Dare to be Brave : ‘Live without inhibition’

I am actually so happy with the feedback I have received on my last post about my skin journey! I have had beautiful comments and verbal responses from such lovely people! This week has also been very busy in the lead up to 40 hour famine which I have been full-on promoting as I am doing my first attempt this year at going with out food- and I am completely fired up and ready to achieve this! In my next blogpost you will hear all about how my weekend went so stay tuned for that. As you are sitting in front of the screens waiting for that post why don’t you go over and check out how much I have raised this far!! >>>> https://40hf2014.everydayhero.com/au/elly-grace <<<<

Back on track with this blogpost now….all week I have also been thinking about what this post should be about, because to keep up with my weekly quota (blog goal) I needed to be inspired by something. I had a vague idea on what I was going to write about although today my thoughts were shifted into a different direction. A brave direction. I’m calling this the ‘Dare to be Brave’.

We always get told to be brave whether it’s going for a doctor’s check up with those overwhelmingly large needles (although strangely I have never been afraid of needles) or perhaps going for a job interview, or going on stage to accept an award.

For me it is making a stand in the most obvious place you will be judged for doing so….School.

And I never thought I could have done what I did today and not be ashamed of it. 

I go to a christian school where we attend chapel every Friday morning for about 1 hour. Prior to the speaker is when the worship team sings songs and every.single.person in the auditorium from grade 10-12 stand like zombies as they mouth the lyrics of “we come alive” & “I won’t settle anymore” for example. But do they really believe what they are half-speaking? The worship team is on stage singing their hearts out to people who bear a non-responsive attitude towards the atmosphere.

So today I took a leap of faith….I’ve been taking a lot of these recently 😉

It was a bit different in chapel as the band chose to be seated on stage as they sung to us. It just didn’t feel right to be praising our wonderful creator whilst I was sitting silently in my front-row seat. The band sounded amazing and clapping along to the beat wasn’t helping my urge to get up and raise my hands up in the air despite the many people behind me- my classmates and other year levels. I turned left and right wondering if anyone would dare to join me as I made a brave stand amongst a sea of faces.

It was not out of a need for attention, it was purely God speaking and telling me that it is okay to be individual and to be glorifying him in front of many. I let go of everything really, all fear for the boys teasing me, all fear for the group of girls who would snicker as they thought I was attention seeking.

I let go of it all. And man did I feel good! 

I urge you today to let go of something. Feel the freedom I felt at that very moment when I found the courage and faith to stand up by myself in the midst of so many people.

Give some more faith into your situations and when you are so scared about other people’s judgements don’t forget that you contain a spirit of braveness too.

I found this poem today written by Coffee With Noor, a blogger I’ve been following since I started my blog early this year and I really appreciate what she has said here:



Faith is like writing

in the dark — no one

else needs to witness

the words take shape.

No one else needs to

believe in the meaning

behind each sentence

no one except you.

Write boldly and 

without inhibition. 

– Coffee With Noor 

I adore the whole poem however my situation today really resonates with the last two lines ‘write boldly and without inhibition’. Inhibition means a feeling that makes on self-conscious; thus concluding my little post today is that we need to think of living life without inhibition. Without fear of what others might think about our actions. It’s your life so go on,

‘Dare to be brave’ in this crazy little world.

Lots of love,

Ell XX

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