Going dutch & The 40 hour famine

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I trust you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to a little relaxation on the weekend (however if you go by the name of Elly-Grace, sadly that will not be the case!). As mentioned in my last blogpost my next little piece of writing was going to talk about my ’40 Hour famine journey’, how much I have raised and just why I chose to do it – because you have to have some motivation to go 40 hours without food. But before we catapult into the sad tragedy of poverty I would love to include a little something about the term ‘going dutch’ that my grandma defined for me (Supposedly this little verbal tangent will link somehow into my famine talk discussion…here’s hoping!). 

G O I N G    D U T C H 

I have never heard of this term before and initially my mind conjured up images of myself walking into a room and ‘turning’ in a dutch person – so to speak- oh how I take things so literal. However, I am always terribly wrong and a little google search led me to understand what this actually means, a perfect definition for a few situations I have been in recently. 

Going Dutch” is a term that indicates that each person participating in a group activity pays for themselves, rather than any person paying for anyone else, particularly in a restaurant bill. It is also called Dutch date, Dutch treat (the oldest form[1]) and “doing Dutch”.

After some research I have made a link for how ‘going dutch’ is such a strong problem in our society.

“How much money will I need?”

“How much money do you have?”

“Paying separately or together?” – separately 

Money this, money that and not enough time to consider that it’s only money really…

It has become a common necessity that the money that fills our pockets and the sleeves of our wallets is money to be used for our benefits only. It’s my money in my wallet therefore it is mine. But have we ever taken a step back from ourselves to realise that blessing someone else can be a life-changing act which involves you. Here’s three simple situations involving money that I or others have experienced which could make someone’s day! 

(1) Shouting someone a coffee/ food : A girl whom I will not embarrass by naming has been such a lovely friend to me. Before school about once a week we go to the church cafe at our school to quickly get a take-away coffee in these cold winter days. She always offers me one, I don’t always accept because I feel bad but I feel so blessed that she wouldn’t just guard her wallet as it is all her money. 

(2) Just generally being generous- even to homeless people. I recently came across this video- the link is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2RWG9BaflM where two homeless men have an arm wrestle in order to win $100 from the person who created the video. I won’t spoil it I just think it is such an inspiring video on behalf of the man who gave $100 from his wallet and also what the homeless man (who has absolutely nothing) does for the other homeless man. Just watch it cause I’m not good at explaining haha! 

(3) Donating to a cause …. such as 40 hour famine or Destiny rescue- they are such amazing causes! 

Yay, this is leading me into phase two of this blog post! 

40    H O U R     F A M I N E 












I participated in this wonderful cause last weekend 15-17 August. I started at 8:00pm Friday night and thankfully survived until Sunday 12 pm! If you would like to check out by clicking my online profile here. Anyways!! I am sooo excited to say that have raised a crazy $460 to go towards families in poverty, this years aim being ‘Rwanda’.  This money figure is only based from online donations. My original goal was $400 however I have reached over that goal ! Including other money in total I have raised $503.  I am absolutely honoured with the generosity of others who, in my eyes, have broken the ‘going dutch’ term.

I chose to give up ‘FOOD’ which was actually a very big step for me. You may look at me and automatically throw my name into the stereotypical category of ‘oh that girl doesn’t eat anyways so it wouldn’t have been hard for her’ but oh my gosh you clearly don’t know me! Some assumed that I would try going with technology or even Facebook however I have actually already done that before- (when going overseas or camping.. etc) Shocking hey! So I thought I’d give no food a go! Below is a photo of what I got to have once an hour during my weekend- 2 barley sugars and green tea! 


I was motivated to step away from my selfishness. I had never done this famine before and something needed to change, I needed a change! In our first world country we get offered everything from large portions of food to expensive clothing. Yet we still complain? It’s our nature to assume that we have it the worst and that others don’t…. do you even know ? I wanted to step outside of my own problems and focus on something that I could make a small positive difference into! And we can all make a stop to this! 

I hope you have enjoyed my blog post tonight, please remember to, if you feel compelled to do so, donate here for my 40 hour famine sponsorship https://40hf2014.everydayhero.com/au/elly-grace 

Love more 

Give more 

Live more 

And have a brilliant night lovelies, 

Elly-Grace XX 

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