alive or just breathing?

For the third post of it’s kind, yes I am so sorry for an immense delay in writing. I assure you I still have the ‘writing’ fever, I was just periodically away to finish Grade 12 in the best possibly way. Term 4 has been the most stressful term I’ve had all year. I’ve found it very hard to finish the race as well as I have run it! Interestingly though, I shouldn’t of been so anxious and stressed since I hardly had as much work as last term (with QCS and all that jazz).

My title for this little post is “Alive or just breathing?”. I recently found a photo on tumblr that had this micro sentence on it. I found it to be such a small but powerful statement, because it honestly applies to everyone, in any situation. Are we just “breathing” or are we really living “life?” to our greatest potential. Last year I slacked off a LOT, hardly put in the effort for any studies and what excited me the most was the joy of finally finishing school. During this time, only browsing for the perfect formal dress and what I would be planning for schoolies amused me. This year, however, my attitude changed dramatically. I told myself way back in February (at the peak of beginning Grade 12) that I was going to quit everything in order to work super super hard to get the best results I could get. Basically because I believed in myself I knew that the C’s and the occasional B-’s in each subject for Grade 11 were not an accurate representation of what I could be getting. Unfortunately I did set the bar pretty high for myself, and even sometimes our expectations of the goals we set on ourselves should be lowered slightly so that we don’t go fully insane. I quit my job, social life and all other commitments to solely focus on school – and it did pay off! I had to keep reminding myself though of how far I had come.

Basically to link that into my overall message it would be that I made a choice to run this race of grade 12 to the best I possibly could. To see results that I knew I could achieve. I wasn’t just ‘breathing’ I was ‘living’ the choices I had laid out in front of me. And now, especially as I enter into this next phase of my life will I be making more decisions that I ever have before. Although the decisions about my future, relationships and career will always fill a spot in my life, I will never just be living a life where I feel like I just suck all the air into my lungs and do nothing with it. I will choose to be alive and not just breathing. Could honestly nobody enjoys making no impact in this world.

Love to all ,

xxxxx e g

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