I am a lifelong sufferer of FOMO (fear of missing out).

I finally realised this, thanks to the STA Travel quiz I just submitted.

Living in constant fear that if I miss a party or event I’ll be missing out on something great. Another word to perfectly describe me. Bravo urban dictionary you did well. Not that you haven’t in the past, but still. 

Firstly, you must understand what makes you a person suffering with FOMO? Only then will you be able to control the effects it has on your wellbeing. 

Three problems/ways to overcome FOMO: 

Please note: These examples are really basic. Living with FOMO is so much more complex than that. But does it really have to be?


COMPARING with what others are doing.

Example: The cool group in Grade 10 are all going to Jake’s party this weekend. I’m not friends with any of these people but I don’t want to miss out being apart of their conversations come Monday morning at school. 


UNDERSTANDING that not everything revolves around that party. The world will continue if you don’t attend. Okay yes, maybe you will miss out on some inside jokes. However, they will most likely only last a week or so, then it will be something new. People move on, and when they do, they move on quickly. 


COMPARING with how others live their lives. 

Example: She has the new Kylie Jenner lipstick so that makes her prettier than me. I must trial it myself to be as pretty as her. 

UNDERSTANDING that your life is just as special as theirs.


OVERCOMMITMENT to events which you know first hand you will not be able to attend. 

Example: I already have a coffee date planned with a friend at 10am on Friday. I want to hang out with another friend for a lunch date that same day. I don’t want to miss out on seeing both of them, I can do it. 

UNDERSTANDING that it would be worst to cancel on someone the day of the event then to just tell them no from the start. Don’t overcommit yourself. SLOW DOWN. 

These are just three common problems of those with FOMO. Cramming so much into your day can ultimately ruin the relationship you have with friends. Most importantly, it can destroy the relationship you have with yourself- causing anxiety and stress 24/7. 

REMIND YOURSELF: You’re not missing out on anything. You are living your own life, and that life is pretty damn great. 

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