It is, what it is

It’s so hard to find the motivation to write when my computer is over-heating ; making my bed feel more like a sun tanning bed than cool and comfortable.

In no way does this help the headache I have been suffering with for a few days as my body tries to prepare itself mentally and emotionally for the temperature rise in August.


Since I last posted it seems like so much & so little has happened all in one week. Today marks the third week since I left Australia and I neither feel homesick nor completely satisfied yet. I don’t know what I am searching for. I’m bound to discover that. So a few days ago, I went for a solo trip on my little ray of sunshine (scooter) to the town of Avlemonas.  The trip takes about 15-20 minutes to make, especially because my scooter isn’t exactly a racing car and old granny riding it (a.k.a. me.) would like to savour her life (although, then again, my travel insurance policy is pretty neat!).

I zipped around each corner trying not to bask in the view too much for it would surely land me over the cliffs edge. As my journey through the hills progressed I found out that probably the only thing that would keep me sane on this solo-trip was to talk to myself (with a little song here & there as well).

Finally I approached the town of Avlemonas, in all it’s glory! I left my canon in my backpack as to deter the locals away from thinking I was a tourist. However after quick swim (where I am absolutely positive I stepped on a Sea Urchin as my foot was tingling for a good hour afterwards) I sat at a restaurant, where they immediately after I had said ‘Yasu!’ they said hello. Was it that obvious?!? I guess I’m a girl, whose casual attire has been lots of white & blue, a backpack on her back and multiple items of technology in her hands… perhaps that’s the part that gives it away. My need to document everything! You wouldn’t really see me walking down Cooroy taking photos of everything in sight now would you. (Pictures below reveal the town of Avlemonas)



week 2 photo 3





Moving on now! Apart from my solo adventure to Avlemonas I have also explored the cave of Agia Sophia with some local guys. When passing Mylopotamos you will enter an extremely narrow road on the edge of horrifying cliffs. The cave is an excellent way to escape the heat of the day as you walk through an immense amount of history; dating back to the Byzantine era. I won’t give all of the research about this place away so do a little google research instead. After exploring the cave we drove as far as we could to Kalami beach. We walked and sometimes physically abseiled down the mountain to reach the beach below. It was definitely worth it though and also gave me lots of confidence in the brand Havaiana’s ; mine thankfully didn’t break!

week 2 photo 1week 2 photo 2

On Saturday I finally agreed to go fishing with Papu! I thought he would surely appreciate the company. He taught me the tricks of the trade (which I will be keeping a secret) and also dropped me off at Fyri Ammos beach for a mid-day swim. It was so relaxing and I felt a sense of peace as the boat glided across the Mediterranean. We caught a total of 4 fish. This made Papu exclaim loudly just how damn good of a fisherman he is. Most of you would think that is being quite boastful but honestly my grandfather has always been such a hardworking man and that just furthermore proved it to me.

“Coming again fishing tomorrow?” Papu asked me when we got home. I was now his lucky charm!

Fishing wouldn’t be on the cards for the next few days. Not only do I hate routine (going most days out fishing would deter away from how special it was the first time!) but I also my butt resembled that of a tomato after I had neglected the one thing my mother always told me to do. Put sunscreen on. Actually…. I believe she gave me more lectures then that… What are mothers for right?!

One thing that I do love about this island is the fact that everyone knows everyone (think Biloela but with more things to do / a more beautiful atmosphere- beaches, caves, handsome men… etc). One morning I got Papu to drive me to the town of Livadi (lee-va-thee) so I could collect my scooter from the night before. I often get lazy/cold and get others to take me home. So needless to say, the laziness stops the next day, and I have to pick it up from whatever town I left it last.

Speaking of laziness – here on the island I have often been out partying until 6am and then sleeping until after 1pm. I deem it appropriate because I don’t really begin my days until after 4pm as the sun does not set until around 9:30pm. Excuses or logic? The days are looonnnng my friend!

Anyways, So I was about to ride on my scooter home the other day from Livadi and one of my cousins drove past in a car and yelled out “Elly!!! I love you!!” before he stopped the car and asked if I wanted to go with them to the next town called Kalokarirines. I never have any plans so if someone asks me to go somewhere with them, then hell yes I’m down for that!

However, unfortunately this lifestyle will not last long before I have to return back to Aus.

I semi-helped the boys pack up from the dance on the Saturday night before I got bored and decided to walk around the town square, where the bell tower caught my eye. One of the boys joined me as I climbed up the bell tower where he told me an interesting ‘story’ (could be a myth but it’s interesting never-the-less) about the town. I’m going to try my best to interpret the story the best I can!

There once was a shoe maker who was asked by a woman one day to fix her shoes. She told him that she was unable to pay him at that time and that he should come to her house in 2 or 3 days to receive payment. He went to her house however her husband was also there and accused him of cheating with his wife. He refused to pay him, hit him and spread the rumour that he was trying to get with his wife; which was extremely bad for his business and made him lose many customers. So he went to Athens and started working for a man in another village. He was an excellent worker of his trade and the others envied him so much they decided to put some tools into his bag. Word got around that the tools were missing and once again this man was accused of it. Talk about bad luck!! The village remembered the story from before about the man with his past convictions so he left Athens and came to Kythira. He wanted to take revenge on the boss to the village, and people told him to locate the large bell tower for that is where they would be. However, he got the towns mixed up and assumed that the village of Kalokairines was the one. He went there one Sunday, however the men were running a marathon from Kapsali > Potamos so the only people in the town were the priests, mothers & children ; it was the day of baptisms. He came to the village and started to ring the bells and everyone started exiting their houses to see what was going on, and he butchered them. He killed 17 people. He fled to the other village, and was in hiding for 2 days until the police found him and took him to the island prison. Surprisingly they spared his life and he became the executioner for the other inmates. So in the end I guess he had some form of good luck.

End of story. Hahahah. I’m sorry if you didn’t find that interesting, I just really needed to share it.


No.1 Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are alone. Learn to enjoy your own company before you add others into the mix.

No.2 Mixing with the locals is tough but rewarding. Don’t go on a crazy hunt to find other Australian’s in order to feel at home. Remember why you left in the first place, to experience other cultural differences outside of your comfort zone. You have to learn to get out of that zone, because thats when you really enjoy and reap the benefits of a life well travelled.

No.3 Don’t mix your drinks and watch out for cigarette butts which may fall into your drink.

No.4 Never again will I be silent when ‘Land down under’ is playing. It’s 110% NOT okay. You might be the only Aussie in the car, but scream those lyrics loud and proud!

No.5 Routines suck – go and explore!

No.6 Wear your bikini underneath everything. You never know when you’ll be spontaneously swimming next.

No.7 Try not to cry because every attractive guy on the island is either your 2nd, 3rd or 4th cousin or already with a girl.

No.8 When it comes to driving a scooter around, honestly just wing it. Don’t park it 3km away from the beach because you are scared of driving down the dirt hill.

No.9 “Life is not the way its supposed to be… it’s the way it is. The way we cope with it, is what makes the difference.”  (Virginia Satir) It is, what it is, don’t walk into experiences with the idea of how it will turn out. Most of the time these splendid ideas which we have set in our minds, are not how it actually plays out. Be content in every moment, whatever the moment may be! I have highlighted that because it has been my biggest revelation so far and will most likely fill a large content for my next blog post.

No. 10 Always say ‘nei’ (yes) to food. It will make them happy. Eat the damn baklava if it makes you feel good in the moment.

Until next time lovers, xxx


P.s I have mastered the art of 10 sec timer photos!


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