I’M RETURNING HOME and it’s a beautiful feeling. 

If you had known me in school (more so during high school) you would have noticed a few things about me.

  1. Being surrounded by friends/ classmates who were much shorter than I am would cause me to slump my shoulders in order to match their height. Obviously, this was all in my head and instead this has at the age of 19 caused bad posture in my stance.
  2. I don’t like confrontation at all. Or boy drama. It’s all pathetic to be honest.
  3. I was always leaving. My country town friends know me as ‘the one who leaves, comes back, and then leaves again’. Going to 9 schools in total has taught me to accept the fact that time is fleeting. But it has mostly taught me that I enjoy being the new kid way too much.


I loved being the new kid so much that I craved it. Combine that with the fact that my father is a paramedic, we moved quite frequently. I quickly adapted a routine of portraying a new persona which I would carry out until accidentally revealing a part of me which was the ‘real’ me. Thus, leading to disappointment that people had discovered who I really was. Seriously Ell. It wasn’t until my final week in high school that I realised it as time to let go of all of that and learn to be myself. Holy shit, I wish I had found that out sooner.

I assure you that whatever I am speaking on now can form relevance to the emotions of which I am feeling at the moment.

I’m back to the place that I love. My first island home. The island of Kythira in Greece. If you follow me or know me at all then you will understand the profound connection and love I contain for this place. Actually, I can’t even describe it to you because it’s something deeper than love. Not only because our family name Megaloconomos dates back to the 16th century, but because I can explore the towns and beaches and be a witness to the historical notions of this place.

But this year is different.


IMG_2191It’s different in the sense that I am only staying for 3 weeks, not 3 months.

It’s different because I am not working everyday like I did last year.

Mostly- it’s different because I am not the new girl on the island. And, like previously described during my schooling days this is something that I enjoyed.

Returning to the island this year has given me such a different feeling than last.

Last year, things were more exciting because I hadn’t seen a summer like this one for over 6 years. I’m needing to quickly remind myself that IT IS WHAT IT IS  because otherwise I will waste my time here complaining about how much better last summer was.

I’ve got two weeks left and I’m going to make it count towards something!

You’ll be the first to keep updated I assure you 😉

In the meantime, I have been frequently writing short blog posts for Story board social so check out my latest post here: 

I’m off to soak up the sun at my favourite beach on the island – Fyri Ammos.

Gia sou x


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