10 Tips for Being A Good Friend

Good friends are hard to find these days. But when you do search high and low for that quality person, you’ll want to hang onto that friendship. However, it goes both ways. A friendship can hardly flourish if it is just one sided.

I sat down with my beautiful friend, Katie Baird at Born to Explore the World and discussed what it means to be a good friend.



    Taking the time to listen to each other’s Spotify playlists, knowing full well their blood and sweat went into creating their own little slice of heaven.


    When they’re sick, and provide any sort of comfort food. They will remember this next time you’re sick.


    Be raw with them. Make sure you give your friends the privilege of knowing the real you at all times, even if it drags a whole range of emotions with it.


    Call them on their shit. It’s 100% okay that if you feel they are making a crazy life decision to pull them up on it. However, when they’re being over emotional, let them cry and rant to you as well. Sometimes you might not have the wisdom to give to them but they will find it comforting just knowing that you are listening.


    Answer their Skype calls or phone calls when their overseas and need your help ASAP and be willing to spend hours on the phone with them talking about every situation with them, and wishing you were together again. We get it, everyone has busy schedules so if you can’t answer their calls then just send them a message saying you’re thinking of them. It’s simple.

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    Celebrate with them. They’re victory is your victory. Seeing them happy makes you happy. So make sure you show it.

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    What’s mine is yours. Be so comfortable around them that there is no boundaries and what you can and can’t borrow and share…just not boyfriends.


    Treat their family like you’d treat your own. Ask about them, because almost instinctively you already care about them.


    And don’t be overly clingy. Be happy in who you are, and your confidence that the friendship makes you both shine – not one of you hiding behind the other.


    They will escape with you when you feel the need to get away. Even if it’s just to pick you up for an ice-cream or a long road trip. They will be there.



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Image Credit: Shelby Campbell


Sometimes you’ve just got to get away, to god knows where, but just somewhere.

My gal Ivy and I decided that Byron Bay seemed fit for our mini getaway after uni was over for the semester. We left around 4pm that afternoon, decided that we would just drive down there and see where the night took us then deal with it in the morning. In simpler terms, it was a semi-planned trip- but we like to think of it as spontaneous and wild. In my 19 years of living had I never been to Byron, so now was the best time for it.

A wicked sunset lead us the way out of Brisbane city as we smashed out the classic ballad, ‘If I ain’t got you’ by Alicia Keys. We had a pit-stop on the Gold Coast for fuel, to gather a mean feed of hummus&pita bread from IGA and a $5 bottle of Rosè. We switched drivers and were well on our way. It was so difficult to drive Ivy’s car because it starts to clonks out if you go over 100km so you have to keep that speed demon instinct well in it’s cage. I’m surprised my friends even trust me to drive their cars with this attitude.


Side note: Yes I am very much aware that I spelt ‘get’ wrong. But at the time I really didn’t care. 

Second side note: We managed to tick 7 of those things off. Top effort. 

I’m glad we documented everything though because that night was so hilarious. The formulated plan was to drink the wine on the beach and then find our way back to Ivy’s aunties house to sleep. Then we were going to wake up at 4am and go to a lookout to take photo’s of the sunrise. Seemed simple enough, right?


I got too drunk (wait, we both did… I can’t remember much) and found myself disorientated on the streets of Byron. When Ivy beckoned me to get up from where I was perched on the cold cement I told her that she had to get a taxi or uber to take me. I had no idea of my bearings, especially at night. Turns out her Aunties house really wasn’t that far away, I just didn’t know what I was saying.

We stumbled home and I found comfort as my head hit the pillow that night.

I did not find comfort at all when I woke up.

I also did not find comfort when I realised that my phone was missing. 

It was panic central, I don’t know how Ivy put up with me to be quite honest. I was freaking out. We decided to eat some sort of food other than pita bread and hummus from the night before.

Cut a long story short (because my panic attack can be found on my YouTube channel when the video uploads) I actually managed to find my phone! Surprisingly! If you think about all the backpackers that come and go through Byron it would seem impossible for me to locate it. The story goes, that some old man had picked it up on the street in the early hours of the morning and decided to hand it to a lady at the real estate – LJ Hooker whom then answered the phone when I called. THANK GOD FOR GOOD PEOPLE.

Believe it or not, good people are still out there my friends.

And thankfully, we are okay.


Yes- I quoted myself.

Check out my Byron Vlog HERE: 

Goodnight lovelies, chat soon when I am in some other far away dreamland.






Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that. 

This is going to be a small post tonight as I have to start school tomorrow- sad face. Eugh. I saw this post on Tumblr last night and I know that you aren’t supposed to take anything that is posted on Tumblr and spread it around (apparently they are the rules) But I thought that this was a really good reminder to me and I hope that whoever is reading this gets the revelation as well. A true friendship with someone is meant to bring happiness, and love- not deceit and lack of trust. Don’t stay in a friendship or even a relationship with someone who is treating you the wrong way and making you feel bad about yourself. It’s not worth it at all! No matter how many memories you’ve shared together which you think can evenly weigh up the bad times.

  • If you’re not happy, get out of the relationship
  • If you’re reflecting a behaviour which isn’t you’re usual, get out of the friendship

I was watching the movie ‘The Clique’ the other day and I loved the line when they are all at the sleepover and the girls ask whether they would prefer to (a) Be a friendless loser or (b) Have a bunch of friends who secretly hated you

One of the girls chooses (a) which results in the others laughing and tell her that she got her wish. Mean right!

But personally I would choose (a) also because it’s way better to put trust in yourself than others who are just going to tear you down anyways. Does that make sense?

Sorry this is a very quick post, I’m not really in the right mind space tonight to write a big essay. Love to all. Will post again soon!

XX Elly Belly!