Grateful Challenge

As I sit here watching ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ once again procrastinating an assignment due Tuesday (oh well I have the weekend to work on it) I was thinking about what else I am grateful for.

I was nominated for the Grateful challenge by my friend Katie Baird, you should check out her wordpress account right now, actually after you read the inspiration message I’m about to share…..

Anyways lovelies, for those who have seen yesterdays post on my Instagram and Facebook I mentioned that I am grateful for the freedom we have in Australia to receive quality education. Today I am grateful for the ability to do good deeds for others- especially when I am this young, fit and well.

So today’s good deed went like this:

I was in the checkout at the local IGA today with my father and there was an older lady behind us who was struggling slightly to put her groceries on the convey belt. A little voice in my head told me that I should ask if she needs help. I ignored the voice as I thought it was just a waste of my time. This ignorance lead the thought to me again so I decided to ask her out of kindness instead of urgency. The lady was so grateful that I had helped her and I found out that she had bad wrists so that’s why it was painful to put the items on the belt. These little things count. She asked me what school I attended and was so happy to have the relief of not having to do such a simple task us as teenagers take for granted. I’m being so inspirational and I’m sorry if that’s not your type of thing, actually it should be your type of thing because people need inspiration constantly! Myself included. Doing the deed gives you the same gratification as being the receiver of that deed.

Remind yourselves that.


So my challenge for you today is to do at least one good deed a week. It’s not a competition, do it out of a giving heart.

So that is all I wanted to share tonight from my heart. I do hope that you will keep following and liking my posts for more updates to come! My family and I are heading to Ayers Rock in September so I couldn’t be more excited to share my experiences there!

Have a lovely night and an amazing weekend 🙂

Till next time,

Elly-Grace xx

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