Rise and Shine Sleepyhead

After binge watching the most obsessive show, Hart Of Dixie for 2 days straight all cuddled up in my beautiful doona…(oh gosh I’m the worst case of procrastinator syndrome there is, just because I said donna I started researching for a new donna online… no wonder I struggled my way through my Ancient history research assignments last year!)

Where was I again— ah yes, with my doona wrapped around me, fuzzy socks on my feet, warm coffee perched in my hand whilst the rain poured outside creating a gloomy yet soul satisfying ambience. My absolute favourite weather.

And it was in this peaceful moment when I thought I should share with you my morning routine which I have successfully completed a week of! I only just started this routine but I’ve been pretty happy with how I have maintained it thus far!

But before I write all about this I must have a shower first as I am extremely cold from my spontaneous run in the rain, who knew it could be so liberating. As a girl my mind is constantly thinking about anything from tacos to boys to instagram uploads to boys again. It never stops thinking, my mind is never empty. I asked a guy the other day if he is always constantly thinking about something to which he replied with something like, “Nah I can think of nothing at all if I want too” …. and this never happens to me, EXCEPT when I run in the rain, so I like to do that often despite the frostbite feet I have afterwards as my brother hogs the shower. Oh god I’m babbling again…

If you adapt this morning routine I guarantee you will start the day in the most refreshing way possible!


Firstly I wake up (and my kitten keeps sleeping.. see above ^), this only happens after the alarm has been set and re-set a trillion times… which results in me waking up half an hour after I supposed to. (Yes that alarm that says ‘Wake up and do yoga’ never works….how do I know, cause I still don’t know how to do a simple Yoga/Pilates routine!)….Eventually I stumble out of bed.

Head to the glory that is, the kitchen!

IMG_6148 1. Mix up some Apple cider vinegar in a cup of luke warm water. Apple cider vinegar has been the best not only for my overall health but I have noticed it play a huge difference in my skin. I started applying apple cider vinegar with a cotton bud on facial blemishes before I go to sleep at night, and by morning I have found that they have reduced in size! I then hop into the shower to allow time for the apple cider vinegar to fully nourish and alkaline your body before breakfast.

2. BREAKFAST IS KEY to starting your morning off with a BANG!

Soo… force yourself to make a real breakfast.

A few of my favourites are: 

– Smashed avocado on German multi-grain sourdough bread with s&p

– Omelette w/ tomato, feta cheese, spinach, olives.. etc: anything you can find in the fridge that you think would taste good!

– Gluten free blueberry pancakes w/ coated cinnamon and honey

– Smoothie with banana, mango, blueberry, coconut milk, chia seeds, ice, honey and spinach.

– Fruit salad w/ greek yogurt, cinnamon and honey.

3. Then I always add either coffee or green tea, and a small bowl of freshly sliced apple with cinnamon (as you can see it’s my favourite thing to put on almost anything!!)

4. CRUCIAL PART of your morning is whilst you sit and eat your breakfast you are to have 15 minutes of technology free time. If you are not really used to ignoring text messages like me then set your iPhone on ‘do not disturb’ mode.

5. I like to use this quiet time to journal (write a bunch of pointless feelings out on paper which seemingly makes me feel 10 times better!) and read the Bible (hint** if you go to the back of most Bibles then they have a page titled ‘God’s Answers to Man’s concerns’ which has a huge list of problems including; Contentment, Fear of Man, Forgiveness and Worldliness. 3 scripture verses are listed underneath each concern which enables your problem to be solved!! Thank the lord. Seek and you will find!

6. I have also started taking magnesium in the morning. Mix 1 spoonful of magnesium powder into 200 ml of water and drink throughout the day! Honestly this has made a huge difference in my health and I have only been taking it non stop for over 2 weeks now. I know that you can also get magnesium in drops or tablet form so if that works easier for you then try that out!

Start your morning with all the above or even incorporate no. 4 & 5 into your own routine and I assure you that you will be equipped to conquer the world!!!…. or even just tone it down and conquer the day.

Thanks for bearing with me throughout this post… it was a long one!

Goodnight lovelies,

Ell xxxx


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