6 Ways to De-Stress These Holidays

A massive congratulations to all University students for competing another year of being a citizen in stress city !!!

Let’s face it, stress is one of the most common factors in our lives. Although it might not be externally noticed, stress is so sneaky that it happens without us even realising. Internal stress is the type most likely causing those pimples or wrinkle signs. That’s why I’m here, to tell you how it’s possible to de-stress these holidays. Because after all those exams, it becomes pretty difficult.

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(1) Listen to Oh Wonder’s entire album. 

Instantly #Stressfree

(2) Read poetry by Lang Leav

Love and Misadventure is such a beautiful book and available on Book Depository for only $12.40. Bargain.


(3) Go for a Run 

Just don’t do what I did the other day (a.k.a, faint whilst running and getting a random stranger to drive you home). That’s what happens when you have low iron and haven’t exercised for over 4 months. Or when Childish Gambino is playing hectic tunes in your ears and you don’t realise how fast you’re actually running.

(4) Relax in Botica Bliss Bath Tea’s 

“Botica Bliss Bath Teas are all about you! Luxurious natural organic ingredients, blended for you to take time out to pamper yourself.”

Botica Bliss is an incredible product! While sipping on a cup of tea I relaxed in their Magnesium bath. I had a divine 1.5 hour bath. Completely forgetting the time! Possibly even falling asleep once or twice.

I love supporting local products and especially those as well crafted and packaged as Botica Bliss. 

Affordable, relaxing, and locally made; all three factors in one. A perfect way to de-stress these holidays or even a wonderful gift for someone.

Check out their website here to order: http://www.boticabliss.com/ 


(Disclaimer: I wasn’t endorsed by Botica Bliss. I just very much enjoyed using their products).

(5) Read some positive quotes 

Reading words of affirmation and positive thoughts are also one of the best things in de-stressing my crazy lil mind. You can find some of them on Pinterest, type: Positive Words in the search bar.

60aaa202cfbefc48ba0c1e303c70c582.jpg(6) Go in the Ocean 

I was on the phone to a friend of mine today. We were both in full agreement about the benefits of the ocean. What a glorious yet frightening natural wonder! With the ability to make you float or make you sink.

What a soothing way to de-stress these holidays! Also, swimwear is optional if you find a private beach. Hehe.


Oh, and enjoy your holidays guys!

xxx –

Upper Class Cinderella

I have settled into the life of an upper-class Cinderella quite well. Unfortunately I left my prince back in Kythira to pick olives for the harvesting season. But fortunately I do not have any ugly step sisters or step-mother. Just me, and my many friends- whom of which are all cleaning tools; Mr Vaccum & Mrs Windex. I can’t complain though; I get fed duck for dinner and have the finest selection of teas in all of the land. Not to mention the Brioche styled French toast I make for myself in the mornings. Not a bad life I tell ya.

Unlike my wild daily routine which I adapted in Greece (Sleep at 7am till 2pm, work from 3pm-8pm, eat and party until 6am….repeat). Here in Doolin I have entered into my reflection and relaxation mode. The tourist season is on the decline which allows for many early morning stares into the distance where I feel like the only person left on the planet. The air is quiet and desolated * Cue zombies hurling themselves over the stoned walls on their way up the hills* …..Okay too much Walking Dead for you Elly.

“You haven’t even seen past season 4, you have no idea!” My brother would say, obviously irritated that I deemed my ability to pass Grade 12 more important than another Walking Dead marathon.

However, I have been extremely blessed to arrive at this time of year. The B&B which I am working/staying at is preparing to close its doors for the Winter time so it is not very full. This has allowed me to explore some of the most beautiful areas I’ve ever been too. Cliffs of Moher and Inisheer are among these places. The Cliffs are indeed “something else”. I have been referring a lot of things on this trip as this. However, I have been unable to define just what this something else is. But for the record, I know it exudes an overwhelming sense of beauty and tranquility whenever I team it in a sentence.

On my third day in Doolin I decided it was the perfect time to explore the magnitude of these cliffs. They are located about a 5 minutes drive away from the B&B. Getting dropped there early in the morning was a great decision. The crowds started to arrive in bulk by the time I had completed the walk along to Hags Head, to the left side of the cliffs (a total 10km return). Obviously I took my sweet time throughout this walk, taking many photos and constantly stopping to get as close to the edge as I could before I would hear my Father’s words resonating in my ears.

“Don’t get too close Bubby girl, be careful” His repetitious lecture remained in my memory. I was, after all, always that girl with bruises or grazes on her knees growing up. Punishment for never listening to Dad’s words of wisdom would always be the obvious outcome of the very thing he told me not to do.

But perhaps it was a wise idea not to get too close when standing aloof 200 metres high. My mum would have had an anxiety attack had she seen where I was sitting. I can’t stop my heart from feeding off the adrenaline rush I feel whilst suspended on-top of these cliffs.

I spent a few brilliant hours of meditation when I reached Hags Head, and thankfully was only requested to take a photo of tourists twice. This allowed for plenty of ‘me’ time which included  journalling and also an increasing urge to draw something…anything! I acted on this urge and drew to my hearts content. The outcome wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever drawn before, and I’m a girl who manages to fail at drawing a stick figure. No joke.

I strutted back to the information centre (starting point) whilst tourists stared wide eyed as I was walking on the other side of the protected barriers.

“You go girl!” I heard one American say in my direction while she walked past me.

If it’s any consolation than I will allow you to know that I wasn’t being overly daring on my quest. As all of those tourists would later discover there was in fact an opening in the barricade and that they would all have the chance to feel a bit rebellious …..like I was.

An expensive panini for lunch later and a quick scroll through my news feed (Okay so someone explain to me why the WIFI was BETTER at the Cliffs than where I am currently staying….) I was off again… almost half Irish jigging as I passed a busker playing an Irish whistle. I longed to have my chance to Irish dance on a stage again- minus the sock glue, ridiculous poodle wigs and manic dance Mums.

The coastal walk back home would take me another 9km’s of strength to complete. However thinking of the distance could compare to an old dusty book shoved deep in the corners of my mind. The walk itself was way to grand to comprehend the reality of the length. I could not have chosen a better day to walk either. Clear skies and the exuberant sun shone bright the entire day. All in all a brilliant day where I walked 18km in total. Probably the most exercise I had done since leaving home in July!

The lady I am staying with is fabulous. She is hilarious and I’ll often hear her saying terms such as, “Lord help us and save us!” “Goodness Jesus, Mary and Joseph” “Oh good Lord!” . Classic sayings of a Sunday mass goer. I’ve enjoyed my time here and getting to know her has been a true highlight.

All that I have to do in the morning is serve breakfast to the guests and then clean the rooms after they have left. It is that simple! I wake up at 8am and I have completed work by 1pm at the latest. Today I even managed to get a 5 euro tip!

I haven’t done much in my time here because it has been wonderful to chill out and spend the moments figuring out where to head next (something I love to do super last minute!) In the week that I have been in Doolin, I have managed to escape the house to go on a few walks around the village and also head over via a 30-min ferry to the island of Inisheer.

Inisheer has a total population of about 297 people and is one of the remaining places in Ireland where the main language is Gaelic. Owning a car is practically pointless so horse and carriage appeared to be the main form of transport.

It was perfect out there; the clouds seperated and I had entered another summer paradise. Unfortunately all of my bikini’s and summer clothes had been left back in London to prepare for the cold of Ireland. But the weather was beautiful on Inisheer! I glared out into the distances to the other islands- Inishmaan and Inishmore, reminiscing once again of my perfect Summer. On the way back to Doolin pier the ferry did a quick detour for us to witness the Cliffs of Moher from a different angle. INCREDIBLE. 

I couldn’t have planned this overseas trip more perfectly though. I will return home just in time for Christmas and another three months of heading to the ocean everyday.

But I’m living in the present at the moment. So for now my plan is to head back to England this Friday and see where God takes me from there.

Take care-

P.s Sorry my photos won’t load AGAIN! But I managed to get a few to upload onto my other blog post from before – check it out here: https://dancinginvioletfields.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/steps-of-faith/


Leap of faith

Hey Ya! 

So today I did the most craziest thing any human can do (besides telling your crush you love them)….


I jumped out of a plane!! Haha not like the one heading to Melbourne on a trip or anything.. I did skydiving duh.

Yes that’s right! I must admit that I was only slightly scared at the very beginning when filling out the paperwork and I wrote the date as 16/04/1997 < which is totally incorrect. Furthermore, when asked if my father would like to purchase insurance for an additional cost of $30 which would cover $50,000 worth, he said “No thanks, she’ll be right”

Gee, Thanks Father! I was then introduced to my instructor, said my goodbyes to my dad, brother and cousin and hopped into the plane. The plane ride up was so peaceful and the scenery of all the beach stretch was incredible! As we reached 10’000ft in the mini aircraft holding only the pilot, the instructor and myself I was told that we would do a few somersaults when leaving the plane because I seemed confident enough. I was so keen but quickly had to ask how to even perform a somersault because my brother had failed to teach me in the local pool. Luckily I was notified that I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except to lean back and smile. I was strapped onto the instructor as the altitude rose higher; awaiting the jump. We reached 14’000ft and it was time to roll. What made me less nervous was the constant reminder in my head that this is something that I’ve wanted to do since I was 14, afterwards I would tick it off my tumblr bucket list (you can find here… http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist) and that my few prayers about my safety would be in the hands of our god. The door opened and the gust of the -4 degree’s cool air hit my face but I was more ready than ever! Legs dangling out of the door……

It was a true leap of faith. 

We flipped twice, then plummeted (I don’t really like that choice of word, makes it sound scary) What about …. Cruising… (sounds more casual) Yes, much better. We were just casually cruising at a free fall speed of 200km/h, wind smashing my face, creating a loud whistling noise in my ears and all I could think about is how crazy people are to not be doing this. Experiencing life this way, or just being thankful for life. But then I thought well maybe I’m the crazy one. I was enjoying myself though and sometimes we do crazy things which make us more attuned with life. Maybe I’m getting a bit poetic now and my actual thoughts probably should have been along the lines of “Crap, is the parachute going to open?” “What if I’m just delusional-half unconscious right now from possibly hitting my head of the plane’s wing because I am that tall, and anything can happen to tall people?” “Will my family even be there at the bottom to congratulate me or will they miss the entire show because they got lost and decided to have a Maccas lunch?” But all of these worried thoughts didn’t even cross my mind because I was just enjoying the ride and the massive leap of faith I had just accomplished.


Thank-you so much to the team at Skydive Ramblers and Red Balloon. 🙂 I will definitely be back conquer a jump at 15’000ft! I would also recommend the experience to anyone who is looking for a moment of truly ‘feeling alive’ and whoever is scared of heights… just go and conquer that fear because life is better when you live it without fears!

Until next time readers,

Luv Elly-Grace. x