Being in the moment

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

It’s funny, because I felt this moment only two nights ago. Not when I was jumping out of a plane or walking on a catwalk. But when I took a leap of faith and decided to sing on stage in front of my whole school and guests. I wasn’t singing on my own, in fact I had two beautiful girls to back my nerves up, but it was a moment that I’d never really done in my life. Before we were set to go on stage, we were warming up outside and I just told the girls that we should just go out there and have a killer time! It was our last performance for Grade 12 and we should just enjoy it, like we all often forget to do in life.

We tried to drop all nerves and focus on actually enjoying the moment, being in the moment.

I realised that night that life is all about ‘being in the moment’ not trying to leave it as quickly as possible. Don’t dread the present, looking towards the future. Be content and satisfied in the moment. And if you aren’t (Like I was feeling during rehearsals), try and change your attitude.


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