Leap of faith

Hey Ya! 

So today I did the most craziest thing any human can do (besides telling your crush you love them)….


I jumped out of a plane!! Haha not like the one heading to Melbourne on a trip or anything.. I did skydiving duh.

Yes that’s right! I must admit that I was only slightly scared at the very beginning when filling out the paperwork and I wrote the date as 16/04/1997 < which is totally incorrect. Furthermore, when asked if my father would like to purchase insurance for an additional cost of $30 which would cover $50,000 worth, he said “No thanks, she’ll be right”

Gee, Thanks Father! I was then introduced to my instructor, said my goodbyes to my dad, brother and cousin and hopped into the plane. The plane ride up was so peaceful and the scenery of all the beach stretch was incredible! As we reached 10’000ft in the mini aircraft holding only the pilot, the instructor and myself I was told that we would do a few somersaults when leaving the plane because I seemed confident enough. I was so keen but quickly had to ask how to even perform a somersault because my brother had failed to teach me in the local pool. Luckily I was notified that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except to lean back and smile. I was strapped onto the instructor as the altitude rose higher; awaiting the jump. We reached 14’000ft and it was time to roll. What made me less nervous was the constant reminder in my head that this is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 14, afterwards I would tick it off my tumblr bucket list (you can find here… http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist) and that my few prayers about my safety would be in the hands of our god. The door opened and the gust of the -4 degree’s cool air hit my face but I was more ready than ever! Legs dangling out of the door……

It was a true leap of faith. 

We flipped twice, then plummeted (I don’t really like that choice of word, makes it sound scary) What about …. Cruising… (sounds more casual) Yes, much better. We were just casually cruising at a free fall speed of 200km/h, wind smashing my face, creating a loud whistling noise in my ears and all I could think about is how crazy people are to not be doing this. Experiencing life this way, or just being thankful for life. But then I thought well maybe I’m the crazy one. I was enjoying myself though and sometimes we do crazy things which make us more attuned with life. Maybe I’m getting a bit poetic now and my actual thoughts probably should have been along the lines of “Crap, is the parachute going to open?” “What if I’m just delusional-half unconscious right now from possibly hitting my head of the plane’s wing because I am that tall, and anything can happen to tall people?” “Will my family even be there at the bottom to congratulate me or will they miss the entire show because they got lost and decided to have a Maccas lunch?” But all of these worried thoughts didn’t even cross my mind because I was just enjoying the ride and the massive leap of faith I had just accomplished.


Thank-you so much to the team at Skydive Ramblers and Red Balloon. 🙂 I will definitely be back conquer a jump at 15’000ft! I would also recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for a moment of truly ‘feeling alive’ and whoever is scared of heights… just go and conquer that fear because life is better when you live it without fears!

Until next time readers,

Luv Elly-Grace. x

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