What did DIVF do in September?

September was a bit of a blur. Not only in terms of how many times I was heading out drinking, but also my future prospects. Everything seemed a little faded in regards to my university degree and where I should be working. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done any cool shit.

So I thought I’d do a quick recap on the month that was September. Summer approached fast and before I knew it I was falling in love with the ocean all over again (well, I supposed that love never dwindled). Thankfully I only felt the wrath of one month of Winter. I’m a pretty good escape artist when it comes to a change in season. I dropped my university subjects down to two and began job seeking.

Heading back to the Sunshine Coast for a few weeks while I found my bearings around Brisbane again was the best thing I did. The sunny coast helped me to relax and have patience for a job that was on the horizon soon. The weather was blissful and the time I spent with a good friend of mine has been extremely cherished.

After three months, I am still ‘technically’ jobless but looking forward to starting a Christmas Casual position at SportsGirl at the end of this month.

Click play to listen to my Sept faves whilst you scroll.

Also don’t question the name of the account, I’m broke af so I use my friends Spotify premium.




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Keep being rad, kids. x

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