Hi I’m Elly-Grace, a 19 year old travel + lifestyle blogger.

8 Facts About Me 

1. If I could re-do my life all over again I would choose to be born in the 1920’s.

2. My name doesn’t actually have a hyphen in between Elly and Grace. My mum was very sly when I first started school so she added in it. If I ever become rich I will have it permanently changed, because, well I just love a good hyphen.

3. I would rather go into space then the depths of the Ocean.

4. I have been to nine schools and have moved seven times.

5. My cousin and I spent majority of our 6 week Greece trip in 2009 reading the twilight series.

6. I talk about Greece about as much as a Vegan talks about them being vegan

7. I like to think that a pivotal moment in my life would be having my initials written in gold on both my towels & pillowcases.

8. Travelling is in my DNA. I crave adventure & adrenaline.

I truly hope you feel inspired as you read through the posts on DANCING IN VIOLENT FIELDS. 


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