20 year old Journalism student, Kate Nutting (fashion stylist) of Pretty Dresses In The Laundry (PDITL) met with DIVF to discuss her views on Brisbane fashion, her trip to MBFWA and the current trends of the Winter season.

Kate begun PDITL back in 2010, as a bored 15 year old during weekend schoolwork procrastination. A few days later, she had already developed a successful chain of 500 followers and decided to continue posting. The motivation to consistently post her latest outfits is maintained by her good response from followers. Now, she says that she “couldn’t imagine not doing it” and thrives on bringing fresh daily content.

Kate’s fascination with fashion emerges from an interest in photography when she was around 15/16. Weekends of school work were more than often switched into a devoted time spent on photo blogging sites, gathering idea’s from other people’s work. She states that “eventually [she] started to gravitate more and more towards fashion and started [looking] at the outfits more than the photos…”

Her favourite platform is Instagram, which has seen her blog’s views grow by more than half. However, she feels as though Instagram is on the downfall as viewers now seek more visually appealing content such as YouTube, Snapchat and Pinterest. Fashion has since seen a dramatic shift since the introduction of these social media platforms and she is amazed by the amount of fashion stylists/bloggers she is able to network with at fashion events from social media.

Volunteering at Sydney Fashion Week (MBFWA) is a wonderful opportunity to cater for stylists like Kate. However, she says that the fashion presented at MBFWA is very high end – and not so much in terms of wearable designs. Don’t fret! In order to get your fashion fix, Kate believes that these trends will still travel to Brisbane just in a more affordable and wearable way.


The change in season has been quite refreshing for Kate who was “So sick of wearing [her] summer clothes for nearly 8 months straight”. She pins her favourite season as springtime and also highly commends the continued trend of all things 70’s. Her outfits will often draw from the past and she loves seeing this style incorporated into today’s fashion. Sticking to the denim vibes of the 70’s, Kate also says that her favourite item of clothing would be her denim jacket. It has the ability to completely change an outfit, pulling it all together- plus, it’s versatile!

Kate finds herself keeping up to date on the current trends via social media (what people are wearing and what is standing out in her opinion). She also frequently browses through the local shops and online to see what is happening overseas.

In terms of sustainable/local fashion, Kate definitely shows a preference to working, collaborating and supporting local businesses and brands. However, with a huge global following and a young audience, she is unable to stick to expensive local designers for it is not affordable for her target market.

We question how Kate has any time to commit to anything else but in 2014, she published an e-book A Guide To Fashion Blogging. Since then, the outcome has been very successfully however she feels as though it is out-dated in today’s world. She says that “When [she] wrote it Instagram was a new thing and style blogging was still something that everyone was still trying to work out what it was.”.

Speaking of out-dated, the question of ‘Goals’ approached the interview and Kate was able to answer it very matter of a factly. She aims to graduate from University at the end of this year and inspect her job offers. If she doesn’t manage to snatch a job then she plans to dedicate six months to her fashion styling on PDITL. This is a goal she has wants to achieve without any overly consuming distractions such as school, uni or work.

And finally- TCI were eager to find out what Kate believes is the best re-emerging store of 2016. “Um, Supre!” gasp. “Super has had a bit of a face lift over the last couple of years and I am loving what they are doing these days. They are still so adorable but also incorporate the trends so well and uniquely”.

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Check out Kate’s style on Pretty Dresses In The Laundry here and here.

Image Credit: Kate Nutting of ‘Pretty Dresses In The Laundry’. 

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