Dear Grade 11’s

Grade 12 is not going to be easy

Especially once you are nearing the end of the race! But it is going to be worth it! It is worth the excitement you feel when you reach the goals you set yourself at the start of the year. It is worth the tears, highs and lows. It is worth it all. Because when you reach that last week of assessment the overwhelming feeling of success and accomplishment flows over you. That everything you do up until the very last day is the last time ever.

  • Handing that last assignment in
  • Finishing mathematics exams forever (hallelujah)
  • Lunch times
  • Last time you will have to drive/ catch the bus to school and the last time you will have to force your body out of bed for the 8:30am start of a new week.

All of these things that we have adapted into our routines for 13 years will finally seize to control our lives.

Oooh I’m sounding a bit dramatic, but hey- it is totally okay!

Basically I want to stress that no matter how badly you did in Grade 11 you can change those habits for Grade 12.

Here are some of the reasons why I didn’t try hard in Grade 11: 

1) I just didn’t try hard at all

2) What’s the point I don’t know where my life is headed anyways

3) Schoolies and looking for a formal dress is way too exciting so schoolwork doesn’t matter

4) Everyone is always going to be better in their studies then I will so I don’t care

You will care! Do not take this attitude into Grade 12 with you!

Here is some advice from a girl who thought she could not succeed in grade 12 but managed to change her attitude and study habits to produce grades that even her teachers didn’t deem possible.

1) Work:

If you have a part-time job I recommend you think about either reducing your hours or quitting all together (If you are a loyal worker and have a good relationship with your manager/boss then I am sure the position will still be open when you finish grade 12… explain your reasons and motivation to do well in Grade 12). Trust me, you will stress less about the limited hours to finish an assignment and work on that instead! HOPEFULLY, procrastination is your worst enemy, do not let it into your life!

2) School: 

At the start of the schooling year go to all of your teachers and let them know what grades you want to finish on for that particular subject. For me, I personally wanted to jump from finishing Grade 11 on a Low C for English to a high A in Grade 12. So I went and stressed how much I wanted to make that huge jump and that I would do anything my teacher asked of me. ** Side note: HAND IN DRAFTS. Not even joking they save your life **Anyways, teachers are paid to move you in the right direction where you can excel in their subject. So go and have a casual conversation to them at the start of the year about your goals and they will help you reach them- guaranteed!

3) Yourself: 

I have briefly discussed a change in attitude that I had to make to enable myself to work really hard despite everything. Your attitude as you embark on the pilgrimage is the most crucial part of character building.

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”

Albert Einstein

See! You have to agree with me since one of the greatest thinkers in the history of our world even has a quote to describe it! It is honestly true though. Not only working on your attitude, but work on de-stressing yourself too. I struggled with that as I entered term 3 because the people around you will be stressed but you can’t let that enter your system too! Another quote coming up!!

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. 

– Goi Nasu

Grade 11’s there is going to be some hard mountains to climb in Grade 12. But I disagree with the people who believe that your results in grade 12 are just a reflection of those in grade 11. I am an example of how that is completely untrue!
So my final words of wisdom would be to stay strong, stay humble and most of all enjoy the next phase of your life because it truly will be over before you know it !!
Make sure you read about my Mum pulling me out of school in Grade 10, here. 

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