I demand some real reality TV!

Wandering towards the lounge room to flick on your favourite reality television show on a Tuesday night is a nightly past time. Our attention becomes mesmerised by the performers whom when finished, famous judges have comments which mostly bear positive feedback.

“You have the potential to be the next X Factor! Seriously, you could win this thing!” – X Factor 

“Wow, that voice is amazing and I would love to work with you and have you on my team” –The Voice 

“This is what Australia’s got talent is all about!” - Australia’s Got Talent 

 Just to name a few. 😉

For which audiences are then intrigued by some bullying story or a tragedy that has occurred in the ‘singer’ ‘dancer’ or ‘other entertainer’s life.

But is it really ‘real’ reality TV? Flashing lights, firework effects and unnessasary mayhem?

What does reality really mean to those who don’t necessary research words from your online or book formed dictionary like I do?

Reality: “The state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them”

So what even is this so-called reality TV that actually trashes the idea that things are real?

It isn’t real one bit; fake as one may call it. As fake as the friend who makes no effort to call you back. As fake as the deceitful traps we can fall into which are laid in front of us by these television companies. Wow- how we get fooled! We get roped into their lies like a kid when a choc mud cake is within sight. And it ain’t pretty when the truth is revealed. Although, will it ever be?

Things aren’t always as they seem. That’s a bit of TRUTH for ya!

They really aren’t though! You don’t know what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ as such? The editing, the cuts, the fake applauses, the high adrenaline, the scams and the acting from both the unpaid extras (the audience members who are trained circus puppets) to the coaches who HAVE to say something reasonably possible about every performance, to finally the contestants who are just trying to get their name out there but end up getting manipulated and lost in their own identities by the end of it. That is, if they aren’t strong enough to say no.

And I am not saying that it’s bad to get your name out there in the big wide scary world of entertainment! I’m just saying that what is shown on television vs how we actually deem it as real or fake is quite challenging! We are tricked in the every day world, advertising companies PAID to convince audiences like – you and me  – to buy products off the shelf before we even have the time to spell out p e r s u a s s i o n .

MM and persuasion is indeed a very good tool they use to trap and direct our thinking towards their ultimate goals. Smart hey!?

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