Sky of wonders, God of wonders

There is, though, that one moment (or two, if you’re lucky- and also an early bird) where the sky pities the lost and offers a chance to accept its beauty once more. It starts slowly; a creaking window opens to peer into something so magnificent.

 One glance, and the sky is tinged the usual blue. The day’s gone remedy.

 Second glance, and it has rapidly transformed. Erupting like a visionary, imaginative intellect on a blank-untouched canvas. Easels of colours spill, splatter and collaborate to design a firework performance of pale reds, and rich gold. Sometimes even adding the subtle hints of purple and orange.

Infinite wanderers find refuge in these hues.

 Third glance, and the painting is no more. Lost ones come home to their ‘busy-bee’ lives and lovers grasp hold of when the changeless sky of tomorrow will willing reopen its heart at dawn and dusk.

– EgR

Sunset | 07.06.14 | copyright 
Sunset w/birds | 07.06.14 | copyright 


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