his love will never break

‘Some days I wish I was dead’ she said

No don’t think that, don’t even imagine that. You can’t do that to yourself. You can’t let people rule your life, you can’t let those people affect you. I know you think that it’s hard, and that I don’t understand, and that’s true. It is hard and I don’t know how people get to that point of no way out, but they do. I want you to just stare into a world through the eyes of your mum, or dad or another family member and for one moment I want you to imagine that you are not in this world. Your house, your room, your seat in biology class, it’s all empty because there is nobody to occupy it, because it doesn’t exist as you are no longer here. Here in this incredibly beautiful world filled with hope that you can push through the pain, and the regrets and suffering. Filled with love from a person who you haven’t even met yet to be your husband. And a heart, filled with the love from your father in heaven, whose love can not be broken, whose love stays with you through every encounter with evil, whose love will cherish you through to the end. His love will never break.

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