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Now is a great time to receive that wake up call you’ve been needing. 

Travelling: whether near or far, is always the perfect opportunity to reflect on some part of your existence in this world. I can have a similar reflective experience whilst frolicking through the green pastures in Ireland, to travelling on the Cooroy train back to Brisbane. It all comes down to your outlook. Unfortunately, our outlooks are numbed by routines we fall into.

So it’s 6:30am on Tuesday 21st June and I’m commuting from one home to the other. Somehow, the music in my ears is making me forget about the foul smell filling this carriage. I hope it’s just the broken heater. I’m tapping at the keyboard buttons with the sun glowing on my face. My eyes catch a glance of my new silk-corded bracelet I picked up at the markets on Saturday.

‘NOW IS GREAT’ three words carved into piece of silver, sitting delicately on my skin. A selection of three simple words right there. They beckon me to think two ways. And you should do the same.

Re-ignite your soul 

  • Now is a great time to do whatever it is which will make your soul feel alive. You know how you’re breathing right now and it’s all sweet cause you’ll just keep breathing forever and ever? Wrong. You’ve got a lot of breathing left- but how will you use it?

Most of my friends won’t fulfil the ambitions they crave because of other factors- Family, friends or partners. Maybe even the path they have already chosen for themselves. That’s kind of unfair don’t you think? Can’t there be something more to their lives then that? Seriously, do what you want with the time that you have.

“I’ll do it next year, or maybe the year after”

No. Do it now. Even tomorrow is too far away. Start organising the steps towards your ambitions now. Don’t put them off; you must give your heart what it wants because before you know it you’ll be sitting with your great grandchildren surrounding you begging for your life stories. They won’t be interested in all the times that you stayed. They will want to know those moments that had impact on your life. Those moments where you said to yourself ‘No, stuff everyone else I’m doing this my way’.

Be Present

  • Now is a great time to be present. And guess what? You have the choice to make that happen as well. I remember writing a blog post titled Come on, it’s summer and it is probably my favourite blog post I wrote in Greece. It truly highlights the meaning of time in the best way. Check it out here. but if you’re to lazy to have another tab almost millions chilling up the top of your screen then here is a small extract from it.

The other night we were out (Yes parents, again!) and I quickly glanced down at my watch. My friend saw me do this, told me to not worry about the time and to take my watch off. He wanted me to realize that I didn’t need to know the time, as the moment we were experiencing was the part to treasure most. He had a valid point.

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So if I can stress something throughout this whole post. Then I would stress the fact that I truly believe, NOW IS GREAT.

Someone who was ‘probably great’ said, “If not now, then when?”

And yeah, they are right in my books.

Until next time I feel inspired to inspire you. x


Photography: Katie Baird 

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