No more 10 sec timer

It’s that time of the week again where I selectively pick out the most important parts of my trip to reveal a little more of the wonderful adventure I am on. Usually, it takes many days to write/prepare these blog posts. So when I post them I want them to be as close to perfection as Johnny Depp in the movie Chocolat (oh goodness I just day dream a little too hard).

Thus, explains why I am over 3 or 4 days late to post this. It could also be due to two of my really good friends from Australia visiting me on the island of Kythira.

The two girls are 3 weeks into their overseas UK/Europe travel expedition and found a little spare time to visit an old friend on an unknown island. They voyaged across from the land of pizza & famous gelato and arrived off the ferry on Wednesday afternoon. Because it wasn’t set in stone to what time they would be arriving here I didn’t have any idea until one hour prior to their arrival to the island.

Since I’ve been sleeping in every single day whilst being here (I can’t help that it’s such a relaxed atmosphere) I made a mad rush in the car to Diakofti (the ferry port) to pick them up. Face palming myself thinking I was an awful friend they assured me that it wasn’t the longest time that they have ever had to wait. I would redeem myself when I introduced them to Galaktoboureko (my favourite Greek dessert consisting of pastry, custard filling with a sweet syrup drizzled over the top) in the next few days.

“Oh but we’ve already had back-lava”  Krystal would later tell me in the most Aussie accent I’d ever heard.

I was determined to teach her a few words in Greek, but of course my local friends would start her off with the basic swear words…. a ritual for me too.

Having a few days off work meant being about to explore with the girls. On Thursday we went for a drive through Livadi; picking up some fresh bakery goods on the way to Kaladi beach. Kai expressed that she was brave enough to get behind the wheel so I let her drive us there. We didn’t get too lost which is a obvious sign towards who was doing the main navigating that day….I think we should let Kai drive more often.

Kaladi Beach | 27.08.15

As nighttime rolled in we made a quick stop to Kapsali for some beach volleyball fails and to introduce the girls to the beauty of a freddo cappuccino; thankfully they loved it and I had to tell Krystal multiple times to drink it slowly as it can give a lethal headache.

Because it was my friend Claud’s birthday we attended a dinner for him at the restaurant he works at. It was a special time as it was the 10th year he had celebrated his birthday at the restaurant and this year was their last. We drank, we ate and we were merry and before I could even ask for it the Greek music was on and everyone had formed a dancing circle. Clueless to the traditional dancing the girls still bravely joined in which made me so happy.

The night ended as it always should with that early morning drive back to Kalamos to collapse on my bed. I slept, satisfied by the fact this summer has been incredible so far and now that K&K have joined me, it can only get better!

I awoke to the sound of eggs cracking into a bowl (Yes thank god I don’t have to cook. Let’s just allocate Krystal to the cooking, Kai to the driving and me to the translating and we will be set!) We ate omelettes and sipped on Greek coffee as we sat on the balcony outside. Around 3 p.m we set off on another adventure but this time to the Mylopotamos watermills. We walked for 35 minutes through old ruined houses, fresh rows of sage, the occasional naked male and clear blue watermills; whilst risking my life climbing mountains in the process.




Always laughing with these girls.

I am usually quite content when journalling by myself as I have now practised it for almost 2 months. But as we sat at cafe To Kayapi in Mylopotamos after our refreshing swim I was so happy to see the girls enjoy the quiet time as much as I do. I love not having set plans and I love not having or needing to know the time of the day. Or where the closest wifi signal is to check my social media accounts. I love being that girl with an adventure in her heart and a camera around her neck.week 6, photo 2

Town of Mylopotamos | 28.08.15
To Kayapi Mylopotamos 28.08.15


week 6, photo 1


It is so easy to get some decent photos with the girls around…. 10 second timer has no use for me anymore hahaha.

Unfortunately I have had to work both Saturday and Sunday afternoons but have managed to show the girls Chalkos beach, Chora, Kapsali and also the church St John on the cliff.

They say that not all those who wander are lost. They probably are lost but being lost is just a means to being found. Found by your spirit of adventure, your deep love for the ocean, the enjoyment of simplistic things… even the small whispers of the air which glides through the pine forest tree’s. Beauty is everywhere and those who are lost find themselves found by these special places to hold in your heart. You do not need people or things to be satirised with the life you live. You only need yourself and a willingness to embrace the unknown with the longing to be found by it.


No. 1 Eating Pita Gyro’s everyday will save you so much money. Krystal and Kai will agree for sure on this one.

No. 2 Not eating at all will save you even more money

No. 3 Cheap sweet red wine will probably taste disgusting and is never a good idea

No. 4 Greek poetry books make for incredible journals, another way you can save money!

No. 5 Swimming in the sea everyday will most likely kill your sickness.

Singomè this blog post is very short! I assure you the content of the next one will be even better!


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