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Hacking the Instagram game means having killer captions, even if you have to lie about your feelings sometimes.

We all have those nights where we reminisce on the good times as we scroll through our Instagram profile. So I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to some Instagram posts from last year and get real with what I was actually dealing with instead of what I said on my captions. (Most of them are selfies cause I’m usually alone so don’t judge). Who knows, after this blog post I might even start a series called “Not what it seems”. Highlighting the fact that other people’s lives are not always how they appear on social media.

So let’s hop to it. 

What I said



What I should have said

“I just travelled over 5000km’s and got my heartbroken by a guy”





What I said




What I should have said

“These French boys really pissed me off so much and I really wanted to go to sleep”




What I said



What I should have said

“I really have no idea what I’m going to do in 2015. I have deferred from University, I don’t have a job and I’m shit scared”

What I said


What I should have said

“I have a huge crush on the boy next to me so quick take a photo  so he will notice me”





What I said



What I should have said

“I actually stole this apple and I can’t remember where I stole it from but I know I stole it cause I’m running out of money and I’m hella hungry. Side note, I’m in Shakespearean territory and I’m going to go watch a theatre performance by myself tonight”




What I said


What I should have said

“I don’t really want to return to Australia just yet but I’ve been working illegally and they just figured it out”






What I said


What I should have said

“If my brother has to take one more photo of me I swear he’ll disown me from the family”




What I said 





What I should have said 

” Yep, this is the first and last time I’m going to have a healthy breakfast”


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6 Good Reasons to visit GOMA ASAP

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I’m currently on the Sunshine Coast, just having a little break from the city life. It gets like that sometimes.

One of my friends studying in Brisbane called me up for a little chat and to tell me how envious she was because I was basking in the sun in Noosa where she only had two options- a swim in Southbank or in the Brisbane River. Um, bull sharks.

She said that she’d seen someone on a jet-ski on that river just the other day. (Warning tourists please DON’T do this, the river is shark infested).

Okay my train of thought is almost lost now. Basically if there is one place that any foreign traveller of Brisbane should go to then it’s the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA). Here are some reasons why I think that. 

If you don’t visit often then there’s something new to see 

The exhibitions change every few months so it’s super refreshing to see something different. At the moment there is a beautiful collection of Cindy Sherman’s photographs on display. Don’t miss out, the exhibition finishes 3rd October! 

You don’t have to be creative to appreciate art

Literally, the beauty about GOMA is that anyone can visit and walk away in some way appreciative of what they have just witnessed. 

Their aircon is going to be your saving grace in Summertime 

Enough said. The Australian summer is brutal and when it shows it’s face we are all looking for some escape. Why not head to GOMA and utilise their electricity then your own at home…plus you get to see some cool artwork. 

It’s a nice escape from the hustle-bustle of Brisbane 

There’s not further need to elaborate on that one. 

It will inspire you 

It’s sometimes hard to see the inspiration which is practically everywhere. But a visit to the GOMA will most definitely inspire you. 

It’s FREE entry *exclamation mark* 

I saved the best for last, of course. There will still be the occasional exhibition which will be paid but for the most part feel free to wander around without paying a cent and then still have enough money for lunch afterwards. It’s a win, win situation and I like them. 

So go forth and enjoy some artwork. Want to know some more hot spots of Brisbane, click here. 

Comment your experience with GOMA below. I would love to hear about it. 


Where: Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD

Opening times: 10-5pm everyday (including weekends) 

Image credit: Colby Rinaldis 

Top 10 Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now: SPRING EDITION

As you might have seen, spring is well upon us! So check out this post first before you finalise that Spotify playlist for spring because I’ve got the Top 10 Songs you need to listen to RIGHT NOW.

With this new season in place we’re all searching for those addictive beats to hum away to whilst frolicking through some fields or acting melancholic in your bedroom on a Friday night cause you’ve got study to do. **Crying for you** (Wait, I’m that girl in the bedroom on a Friday night, crying, for me and for you. Don’t worry, I’ll cry double for you hehe).


  1. Youth – Glass Animals (Similar to Gooey by the same artist but doesn’t stop my love for this band, and the entire album for that matter).
  2. 1000x – Jarryd James ft. Broods. Just pure quality 1000x over.  
  3. Two Weeks – FKA Twigs. The other day my friend was like, “Yeah I think this song is about sex” It totally is, you couldn’t even interpret it any other way.
  4. I need a forest fire – James Blake, Bon Iver. Also, Bon Iver recently dropped a few new songs with an album on the way- *fingers crossed*
  5. Lose It – Oh Wonder. It was honestly such a struggle to pick my favourite song from Oh Wonder’s album. I picked this one because it has a sick beat mixed with some jazzy-like tunes…mmm perfect.
  6. You’re the best – Wet 
  7. Sex – EDEN. Whilst writing this list my friend messaged me telling me to listen to this song as it was (in her words) ‘Guaranteed to mess with your emotional state’. It definitely did. I’ve now listened to it 5 times in a row and I don’t think I’ll be getting much sleep tonight.
  8. The Girls- Lisa Mitchell 
  9. The Birds Pt.1 – The Weeknd. I love this artist so much and always will. He’s just so real arghhhh.
  10. Gabriel – Bear’s Den. I discovered these guys last year randomly with their song Agape. Listen and fall in love.

Enjoy listening to the sounds of spring over the weekend.

Thanks also to Morgan R for the music guidance.

Missed my last post??? Check it out here: http://dancinginviolentfields.com/uni-students-guide-brisbane-nightlife/

Let me know if you have any more suggestions below!

Photo credit: brigidelaney.tumblr.com

My mum pulled me out of school in grade 10.

**Disclaimer: I’m not saying that school is bad, I just think the system needs a change** 

I’ll start by saying, it’s okay. Because really it is. If you haven’t noticed already but you are actually just following a system which has been set in place as a means to keep you moving forward. They tell you that you must aim for greatness or success or whatever the people controlling the ‘system’ want. 

I always hated school.

And I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.38.56 PM





Do you know when you start to hate it the most? When people keep posing questions about your future. 

These people are most likely your teachers, family and friends of the fam who probably haven’t seen your since you were a little kid. Yet still, they think their opinion is somewhat valid for your future choices. Uh, come on. You’re meant to be just telling me how you need to put bricks on my head because of how tall I’ve grown since I was a toddler. Shocking right… that I’ve actually grown since I was a toddler. 

Everything changes when you enter middle school. 

Grade 8 begins and suddenly you’re in a whirl wind of deciding the subjects you’ll be doing for the next year, keeping in mind that those subjects will ultimately decide how grade 10, 11 and 12 pans out. 

This is when the system turns to crap. 

You’re starring at that form in grade 10 trying to put ticks beside those six subjects. Teachers are speaking their daily lecture of making wise choices as they are detrimental to grade 11 and 12. 

I’ll admit, grade 10 was my worst year. Trying to keep my head above water in terms of assessment, the stress of trying to fit into the school mould whilst also battling with some sickness. The last thing that I wanted to decide upon was my future. Can you understand why crying on the bathroom floor most days would be the result of this? 

Mum pulled me out of school.  

And it was the best thing she could have done. I was able to spend a semester of home schooling, getting better, getting stronger for the next two years. I had envisioned myself graduating from school but it felt like such a long time away. Taking the time to refresh in the comfortability of my home was just what I needed. 

Why hello grade 11 and 12! 

I thought I was ready to conquer the last years of my schooling life. But I found out that nothing can really prepare you. *Cue another round of subject deciding* and you’re one step away from going insane with all these decisions. (For Queenslanders) You’ll hit grade 11 and are instantly thrown into QCS practise. At my school we were preparing for this test for over a year before we sat it. That’s how our system goes. Not only will you be asked questions about what OP you want to get, you’ll also have to make decisions on what degree you want to do and where you want to study. Keep in mind that the biggest thing people will respond with when you tell them the degree you’re studying is, “Oh and what job do you want with that, and oh, does it pay well?”. It’s unfortunate that most of us are growing up with our main concern being money. 

Guess what… 

I want to let you know that I’m two years out of school and I still don’t know what’s going on with my life. And if that doesn’t comfort you then I have many friends who will back up that claim because it’s relevant in their own lives too. Some have taken gap years before university, some have entered university for a year and then taken a year off to rest. It’s okay to do whatever. 

Because right now we are at a stage in our lives where we are in control and any decisions we make are our own choices. It’s actually a sweet thing. *BRB Packing my bags to Italy*

I’m first year into university and I’ve already changed degree’s three times. Kinda feels like I’m working my way slowly down my QTAC preference list. 

It’s alright because we are all moving forward in some way. Remember that. 

Got a fear of missing out? Check out 3 steps to cure your FOMO here. 


Maybe it’s when you notice the cicadas singing their favourite greeting song for you. Or the wind as it calmly sweeps through the field of olive trees. Maybe it’s when your body hits the water for the first time after driving across the island in a hot car all day. Or it’s the way you can remain content sitting outside at night (even though the mosquito’s are attacking your face) with a glass of red writing this post. Solitude is found everywhere. But not everyone understands the solitude of being alone.

If you haven’t already read my post of returning back to Kythira than you must. http://dancinginviolentfields.com/returning-home/

I love travelling alone. I could go through a list of pro’s and con’s of travelling solo on this blog. However, instead I’ve collaborated with Story Board Social and have them written HERE. 

It’s true though. I really love it. I definitely think that you can benefit greatly from having friends around you. But honestly, once you accept the solitude of being alone there really is no going back.





Today I must accept that because I just said goodbye to my mother and aunty as they adventure back to Australia. We spent a wonderful week together basking in the glory of Kythira. It was time that they left after being here for over 6 weeks.

I’m happy to be alone again as it gives me the opportunity to create my own experience of these next two weeks.

Being alone helps you to find the stillness in life. If there’s anyone who knows what chaos is than it’s the Greeks. However, instead they know exactly how to spend all day at the beach or outside a cafenion drinking coffee. It’s important to find yourself falling back into these basic pleasures of a life outside the chaos. Honestly, last year when I came here it took me 5 weeks to find this peace. It was pretty much time to leave by the time I had found it.

So I won’t let it get to that point this time.

Until I’m inspired again to inspire you,





P.s I’m not really alone if I have a goat behind me, hey?

P.p.s I still haven’t found a nice Greek boy (who isn’t related to me)




Images from top to bottom:

  1. Sitting in solitude at fresh water springs in Karavas (side note: I REALLY want to explore more of this town)
  2. Outside the cafenion in Karavas my friend’s family own
  3. Karavas house ruins
  4. Same as 2.
  5. Mum, Aunty and I before heading out on the Glass bottom boat
  6. My friend for now, Mr Goat.
  7. Mr Goat revealing his bluesteel look
  8. Mum and I. Love her so much.