The Dating Series Part 4/4

My fellow readers, this is it. The time has come to wrap-up THE DATING SERIES.

To be quite honest with you, I am very sad about this. This last one will be short and sweet. Enjoy!

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Summarising the tornado 

I’m not saying every girl settles but there are just boys out there who don’t see the point in actual ‘dates’ but it’s not like we are the first generation to have boys/men like that.- Shelby, 18

We now have the freedom to construct a date. How and who do we want to date? Do you want a guy who will knock on the door and say ‘I’ll have her back by 12 sharp Mr and Mrs Johnson’? Do you want a guy that will convince you to wag class before you thought it was cool in Year 10 and make out with you in the local lake? Do you want a guy that will accidentally start vomiting because he’s helping you vomit because you’ve poisoned yourself with alcohol in the middle of a freezing London winter (thanks so much Alex)? Do you want a guy that will agree it’s a bloody great idea to reunite in Calcutta after months spent living on different continents? Do you want to sweep the guy off of his feet? I do! I love being able to express my romantic side. And I know that this is a privilege that has been afforded to me and other women over many years of feminism. Feminism has of course granted things like the right to participate in democracy and the right to employment-though such rights and freedoms might seem to pale ‘dating freedom’ in comparison, it is still a freedom. Enjoy it. – Alethea, 21

I think every moment shared with the one you are in love with should be viewed as a date. – Jodie, 19

I think the key to dating these days is to appreciate each other, not assume anything of one another and love always. – Alana, 19

Find a guy willing to work to give you what you want /need, but remember you’ve got to do the same for him. – Katie, 19


Now it’s my turn.

I feel like we can get obsessed over things pretty easy.

Craving that ‘dating phase’ is just another obsession of ours. Why? Because we have an IDEA of how we THINK it should be. But when things start to pick up and maybe the dating phase wasn’t as you expected or hoped for is when disappointment arises.

Okay, he might not have picked you up, organised a fancy restaurant (so you could wear your red lipstick and new black fringe heels) and talk about ‘god knows what’ during a three course meal.

Have you thought that maybe, that’s not just him? Maybe he is more than that in the sense that he doesn’t care about materialistic things? Maybe you need to accept that from him if you really have feelings for him. As long as he loves you.

For me, I really like those spontaneous dates. The kind that don’t need much planning but still hold such an importance on the relationship that is forming.

Personally, I have always felt like a 1920’s soul. I feel like I would have thrived to live in that era. The Golden Age, the jazzy tunes mixed with an electric vibe of cars, drinks and dancing. Perhaps, the men back then were just the same as what they are now.

However, I’ve never lived in that era. Maybe everything that has been fed to us through movies, songs and tv shows is just a fabricated version of the truth. Because, we don’t know. We don’t know what it was like to be a girl back then. We only know what it’s like to be a girl now and yet we still look back to these times and cry over spilt milk. Poor you. Poor me. Poor us. Accept the love that you know you deserve, and don’t settle for the second best to that. There you go. There’s my advice for you! – Elly-Grace, 19

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