text a friend for her opinion to add to the pile.

Very Bad Decision.. 

Because not only did I forgot that the friend I texted has a very different fashion sense to me but she replied with a very defined dislike to the photo of the tote I had sent. So now time was running out on my toughest decision ever! (Pfft please. It’s cause I’m only 17) and because of this friends opinion my mind about the bag had also changed. I did not buy a bag that day. 🙁

MOTBP (moral of the blog post) : DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU- JUST.DO.IT (You’re still thinking of the Nike tick aren’t you… well carry on dear friend)

* Buy want you want, after all, the ability to create your own rad style lies within you.

* Kiss that boy/girl you like, they might be the one who changes you life for better.

* Live you dreams, make them reality (As clichèd as that sounds…sorry)

* Don’t second guess, ask opinions or overthink too much about silly decisions (as all girls tend to do….guilty!)

Because we seriously are are all just a little too inquisitive towards some of the simple pleasures that life offers us. We need to figure out a way to change that.. And fast!

Until next time, readers.

Ell G xXo

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