K.I.S.S Keep It Simple Silly

“There is only one rule when writing up your research journals and essays!” The Ancient History teacher said aloud to her new Grade 11 pupils as she wrote the letters K.I.S.S on the board. “Keep it simple…Stupid! Well actually, we will instead use the word silly, because none of you are stupid”. She exclaimed to the class. Naïve Elly-Grace was in the classroom that day and she never understood what her teacher meant until she found herself staying up until 3am most nights in order to get these research journals complete. For she kept finding the most complicated way to record her research notes. She had now moved onto Grade 12 and was at the Library wasting away more trees as I printed yet another journal that had bulked it’s way to a total of 45 pages. Elly still hadn’t learnt the secret…. And she wasn’t due to learn this secret until this year. She now calls it Grade 13 in the school of ‘LIFE’.

Hello Friendly Faces, I’m really trying to learn how to simplify things more and more everyday. I have found that the main cause of all teenage problems these days is the re-occurring pop-ups of what other people are doing in their lives. This causes us to doubt our own lives and makes us feel unsatisfied/ not happy with the life we have. On every account we compare our lives to everyone else’…. from clothes – to health – to beauty – to relationships. However, what does comparing ourselves have to do with the K.I.S.S principle?? The definition of comparing is to ‘Measure the differences between’. Our differences are found by measuring the materialistic values of the things we possess. From items such as cars and houses to holidays and outings, all purchased with that colourful printed-paper and plastic never-ending valued cards. I told myself that this year I would keep things simple as I tried to simplify every aspect of my life. I didn’t want people or things to turn into 45-page research journals- a waste of my time and energy. Since leaving school I’ve been granted the opportunities to delegate my time to those I really care about. The drama and stress free people, those who could also manage to KEEP IT SIMPLE. When you have a quick think back to those younger days. We didn’t have the social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook to fuel our addiction toward things we think we are missing out on. Therefore teenagers didn’t have room in our hearts to feel so inadequate like we do today. As plainly as I can put it, everything was… p l a i n   a n d   s i m p l e . END POSTS

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