Abdul from Afghanistan

“Hello Madam” we were greeted by our taxi man on our navigation through Sydney. It is always so thrilling to be in the midst of another city where an endless supply of wonders can be right around the corners of busy streets. Adventure and spontaneity are my fellow friends. However, usually one would agree that a taxi ride is just another form of transport to take us from point A to point B. Majority of the time though, you would not stumble upon a taxi driver who will give you a valuable life lesson. Because on the 23rd of June 2014 this was this case. A simple taxi ride (to put it quite frankly) changed my life, in the most clichèd form to word it. 

My mum and her friend Cathy, my cousin Colby and I piled into a taxi towards the Sydney Harbour for a well-deserved breakfast/lunch. The trip there was the absolute best due to the fact that our taxi driver named Abdul was such an inspiring man who made me really think about life and the appreciation of life. As we drove through the winterly, eclectic and vibrant streets of Sydney, it was Oxford Street which caught my eye- not due to the fact that it is on the monopoly board either, but because it was buzzing with fashion and shoe salons, little cafes and restaurants and of course locals and tourists – like us. He was a kind man and as we began to learn more about his past career, country and family we learnt that life wasn’t always full of splendours for him. His wife had passed away and three kids who were all grown up and studying in university. He was basically on his own but his happiness didn’t waiver. 

He told us that in life “We don’t have to be cranky all the time, we just need to be happy. Happy is good”

But it was his attitude that said it all! He told us that he had earn a double degree in teaching in Afghanistan however upon moving to Australia he was unable to use it. That was the saddest part for me. Learning that he had become a taxi driver despite having all this knowledge that could not be used behind him. 

We asked him whether he minded being a taxi driver although he could be a teacher in his country Afghanistan. Abdul told us that “If you help to human being that’s the main thing, doesn’t matter which job, that is how to help this world” and I thought wow this man knows his stuff!

Out of the short time we spent in Sydney I was mostly inspired by one taxi ride lasting 10 minutes costing close to $40 (we let him keep the change) with an inspiring taxi driver named Abdul. His only job to transport people from one point to another however with a simple conversation made me think about appreciating whatever we endure through life.

Anyways, just a quick story from my experience in Sydney last month. Hope you loved it and the photos I will share below. 

Until next time lovelies, 

Elly-Grace –xx 

Early morning flights
Getting ready to attend ‘The Voice’ live round 1
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Sydney Harbour with my best friend, my mini mummy.
You can’t see Abdul but this was Oxford Street and also the taxi ride to the Harbour. Photo credit: Colby Rinaldis
Sydney Harbour
Sydney Harbour

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