I lost my foot for a week.

First of all, I didn’t lose my foot…well, just temporarily.

Let’s recap because a lot has happened since I spoke to you all.

I’ve been feeling down this week. No reason, just sad. The only thing that makes me happy when I’m sad is dancing. However, this week (after another Greek dance) I lost my ability to dance. Let’s back track another week and it will take you to the Mitata Full moon party where some French guy pushed me (fully clothed) into the pool where I believe I twisted my ankle.

I found it easy to deal with this but I felt that the pressure of dancing on it made it worst. To add to my bad luck whilst I was going on a stroll through the olive tree’s next to my Pappou’s house and something bit me. My foot puffed up like a balloon and then begin to go hot and red. Just what I wanted…

After two days of this, Mum (who, yes, has returned back to Kythira. Told you a lot has happened!) took me to the local hospital where they half examined me/ half did what Mum told them to do. Mother’s know shit, that’s what I’m saying. We found out that it’s actually infected due to either an open wound or bite from something.

Brings me here, smashing out a whole season of ‘An Idiot Abroad’ (Secretly the idiot is me) and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ (Don’t judge me) as I lay on my bed popping antibiotics (my best friend) and icing my foot for four days.

Obviously if I was in Alaska, or somewhere even ridiculously cold then I wouldn’t mind being trapped indoors. However, I’m on an island in Greece and it’s completely out of my nature to be watching movies all day long. I could be doing this at home. That’s why I’m upset mostly. Because I’ve been in this room with no escape for my last few days on the island. I must admit that I’m thankful that this incident didn’t occur at the start of my trip though. I don’t know what I would have done.

After a fun trip to the Kythirian hospital, a last meal in Potamos and a pair of crutches later, we said quick goodbyes to Pappou because the car is broken so he had to keep it running. Being cripple actually has many benefits when you’re travelling in airports. Jumping in front of cue, riding around Athens airport on a wheel chair and going through immigration/customs so much quicker! Okay yeah that’s about it. They don’t give you any lollies or anything to help soothe the pain, unfortunately.

Then reality hit and we found ourselves walking around Athens (well, I was hopping) unable to find where we had booked our apartments for the night. I eventually found refuge in a garden at the back of a cafe and waited for Mum to find out where we were staying.

The flight home was awful. A tall person is already uncomfortable when flying internationally. Combine that feeling with a foot which needs to be elevated 24/7 and you’ve got some trouble.

But I made it back home alive and well…thankfully.

Of course there’s something I’ve learnt from this experience. It’s to never take your legs for granted. The ability to walk is something that should be cherished because it’s so essential. Think of all the things you couldn’t do if you lost your foot!

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