Making a difference

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~William James

We often hear of that famous term “Make A Difference”. We all say it to each other. Some of us use it as life motto’s and things to strive for. We all want to make a difference, big or small. We want to be people of influence and people that strive for change. If you have an urge to do something to help someone or something. THEN DO IT ! Because if we all have the same urges, then WOW, we will be invincible! Basically this is a quick little post because I have something better coming sometime this weekend! My last post (HAPPY EARTH DAY) was about me running a mini rage/protest to campaign against the councils new planning scheme to increase the height limits of most high rise buildings within the Sunshine Coast region. I did not want this to happen as it would effect the peace and serenity of the Sunshine Coast and make it more like the Gold Coast. The council urged for Sunshine Coast residents / who ever was concern to offer their opinions to council members before they met on the 27th April to discuss the scheme. By utilising my social media profiles (Facebook & Instagram) I also shared helpful advice on how you could be apart of this decision. I began emailing all council members (and the mayor OF COURSE!) as well as posting on their council pages found on Facebook. I did everything I could do to make a difference. I was very impressed at the responses I received from many council members who told me they do not support the scheme. Only one email came through from a member who supported it, but attached was also a list of reasons why he supported it to back up his original claim. When my mum and I drove down to Coolum last weekend to climb the mountain I was extremely happy to see outside most houses painted signs which stated that residents are not supporting the scheme either. A classic example of residents taking a bit of time to make a simple sign which could make a difference in some way. Today I received an email directed to me personally from the strategic planning manger on behalf of Mayor Mark Jamieson. The email stated that the council has resolved not to amend the Sunshine Coast planning Scheme 2014 in respect of the Yaroomba Beachside site. It feels so nice to have made a small difference, and I would like to personally thank any other residents of the Sunshine Coast who helped out as well!! If we all do our little bit, then it makes a big change!! Now the Sunshine Coast can keep remaining it’s beautiful self! Whooohh!! THANK YOU


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