I’m sitting here on a date with my macadamia and caramel ice-cream, editing away at my latest youtube video. Oh yeah, if you didn’t already know, I started a youtube channel – see HERE for new videos every Thursday and Sunday. That’s completely off topic and now it is creeping up to midnight because I have procrastinated – AGAIN. What’s new? I don’t know.

Honestly if I have even one beer I will start talking with such a profound amount of wisdom. I really don’t know why. But as I was walking my friend to the ferry terminal tonight we were discussing our purpose here on earth.

Why are we here?

What are we supposed to do with the time that we have here?

It got into a really deep discussion- fast. I said goodbye to her and continued that reflective experience during the journey home. I was beckoned to envision ourselves as SIMS characters.



I’m not sure if you’ve ever played ‘The Sims’ before, but it is a highly popular life simulation video game which is generally played on the PC. IT’S HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. If you haven’t played it yet, then not much of this will make sense- but I’ll try my best. 

However what strikes me about this game is that the period of addiction varies. Most players will re-visit the game when they are bored on a Monday afternoon, play it until early morning, then for the week following. Maybe after a week of non-stop playing, they will throw the game into the back burner and move on with their lives. But their lives are more often than not, just a reflection of the world they entered their Sims character into (minus the death of three family members after an inexperienced cook tried to prepare a simple spaghetti dish).

We all have goals, life ambitions and dreams. Similar to the Sims actions which are put into a queue by the controller- us.

We all feel that some days either go too slow or go too fast. Yep, the Sims feel this too. In fact, sometimes the master (you) is just speeding up their day at work so they can come home and woohoo with their boyfriend/girlfriend. Time is fleeting in the Sims, if you don’t want to watch your child do their home-work then you sped them up until they have completed it to rejoin the family game of footy. You control every aspect of every day.


We want nothing more than to live for something else other than the mundanity of a day at work. Because, after playing the Sims for a week, we will get bored with how they are living their lives as nothing changes. And to us, we get upset with where we are investing our time in this life because it almost doesn’t seem worth it.

BUT A PURPOSE FOR YOU IS THERE: There must be something else to live for than this. I’m trying to discover it, and I’m sure you are too. We don’t have to be like Sims characters. We don’t have to be so selfish and focussed on our own lives that it almost starts to bore us to tears. We can impact others, we can pull the focus off ourselves for just ONE MOMENT.

Actually, that might be the purpose right there: To adjust your eye lenses. To see in a unique way and to suck the marrow out of the life you have been given.

God, that must be it. What else could it be?

In other news: 

Jacket and headscarf- SWOP. / Bag – One of my cool Aunties made it / Shirt – The Smith Street Band

Photo credit to the gorgeous: Ivy of P&I. 


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