Don’t run the red lights in life

Hello Chickens - 

As I sit here once again on a sad Saturday night indulging myself in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream mixed with Nutella. I told myself I wouldn’t make this mistake but over and over again I do. When will I learn?

I’m hoping this will be a quick post tonight as I’m extremely tired and want to watch the movie ‘Interstellar’ which is apparently amazing!

So last night it reached 6:00pm and one of my friends mum had posted on a Facebook status that she had x2 free tickets she available for a 6:20pm movie session they could not longer attend at the cinema. I quickly printed the tickets off and even though the cinema takes nearly 40 minutes we were determined. I always say to myself that speeding to get to somewhere so basic like the cinema is not worth risking your life or others lives for. So I didn’t speed. HOWEVER- around 6:35pm there were 6 life-ruining traffic lights we had to successfully get through before approaching the cinema. Guess what? Every.single.traffic.light was a red light. Which resulted in a raging frustration from both Logan and I. Eventually we made it to the cinema at 6:50pm and thankfully only missed 10 minutes of the movie.

Moral of the story? As I pondered our indefinite bad luck this morning I was reminded of one’s patience for things that cannot be controlled. Because I always seem to go deeper in my messages I realised that the red lights could equal our big moments in life. So when I started to think about this more I began to think that we should be patient in the waiting for the red lights to turn green. There are consequences for running a red light (e.g a car crash, loosing points off a license and a $$$ fine) and similarly if we are too anxious about when our big life moments are going to occur we will often rush through life and miss these crucial moments. BE PATIENT AND WAIT. Let that be a constant reminder not only to all readers but to myself as well.

I could go on forever but that’s just something small to think about tonight.

Comment your thoughts.

Have a lovely weekend!

MWAH xxxxxxx e 

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