Hey Hey Tuesday is on its way!

I can’t understand why I am here,

Living momentary notions on a rotational sphere.

Observations of others dispositions will only go so far.

In a short period of time one starts to forget who they are.

Stress, Expectations, Guidelines, the whole lot.

Decoding a twisted New York mapped brain makes one lose the plot

Buildings fold you as a flimsy page into its enveloped slot.

HA! They tell us this is the Golden Age.

The valley forms careless happenings every night of the week,

Tequila shots as your mimco wallet starts to leak.

It’s okay, you get paid on Tuesdays.

“It’s only 30 hours a week, plus University” You’ll repeatedly say.

Argh, routines suck don’t they? Living for the next pay check does as well.

Finding free events to do in this city is actually very easy. However, you’ll most likely want to accompany free salsa dancing in the city with a Corona? Or a deep dnm between a friend at Southbank with a chocolate treat from Max Brenner? It’s incredibly hard to get over a WANT for food, as it is most likely your substitute for instant gratification. Not having dessert or a drink when I’m out at nighttime is like not having popcorn whilst watching a movie at the IMAX.  A cinematic experience wouldn’t be complete without it!

But just as the poem describes, “Tequila shots as your mimic wallet starts to leak” we often forget just how much we spend. (And it’s a 50/50 ratio to the alcohol which erases memories and to pay wave which reminds you of them a day later) I’ve met lots of people who literally just live for the next pay check. If that’s what you’ve gotta do to get by, fair enough.

But don’t get consumed by money.

I need to stop excusing my low funds for the stigma attached to the typical university student. I need to realise that even time the pay check rolls in, that’s a blessing in itself.

I just need to prioritise my pay check to what’s really necessary. 


Yes I always feel as fabulous as that peacock does on a Tuesday at 1pm.

Three super simple tips for saving your weekly pay check: 

  1. Decide what you are going to save for and then write it down. I always feel that writing things down makes it more offical and attainable.
  2. Refrain from buying clothes until you have at least saved 3 weeks of your big saving goal! You’ll feel like you deserve a reward then.
  3. Don’t stop drinking coffee altogether but definitely alternate days between instant & takeaway coffee. A T/A regular coffee costs on average $3.80 x 365 days = almost $1400 of your money being spent on an hourly energy booster…That’s almost the amount of money needed for a return ticket to Europe! I’ll let that one sink in.

That’s all I have to say right now. 

Sorry this was a short post! I’m very swamped with work & university studies at the moment…(well kind of… all of my friends would say that I’m ridiculously chilled about uni at the moment!)

Would love to hear your suggestions on where I can explore in Brisbane so I’m able to give you more content. I’m willing to check anywhere out!

Love to all – Have a wonderful week.

Stay tuned for a blog change!




[Photo credit: Lainie]

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