I’ve never been to Melbourne before, therefore I have never known what to expect. I wish someone had told me more about this place other than the fact that it is cold. Therefore, I have compiled a list of things that I never got told (or I did and didn’t listen) about first time travelling within Melbourne.

Recently I’ve started to write for the Storyboard Social blog. Click here to read the 10 Must know facts about Melbourne .

I’ll often write about myself in third person. Here is a quick reflection of my impressions of Melbourne taken from my journal.

Current status: Strange girl in CNF Bar cafe on Chapel Street drinking earl grey tea on table 2. Her lips are purple with blisters, the soles of her feet are sore from walking. She is wearing a white stripy dress and is nor content or unsatisfied as she stares at her reflection in the mirror beside her. She is thinking nonchalantly about something and the world goes on around her. The music continues, the tourists and locals on the street continue to pass the small cafe that she abides in. Understanding life has always been a struggle for her but she knows to call Australia home, even if her heat longs desperately for Greece. She enjoys watching the interactions amongst people and sometimes it feels as though the power of observation is her long lost friend popping out of the shadows.




I almost missed the train stop for Brunswick because I was daydreaming about how much I loved the area we were passing through. I realised why, because the graffiti and Greek writing reminded me of something familiar and that was, Athens. I’m so thrilled to be going back there soon. I met up with my friend at a place called MADDOX for brunch. We caught the train to Windsor and I met with my cousin.


Seemingly the main focus for a Melbourn-ite is to find that perfect cup of coffee. Interestingly to me as every cup of coffee I’ve tried seems to taste very much the same. [Side note: Melbourne also reminds me of Birmingham, but I get a nicer feeling than what I did in Birmingham]. I don’t believe that we found a perfect cup of coffee, but it did get quite close. That was found at Manchester Press, Melbourne CBD.



Current status: Today the strange girl fell in love with Melbourne and realised that the lifestyle here is beyond anything she could imagine. For now, she will settle in West End, Brisbane. But exploring Fitzroy and Brunswick again has taught that West End is like a smaller version of those streets (Brunswick, Smith, Gertrude Street and Sydney Road). She fell in love with the thrift shop fashion, the quirky streets and the smell of exotic food. She fell in love with it all.


Today was wild, but that’s as expected when two Biloela girls reunite in the city. I caught up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a really long time. Whilst waiting for her I killed time at a shop on Brunswick street called Hunter Gatherer. I was surprised to pick up a pair of Vintage Armani jeans, a white leather belt and striped blouse- all for $22!

We went to a cafe called Attaboy whose service on a Sunday was a bit slow but we got a free coffee out of it so whose the real winner here?



There is so much to see and do for any creative in Fitzoy. We walked up to Gertrude Street which was a bit more high-end/ designer/ decorator based. Grabbing a quick ice-cream from a shop called Messina (it was amazing, I would 10/10 recommend going here. Make sure you choose from their specials board!) before my friend dropped me off back on Sydney road so I could catch up with another friend for coffee at Green Refectory.

My day was so packed, and we even managed to lose our car and have a small car crash as well.

Current status: The day that the Strange girl didn’t want to leave Melbourne because she loved it too much.


I only got about 5 hours sleep but it seems that Elly-Grace never stops when she is travelling.

Up I got, jumped the train to Flinders Street and had bagels at Manchester Press with my friend again.

I explored Degraves Street (really funky street in Melbourne CBD which reminds you of France or Italy) at drank a cappuccino at Degraves Espresso. The street is full with Cafes and Shops which sit opposite each other with all of the tables in the middle. It was loud, but I felt comfort in that. A chaotic mind like mine can not feel comfortable in a quiet space.




While you’re waiting for a new post, read about my trip to Greece last year here. 

Much love –


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