My Big Fat Bucket List

1. Go to the Maldives
2. Take a trip over to Cambodia
3. Go skydiving
4. Go to vegas
5. Eat a whole pizza
6. Have a project x party
7. Kiss underwater
8. Lay under the stars with a boy
9. Tell someone you love them…and actually mean it
10. Go to India
11. Eat gelato in Italy
12. Walk in fashion week Milan
13. Watch a fashion show
14. Meet my celebrity crush
15. Swim with the sharks
16. Eat sushi in Japan
17. Go to a 3rd world country
18. Sponsor a child
19. Go bungee jumping
20. Watch movies for 24 hours straight
21. Cuddle in bed all day
22. Go shopping in Paris
23. Have a romantic dinner date
24. Go on my first date
25. Go to the great wall of china
26. Go to a Broadway show in New York
27. Go on a spontaneous trip with only my camera and a notebook
28. Meet Ryan Gosling
29. Write a song
30. Write a romance novel
31. Volunteer teaching English in Vietnam
32. Eat a whole tub of ice cream whilst crying about nothing
33. Go to a very quiet place and scream
34. Have breakfast in bed made by my boyfriend
35. Drive a Mercedes Benz
36. Smile at everyone I see for a whole day
37. Give free hugs to everyone
38. Inspire someone to do something amazing
39. Walk through the drive through at maccas and order diet water
40. Know what t’s like to have a hang over
41. Feel the luxury of first class
42. Have a designer wedding dress
43. Get married
44. Live in Greece
45. Decorate my walk in wardrobe
46. Own more than 20 pairs of high heels
48. Hire a combie van and venture down the beaches on the east coast of Australia
49. Live a day without fear of judgements
50. Buy my dream house
51. Meditate in a peaceful place for a day
52. Wear a crazy outfit
53. Have an asian friend
54. Go on another mission trip
55. Write a book about my grandma’s life
56. Have a bath with flowers
57. Kiss on new years
58. Make a wish on 11:11
59. Dress up in cute vintage outfits and take a long roadtrip with friends & a polaroid camera
60. Have a sweet 16th high tea
61. Dye my hair slightly blonde
62. Finish school
63. Get an A in a maths exam
64. Be in a movie
65. Write a blog
66. Travel the world
67. Buttermilk spa
68. Meet Anne Hathaway
69. Have my wedding on Kythira Greece and then have a second wedding in Australia
70. Kiss and swim with dolphins
71. Ride a unicycle
72. Go to Disney Land
73. Make out in the rain
74. Write love letters
75. Be a role model
76. Get followed by someone famous or tweeted on Twitter
77. Drink cocktails and chill out on an island
78. Go to a concert 
79. See Ed Sheeran live
80. Do the splits
81. Get my first job when I finish school
82. Don’t get silly feelings for someone who doesn’t treat me right
83. Walk around my apartment all day doing nothing in my undies & bra
84. Get kissed on the forehead by a guy
85. Don’t wear makeup for a day at school
86. Go to a masquerade ball
87. Watch the sun rise by his side
88. Watch the sun set by his side
89. Have a candle lit dinner with someone special
90. Feel loved by a guy and love him back
91. Eat everything that is on the Max Brenner menu (not all at once!)
92. Cook a meal for my family
93. Let someone into my life
94. Trust in God always
95. Witness a miracle
96. Go to the Greek islands again
97. Get a good tan
98. Buy something expensive 
99. Go on a cruise
100. Do a surfing lesson
101. Do my first paid modelling job


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