Top 10 Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now: SPRING EDITION

As you might have seen, spring is well upon us! So check out this post first before you finalise that Spotify playlist for spring because I’ve got the Top 10 Songs you need to listen to RIGHT NOW.

With this new season in place we’re all searching for those addictive beats to hum away to whilst frolicking through some fields or acting melancholic in your bedroom on a Friday night cause you’ve got study to do. **Crying for you** (Wait, I’m that girl in the bedroom on a Friday night, crying, for me and for you. Don’t worry, I’ll cry double for you hehe).


  1. Youth – Glass Animals (Similar to Gooey by the same artist but doesn’t stop my love for this band, and the entire album for that matter).
  2. 1000x – Jarryd James ft. Broods. Just pure quality 1000x over.  
  3. Two Weeks – FKA Twigs. The other day my friend was like, “Yeah I think this song is about sex” It totally is, you couldn’t even interpret it any other way.
  4. I need a forest fire – James Blake, Bon Iver. Also, Bon Iver recently dropped a few new songs with an album on the way- *fingers crossed*
  5. Lose It – Oh Wonder. It was honestly such a struggle to pick my favourite song from Oh Wonder’s album. I picked this one because it has a sick beat mixed with some jazzy-like tunes…mmm perfect.
  6. You’re the best – Wet 
  7. Sex – EDEN. Whilst writing this list my friend messaged me telling me to listen to this song as it was (in her words) ‘Guaranteed to mess with your emotional state’. It definitely did. I’ve now listened to it 5 times in a row and I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight.
  8. The Girls- Lisa Mitchell 
  9. The Birds Pt.1 – The Weeknd. I love this artist so much and always will. He’s just so real arghhhh.
  10. Gabriel – Bear’s Den. I discovered these guys last year randomly with their song Agape. Listen and fall in love.

Enjoy listening to the sounds of spring over the weekend.

Thanks also to Morgan R for the music guidance.

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Let me know if you have any more suggestions below!

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Broke Uni Students Guide To Brisbane Nightlife

Brisbane nightlife holds so much potential. However, most people would associate the words ‘Uni student’ with a poor soul most likely laying on the floor procrastinating their assessment load in between sporadic bursts of tears and eating two minute noodles. Let’s be real here, we are most likely all broke or going to be if we buy another Acai bowl for $12… seriously, I refuse. There’s one thing that’s certain though, and it’s that we love spending as much time out of the house as possible.

Who should read this?

Any broke af uni students looking to change their usual routines when it comes to going out in Bris-vegas (lol, no, never say that). Obviously if you are not over 18 then just don’t drink- simple, and you’ll save even more. Oh young ones enjoy your lemon, lime and bitters (secretly I want to be you).

Why should you read this?

Frankly, I’m excited to see as Brisbane nightlife begins to emerge and turn into a really groovy place to live. And you should be too.

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Let’s get into it!



Where: Boundary Street, West End. Kick onto The Fox Hotel for a rooftop Sunday sesh. (Within walking distance from West End)

Drink:  Locally brewed beers @ Brisbane Brewing Co.  Get the bartenders to give you a taste of a selection of different beers. Roughly $6 for a pot of beer.

Eat:  The Burrow – They are moving to a new location soon. Recommended* The Poutine chips $15 and Bad Mutherfungi Pizza $22.5

Est. total cost:  $20-30




Where:  Vulture Street, West End

Drink: Head down to your local bottl-o and pick up a cheap bottle of wine. Hot Tip* Check for how many standard drinks are in the bottle. Don’t* buy a $5 bottle of wine expecting it to be good. #regrets

Eat: Huong’s BYO restaurant. Thai green curry with coconut rice is to die for!

Dance:  If you want to feel like you’re overseas again then hit up Down Under Bar & Grill (Dunders Backpackers Bar). And yes, before you ask, it most definitely is pumping on a Monday night. Can’t go wrong with $6 mixers and $12 beer jugs

Est. total cost:  $10-20


Where: IMAX Theatre, Southbank. Budget Student Tuesdays Cost: $5.50

Drink:  The Charming Squire  Pretty chilled atmosphere with live music pumping most nights. Plus it’s filled with lots of attractive men in business suits having drinks after work. It’s also filled with tradies too…you decide.

Est. total cost:  $14-20



Where:  Strike Bowling, Wintergarden Brisbane CBD. $15 unlimited activites upon presenting student ID.

Drink:  R.E (Royal Exchange) uni night. Don’t get too messy for your Thursday classes though.

Est. total cost:   $20



Where:  Fortitude Valley

Eat & drink:  Beach Burrito Company. Grab two tacos plus a beer or glass of sangria for only $10

Dance:  Birdee’s or Free Salsa dancing at Cloudland every week

Est. total cost:  $10-15




Where: Brisbane CBD

Eat & drink:  Charm Sushi and Bottle shop. Doesn’t look like much from the outside but this place is so rad. You can pick up a huge feed for less than $10. They have a bottle shop attached at the back. While you order the food your friend can go pick out a bottle of wine. It’s a win/win situation. $1 shots at the counter as well…be careful young ones.

Dance: Brisbane Square holds free salsa dancing until 11pm or Friday’s Riverside on Eagle Street… and if you’re game, head back to Dunders.

Est. total cost:  $20


Saturday is a wild card in my books. You’ll always find something to do on a Saturday night. The Valley is the most common place to go. There are also some cheap $30 live concerts you can go to at the Tivoli, Triffd (Newstead) or The Brightside. 

Est. total cost: Expect to lose a lot of money on a Saturday night. Hot tip* Don’t take your cards with you, just a selective amount of cash.

Hopefully this list has helped you in some way. I know for a fact as a desperate uni student I seek more exciting things than my usual hang out spots.

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Go out, party hard but make sure you stay safe.

**Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies to post on their behalf. Just wanted to share my experiences of Brisbane nightlife** 

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My mum pulled me out of school in grade 10.

**Disclaimer: I’m not saying that school is bad, I just think the system needs a change** 

I’ll start by saying, it’s okay. Because really it is. If you haven’t noticed already but you are actually just following a system which has been set in place as a means to keep you moving forward. They tell you that you must aim for greatness or success or whatever the people controlling the ‘system’ want. 

I always hated school.

And I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.38.56 PM





Do you know when you start to hate it the most? When people keep posing questions about your future. 

These people are most likely your teachers, family and friends of the fam who probably haven’t seen your since you were a little kid. Yet still, they think their opinion is somewhat valid for your future choices. Uh, come on. You’re meant to be just telling me how you need to put bricks on my head because of how tall I’ve grown since I was a toddler. Shocking right… that I’ve actually grown since I was a toddler. 

Everything changes when you enter middle school. 

Grade 8 begins and suddenly you’re in a whirl wind of deciding the subjects you’ll be doing for the next year, keeping in mind that those subjects will ultimately decide how grade 10, 11 and 12 pans out. 

This is when the system turns to crap. 

You’re starring at that form in grade 10 trying to put ticks beside those six subjects. Teachers are speaking their daily lecture of making wise choices as they are detrimental to grade 11 and 12. 

I’ll admit, grade 10 was my worst year. Trying to keep my head above water in terms of assessment, the stress of trying to fit into the school mould whilst also battling with some sickness. The last thing that I wanted to decide upon was my future. Can you understand why crying on the bathroom floor most days would be the result of this? 

Mum pulled me out of school.  

And it was the best thing she could have done. I was able to spend a semester of home schooling, getting better, getting stronger for the next two years. I had envisioned myself graduating from school but it felt like such a long time away. Taking the time to refresh in the comfortability of my home was just what I needed. 

Why hello grade 11 and 12! 

I thought I was ready to conquer the last years of my schooling life. But I found out that nothing can really prepare you. *Cue another round of subject deciding* and you’re one step away from going insane with all these decisions. (For Queenslanders) You’ll hit grade 11 and are instantly thrown into QCS practise. At my school we were preparing for this test for over a year before we sat it. That’s how our system goes. Not only will you be asked questions about what OP you want to get, you’ll also have to make decisions on what degree you want to do and where you want to study. Keep in mind that the biggest thing people will respond with when you tell them the degree you’re studying is, “Oh and what job do you want with that, and oh, does it pay well?”. It’s unfortunate that most of us are growing up with our main concern being money. 

Guess what… 

I want to let you know that I’m two years out of school and I still don’t know what’s going on with my life. And if that doesn’t comfort you then I have many friends who will back up that claim because it’s relevant in their own lives too. Some have taken gap years before university, some have entered university for a year and then taken a year off to rest. It’s okay to do whatever. 

Because right now we are at a stage in our lives where we are in control and any decisions we make are our own choices. It’s actually a sweet thing. *BRB Packing my bags to Italy*

I’m first year into university and I’ve already changed degree’s three times. Kinda feels like I’m working my way slowly down my QTAC preference list. 

It’s alright because we are all moving forward in some way. Remember that. 

Got a fear of missing out? Check out 3 steps to cure your FOMO here. 


Since I like to think that I am a nice human with the goal to help you all out I want to give you some tips of how you can make your ‘need’ of escape a little easier. 

I never joined the bandwagon of Pokemon Go. To be quite honest with you, I never entirely understood it. So I call it Pokemon No for the time being. Maybe it was because I never grew up with the Pokemon obsession.

I grew up with a different form of escape-  the need to fill my life with travelling. This is my means of escape and it’s steamed from a childhood of constant shifting around Queensland. We didn’t even have to move overseas for me to understand that my love for travel was formed from inter-state moves. Eight times to be exact. I don’t mind, it’s allowed me the opportunity to live on the coast, city and countryside. The best of triple worlds. 

Don’t be fooled. Escaping is actually a good thing if it is done in moderation. Before too long you must realise that return to reality is inevitable. ** Balling my eyes out crying face emoji. **


  1. TRAVEL SOMEWHERE NEW in your current city or town. It doesn’t have to be too far away from where you’re living but just go somewhere different. Example: A trip to a park which you’ve never been to before can probably perform a miracle on your mood.  My friend and I are craving another overseas adventure so badly that we randomly spent the afternoon driving around for 3 hours. It was ridiculously pointless but it made us feel like we had accomplished a sense of escapism. 
  2. READ A BOOK (ideally the genre of fantasy if you really want a worldly escape). Books are by far the best form of escape when you don’t have the money or the time for an expensive holiday. 
  3. TALK TO SOMEONE about their travels. It’s nice to live vicariously through someone. Just don’t get jealous, that will ruin your mood. Be excited for them. 
  4. PLAN YOUR NEXT DESTINATION. Most people will tell you that it’s a bad idea to plan your next destination when you just returned from your last. I honestly think there is nothing more healthy than planning your next adventure. If it makes you happy and more motivated to work hard to achieve that next travel goal then why not? 
  5. DON’T DWELL ON THE PAST. This is a huge one and very important. Obviously it’s nice to feel nostalgic as you scroll through the Instagram updates of your trip. But you shouldn’t dwell on it for too long because it’s detrimental towards your future goals. Post summer depression is a real thing guys (Coming soon- my article about it HERE). 
  6. KEEP BUSY. Immersing yourself into your studies at university, work or even getting an internship are all good ideas to keep yourself busy. Keeping busy both physically and mentally is challenging but it’s worth it. 

It’s hard, I understand that. I’m sitting here planning my next trip after only being home for a week. However, if that’s what you need to do to keep sane, then do it. Turn that into motivation to get what you want and explore where you want.

Read all about how to control your FOMO disorder HERE: 

Much love,




I am a lifelong sufferer of FOMO (fear of missing out).

I finally realised this, thanks to the STA Travel quiz I just submitted.

Living in constant fear that if I miss a party or event I’ll be missing out on something great. Another word to perfectly describe me. Bravo urban dictionary you did well. Not that you haven’t in the past, but still. 

Firstly, you must understand what makes you a person suffering with FOMO? Only then will you be able to control the effects it has on your wellbeing. 

Three problems/ways to overcome FOMO: 

Please note: These examples are really basic. Living with FOMO is so much more complex than that. But does it really have to be?


COMPARING with what others are doing.

Example: The cool group in Grade 10 are all going to Jake’s party this weekend. I’m not friends with any of these people but I don’t want to miss out being apart of their conversations come Monday morning at school. 


UNDERSTANDING that not everything revolves around that party. The world will continue if you don’t attend. Okay yes, maybe you will miss out on some inside jokes. However, they will most likely only last a week or so, then it will be something new. People move on, and when they do, they move on quickly. 


COMPARING with how others live their lives. 

Example: She has the new Kylie Jenner lipstick so that makes her prettier than me. I must trial it myself to be as pretty as her. 

UNDERSTANDING that your life is just as special as theirs.


OVERCOMMITMENT to events which you know first hand you will not be able to attend. 

Example: I already have a coffee date planned with a friend at 10am on Friday. I want to hang out with another friend for a lunch date that same day. I don’t want to miss out on seeing both of them, I can do it. 

UNDERSTANDING that it would be worst to cancel on someone the day of the event then to just tell them no from the start. Don’t overcommit yourself. SLOW DOWN. 

These are just three common problems of those with FOMO. Cramming so much into your day can ultimately ruin the relationship you have with friends. Most importantly, it can destroy the relationship you have with yourself- causing anxiety and stress 24/7. 

REMIND YOURSELF: You’re not missing out on anything. You are living your own life, and that life is pretty damn great. 

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