St George and Bourke

Welcome to the Travel Diaries.

Over the next few days I will be posting entries about my family trip to Uluru this holidays. As I am currently travelling and most hotels do not have wifi access (sad face) I am unable to post everyday/ regularly. However, I assure you that I will make the effort to post when I get back!


I don’t like forcing myself to write but there comes a time when you must in order to get over the cruel reality of ‘writers block’. I also usually write my experiences down in a book, as I prefer it to that of a keyboard, although I would much prefer to limit the amount of headaches I get from documenting.

We travelled the first leg of our trip with open eyes and hearts eager to experience what the country of Australia has to offer—okay, maybe that wasn’t the case, it was really only our parents who seemed to show any interest. Logan and I focused our attention to the computer screen that made zombie noises and beamed images of ‘The Walking Dead’. Although we did turn away from the illuminating screen to quickly witness a mother Emu and her chick-a-dee’s walking across the barren land.

We stopped for food breaks twice, once at Blackbutt (If you didn’t laugh at that town name then you should a) Stop reading immediately or b) Have a little quick giggle to yourself before we proceed) and also at the Oilfield town Moonie (another funny name, both town’s indicating a certain body part). Eventually at 4:00pm we reached our cabin at St George with ample time to spare. We journeyed down to the Balonne River, watched the sunset, and marveled at the calm water, with the occasional boat of tourists bearing canon SLR cameras- oops does that make me a tourist too?

Blissfully tucked into our beds we rested well for the trek to Bourke in the morning.

Pretty bits of grass along the Balonne River
The brother and I – Love him so much, best travelling partner.
Balonne River in the afternoon

Day Two: 16/09/14 – TRAVELLING TO BOURKE 

“Come on kids we have to get going!” Dad called as we stumbled out of bed the next morning. We had watched a movie late at night and automatically regretted the decision of entertainment over the luxury of sleep. We staggered towards the car again almost mimicking the zombies we had seen on the computer screen the day just gone. A quick check of the room, a go-pro recording and we were ready to hit the road again.

If we had woken up earlier than the 3-hour drive to Lightning Ridge would have seen us relaxing in their Artisan Bore Baths. Unfortunately we missed the opportunity as they close at 10am for cleaning so we had a few Tim-Tams and went on our way towards mum’s hometown of Carinda.

Once arriving in Carinda where the main street consists of, one pub (Famous for David Bowie’s music clip back in the day), a fuel station, and a few selected locals whom have lived in the small town their entire lives and are only occupied by gossiping about the suspected newcomers to town. We chatted to them for hours about ‘the life’s happenings in our beloved Carinda’, before heading off towards Bourke.

Ahhh the Back O’ Bourke as they call it! They say that you don’t know Australia until you know Bourke.

Arriving in Kidman’s Camp literally out the back of Bourke, about 5 km’s out of town we unpacked into our cabin, which was actually a furnished, shipping container (doesn’t sound too fancy but it was such a sweet and homey place). Lots of happy campers abided in the grounds, all sharing a similar sense of wanderlust; wanting to get away for a little bit. I love that feeling. I hope to experience it many times in my life.


Crossing the NSW border
Our camping site
Our camping site

I hope you enjoyed reading, until next time lovelies!

XX Ell

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