Experience trumps Things

Well bloggers/readers/strangers who stumbled upon the greatness that is ‘Dancing in Violet Fields’– aka my blog, 2015 is well and underway if you haven’t noticed!!

Apart from developing a small flu/cold from two eighteenth parties in a row (I’m sure there will be many more coming up!) I have managed to enjoy the first seven days of 2015. From a trip up to my home town of Biloela for 3 days over to Agnes Waters to visit my grandparents and finally a stop over in Bundaberg visiting more family before heading home… oh how I love coming home. I will most definitely sleep well tonight…. Oh my gosh I am getting carried away and it is late so don’t stop reading just because of my blah blah blah above… something is about to inspire you I’m sure of it.

Whilst in Bundaberg today my family and I took a trip over to the nursing home to visit my great grandma (who is 92 and still looking mighty fine!). We weren’t there for too long but I cherished every moment we spent with her. Mum began explaining to her about our Uluru trip in 2014 and granny began to recall some of her holidays to New Zealand, Bali, Fiji and around Australia. Pausing for a moment of reflection as she said she unfortunately never made it to Uluru.

Once a place that she would of loved to have explore, can now only catch her eyes through the getaway programs shown on TV.

I’m only 18 and shouldn’t be thinking too deeply about this, but I shifted myself into grannies position in life. Now too old to travel anywhere else she might have dreamed of when she was my age. Wishing for a moment to be gifted with the opportunity to have another exciting experience!

So where am I going with this? 

Well…. I saw Grannies face light up when she saw us walk through her door. I noticed the tv was immediately turned off so we could just sit there in conversation. She did not care about the ‘stuff’ she had accumulated in life, cars, jewellery, clothes… nothing. Because nothing of this world was of use now….just the grateful memories of her past travels and the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren she had witnessed grow up.

So I chose today to remind myself that my life is mine. 

And you will choose today to remind yourself that your life is yours.  < I feel like the boldness just makes it feel more real. < look I did it again. hahahaha!

To live simply will be my constant saying throughout this year. Because it’s all you need really. The ways of a world which aims to sell ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ which in the end have to be disposed of anyways is not something I wish to partake in. This does not mean that things are bad, I just feel like if they weigh your life down then having wonderful experiences is more beneficial.

In late November I caught a lift with one of my mum’s friends from the Gold Coast up to Brisbane. We had plenty of time to talk which was great because she is one of the most genuine souls you’ll meet, plus just a rad person to chat about life with. We began talking about her spontaneous recent trip to India and how she had sold everything (furniture, car, etc..) all for the experience to feel alive. She told me that life is a cycle, I was just beginning the journey of life after school with nothing at all holding me back, she had just returned from a wonderful trip where nothing held her back. She was living simply.

So I reflect tonight on these two recent events which remind me that my life is mine. I choose to live it how I want. You can too.

I don’t want to get to my great grandma’s age and not have travelled/explored all the places I dream of constantly. Because when I get to 92 years of age, I want to say “Oh I made it there, I got to go there”, as I sit here, every few seconds glancing up at the world map to the places I will see and the people I will meet.

And when my great grandchildren visit me in many many years to come I want to smile with the confidence that I have achieved everything in my life and made the most of the experience.

Ell x


  1. I’m glad someone else agrees with me. The material things of this world will fade. Yes I am extremely close to my family. They all helped me get through grade 12 and I am glad I have been able to recognise the importance of family early on in life. I think I’ll stick with them 😉 x

  2. I LOVED reading this blog post! You are so right! The material things in life are so unimportant. It’s the memories, and our family that are really important! Are you really close to your family?? 🙂

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