Ever hated something so much because you love it too much. Well that’s how I feel about cities. I hate cities, because I love them so much that whenever I visit I just want to run away from the life of a school girl and escape into the world. This world of imaginative wonders, streets with bright coloured clothing from people walking past and the flurry of lights bouncing off sky rise buildings. I don’t know, I just hate being trapped into somewhere I don’t want to be and feel I don’t belong. And no body has given me the opportunity to seek other paths of this wide world yet.  I just want to go, and I want to explore so much more.

In the lyrics of The City- 1975 Matt Healy sings: ‘You want to find love than you know where the city is’ I don’t know about you but I think of that phrase in a different way.  Not to find love as in boyfriend/girlfriend but to be in love with every element of the city.

Have an amazing week lovers & may you find you’re love in the city.

x ell



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