Leap of faith

Hey Ya! 

So today I did the most craziest thing any human can do (besides telling your crush you love them)….


I jumped out of a plane!! Haha not like the one heading to Melbourne on a trip or anything.. I did skydiving duh.

Yes that’s right! I must admit that I was only slightly scared at the very beginning when filling out the paperwork and I wrote the date as 16/04/1997 < which is totally incorrect. Furthermore, when asked if my father would like to purchase insurance for an additional cost of $30 which would cover $50,000 worth, he said “No thanks, she’ll be right”

Gee, Thanks Father! I was then introduced to my instructor, said my goodbyes to my dad, brother and cousin and hopped into the plane. The plane ride up was so peaceful and the scenery of all the beach stretch was incredible! As we reached 10’000ft in the mini aircraft holding only the pilot, the instructor and myself I was told that we would do a few somersaults when leaving the plane because I seemed confident enough. I was so keen but quickly had to ask how to even perform a somersault because my brother had failed to teach me in the local pool. Luckily I was notified that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except to lean back and smile. I was strapped onto the instructor as the altitude rose higher; awaiting the jump. We reached 14’000ft and it was time to roll. What made me less nervous was the constant reminder in my head that this is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 14, afterwards I would tick it off my tumblr bucket list (you can find here… http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist) and that my few prayers about my safety would be in the hands of our god. The door opened and the gust of the -4 degree’s cool air hit my face but I was more ready than ever! Legs dangling out of the door……

It was a true leap of faith. 

We flipped twice, then plummeted (I don’t really like that choice of word, makes it sound scary) What about …. Cruising… (sounds more casual) Yes, much better. We were just casually cruising at a free fall speed of 200km/h, wind smashing my face, creating a loud whistling noise in my ears and all I could think about is how crazy people are to not be doing this. Experiencing life this way, or just being thankful for life. But then I thought well maybe I’m the crazy one. I was enjoying myself though and sometimes we do crazy things which make us more attuned with life. Maybe I’m getting a bit poetic now and my actual thoughts probably should have been along the lines of “Crap, is the parachute going to open?” “What if I’m just delusional-half unconscious right now from possibly hitting my head of the plane’s wing because I am that tall, and anything can happen to tall people?” “Will my family even be there at the bottom to congratulate me or will they miss the entire show because they got lost and decided to have a Maccas lunch?” But all of these worried thoughts didn’t even cross my mind because I was just enjoying the ride and the massive leap of faith I had just accomplished.


Thank-you so much to the team at Skydive Ramblers and Red Balloon. 🙂 I will definitely be back conquer a jump at 15’000ft! I would also recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for a moment of truly ‘feeling alive’ and whoever is scared of heights… just go and conquer that fear because life is better when you live it without fears!

Until next time readers,

Luv Elly-Grace. x

Think before you speak…otherwise you have a lot of explaining to do.

Post from last night….


I’ve been racking my brain all night trying to figure out what to say in this post. Because I want to make another post someday soon! I guess I procrastinated a bit in between online shopping and listening to numerous artists on youtube’s triple j like a version videos. So now I have Agnes Obel softly playing on Spotify in the background and I am ready for a chat. This topic came to me whilst in church today and now I think I contain the knowledge to elaborate on this thought that has been churning in my brain since morning…..

Why do we do the things that we do? 

Because honestly we are only humans. We all do some very stupid, crazy or incredibly-stuffed-up-things in our lives. Life isn’t perfect and we all constantly chase our tails in the attempt to make it ‘picture perfect’. As much as that would suit your lifestyle, it’s not the way life likes to roll. Don’t worry cherub as long as ice-cream and rich double-decked cake is still available in the local Woolworth’s stores than you should be sweet!

See, look what you’ve made me do! Now I’m elapsing into the scrumptious discussion of all naughty foods which are very bad for you (just as a treat though 😉 ) ….and I’m procrastinating once again. I’ve come so far!! OKAY, now we are hopping on the one-way train and getting back on track. I have just been thinking about all of the wonderful or not so wonderful, positive or negative, kind-hearted or green with jealously, sarcastic or serious; or however you want to contrast or juxtapose it for that matter. All these things that have the ability to make or break the relationships we form with each other. Isn’t the human mind interesting…Full of so much knowledge as is very fond of quickly skipping ahead of itself and simultaneously linking to your mouth which says something most likely you’ll regret. Before you know it there is cold-shoulders and a lot of explaining to do. Maybe I’m making this too extravagant now. Has any of you ever had a really good friendship with someone and then the next day they are ditching you for something else. I don’t understand how people can be so mean. So I’ve comprised a list of things in order to try and answer why they are.

Elly-Grace’s List of why people are often mean when there is absolutely no need to be.

1. My mum has always said that it was just out of jealously. But I would look at my life and see it as nothing for another person to be jealous about. However, I had forgotten about the amazing family that I’ve been blessed with and how that person might not have a good relationship with their parents. Or maybe they are constantly trying to copy the way I dress, or wanting the lifestyle that I have? I don’t understand why it is so hard for everyone to just embrace what they have and try to use what they have to get by in this life. But jealously might be their issue…

2. They don’t know any better. Possibly they could have grown up in a different type of household which doesn’t really cater in the rulebook of niceness. Or they could have been treated poorly by others which provokes them to treat you no different. I’ve never understood how that works because obviously they know what it feels like to be in the position they are putting you in. But maybe it’s just an instant reflex thing and they don’t know any better. To them they think backwards, what is bad is good and what is good is bad. Next point please…

3. PMS ….. okay enough said. It shouldn’t really ever be a free excuse but we all (I mean, girls, or I guess it can possibly influence the people around them) tend to get very bitchy during that time of the month. Let’s not go into anymore details. deal? okay.

4. Or just face it, they might not like you. Have you ever thought of that. (I never use the word hate ever when describing a person I don’t have many happy feeling for. I prefer to say strongly dislike – I guess it just sounds better to me)  I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting that not everyone is going to like me, whether I make a funny joke or go along with whatever the latest phase in the crowd might be. And if you can discover that early on in your life I guarantee that life will become much easier.

5. A massive factor is the way people can become influenced by their group and becoming caught up in the hype of the world. What ever the group is doing that person who has just been mean to you is obviously peer pressured into it. It is a very subtle act that the group does. Too mean!

I’m going to wrap this up now as I am tired, it’s getting late (almost midnight here), I haven’t showered yet and still need to catch up on New Girl episodes! Basically if you’re aiming to be mean to someone don’t do it because what comes around will come back around or however that quote goes (wait I think it’s a Justin Timberlake song, oops!) If you are more like the 5th point your group is pressuring you into being mean when you clearly don’t have a mean spirit then don’t give them the authority to control you. You are you’re own person whom can make decisions for yourself. Seriously.

Love to all the readers of this post, please like and follow !

Elly-Grace -xo



There are moments in our lives when particular situations arise which offer nervousness in our bodies. In these moments we feel that our only option is to have a long hard think so that a decision does not turn into a hazardous bad choice. But what if in these spilt reality moments if we choose to make the quick, easy decisions…? Those decisions that scream for you to ‘Just do it!’ (Yes that’s right, you go ahead and think of the Nike tick symbol, the advertising is very catchy indeed!)

Everyone aims to get a little peak into our lives… admit it. When have you ever just kept your eyes straight on the road ahead when driving past an car accident on the highway. Yes, because it’s in our nature to have to have a little sticky beak even if it means holding up the traffic banked miles back behind. But not only do we get distracted in ourselves, but in others judgements about our clothes, relationships, who we should or shouldn’t be seeing and just general ‘not even that tough at all’ life questions. When was the last time you didn’t ask for someones personal opinion on the toughest decision you deemed possible… ‘What handbag you should you buy??!?’ I am referring to this example as it is exactly what happened to me when I was shopping in David Jones yesterday. I have been looking and looking for the perfect black handbag for a long time and finally came across a Steve Madden tote which was obviously saying my name out loud ‘Elly Please buy me!’ (It was totally a Confessions of a Shopaholic moment.- You know when Isla Fisher strolls past the mannequins, they won’t leave her alone and eventually her fashion instincts lure her inside) Anyways! So the Steve Madden Tote was on sale as well and going super cheap! My mother was there to help with the decision and so I thought the need to text a friend for her opinion to add to the pile.

Very Bad Decision.. 

Because not only did I forgot that the friend I texted has a very different fashion sense to me but she replied with a very defined dislike to the photo of the tote I had sent. So now time was running out on my toughest decision ever! (Pfft please. It’s cause I’m only 17) and because of this friends opinion my mind about the bag had also changed. I did not buy a bag that day. 🙁

MOTBP (moral of the blog post) : DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU- JUST.DO.IT (You’re still thinking of the Nike tick aren’t you… well carry on dear friend)

* Buy want you want, after all, the ability to create your own rad style lies within you.

* Kiss that boy/girl you like, they might be the one who changes you life for better.

* Live you dreams, make them reality (As clichèd as that sounds…sorry)

* Don’t second guess, ask opinions or overthink too much about silly decisions (as all girls tend to do….guilty!)

Because we seriously are are all just a little too inquisitive towards some of the simple pleasures that life offers us. We need to figure out a way to change that.. And fast!

Until next time, readers.

Ell G xXo

photo source: http://gethealthygetsexy.tumblr.com/page/2

Chanel never fails to impress

Oh wow! All catwalk spring/summer or fall/winter collection shows always make my inner fashionista scream with excitement. But Chanel always just.gets.it. Ah Chanel, with their exquisite designs and creatively composed fashion collections never fail to offer a little something to suit everybody’s stylistic-self. After having my eyes glued to the screen for a total of 13:57 minutes watching Chanel’s fall-winter 2014/15 Ready-to-wear show I am ready to leave the coastal lifestyle and relocate to the high-end fashionably sensible city of Paris. This catwalk show is unbelievably cool! Who knew that a supermarket could be transformed into an expensive catwalk! Every product on the shelves was individually designed to suit the Chanel brand. That would have cost a mint! I love the way this catwalk is presented in a fun-upbeat way with bright wonderful colours to suit everyone’s palette. Not only do the audience enjoy the atmosphere but the models all seem to bring out their past childhood as they playfully take items off the shelves in conclusion to the show.


Chanel Fall Winter 2014-15, Paris Fashion Week


Chanel Fall Winter 2014-15, Paris Fashion Week


Chanel Fall Winter 2014-15, Paris Fashion Week


Chanel Fall Winter 2014-15, Paris Fashion Week- Backstage 


Chanel Fall Winter 2014-15, Paris Fashion Week

All in all it’s an incredibly crafted set design and magnificently inspired collection (Even if the models are dressed head to knees in Chanel material but wear sneakers on their feet— because of course a normal person would look ridiculous wearing stilettos to make the weekly shopping trip but can afford a pricey Chanel garment) But if I ever make it to Paris, A Chanel show will be the first event I’d hope to attend! *Fingers Crossed* 

Love to all you wonderful readers,

Elly-Grace -X


Ever hated something so much because you love it too much. Well that’s how I feel about cities. I hate cities, because I love them so much that whenever I visit I just want to run away from the life of a school girl and escape into the world. This world of imaginative wonders, streets with bright coloured clothing from people walking past and the flurry of lights bouncing off sky rise buildings. I don’t know, I just hate being trapped into somewhere I don’t want to be and feel I don’t belong. And no body has given me the opportunity to seek other paths of this wide world yet.  I just want to go, and I want to explore so much more.

In the lyrics of The City- 1975 Matt Healy sings: ‘You want to find love than you know where the city is’ I don’t know about you but I think of that phrase in a different way.  Not to find love as in boyfriend/girlfriend but to be in love with every element of the city.

Have an amazing week lovers & may you find you’re love in the city.

x ell