6 Ways to De-Stress These Holidays

A massive congratulations to all University students for competing another year of being a citizen in stress city !!!

Let’s face it, stress is one of the most common factors in our lives. Although it might not be externally noticed, stress is so sneaky that it happens without us even realising. Internal stress is the type most likely causing those pimples or wrinkle signs. That’s why I’m here, to tell you how it’s possible to de-stress these holidays. Because after all those exams, it becomes pretty difficult.

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(1) Listen to Oh Wonder’s entire album. 

Instantly #Stressfree

(2) Read poetry by Lang Leav

Love and Misadventure is such a beautiful book and available on Book Depository for only $12.40. Bargain.


(3) Go for a Run 

Just don’t do what I did the other day (a.k.a, faint whilst running and getting a random stranger to drive you home). That’s what happens when you have low iron and haven’t exercised for over 4 months. Or when Childish Gambino is playing hectic tunes in your ears and you don’t realise how fast you’re actually running.

(4) Relax in Botica Bliss Bath Tea’s 

“Botica Bliss Bath Teas are all about you! Luxurious natural organic ingredients, blended for you to take time out to pamper yourself.”

Botica Bliss is an incredible product! While sipping on a cup of tea I relaxed in their Magnesium bath. I had a divine 1.5 hour bath. Completely forgetting the time! Possibly even falling asleep once or twice.

I love supporting local products and especially those as well crafted and packaged as Botica Bliss. 

Affordable, relaxing, and locally made; all three factors in one. A perfect way to de-stress these holidays or even a wonderful gift for someone.

Check out their website here to order: http://www.boticabliss.com/ 


(Disclaimer: I wasn’t endorsed by Botica Bliss. I just very much enjoyed using their products).

(5) Read some positive quotes 

Reading words of affirmation and positive thoughts are also one of the best things in de-stressing my crazy lil mind. You can find some of them on Pinterest, type: Positive Words in the search bar.

60aaa202cfbefc48ba0c1e303c70c582.jpg(6) Go in the Ocean 

I was on the phone to a friend of mine today. We were both in full agreement about the benefits of the ocean. What a glorious yet frightening natural wonder! With the ability to make you float or make you sink.

What a soothing way to de-stress these holidays! Also, swimwear is optional if you find a private beach. Hehe.


Oh, and enjoy your holidays guys!

xxx –

“She’s a Brisbane-ite now”

I recently caught up with a friend from school whom I was blessed to be able to meet whilst I was on Kythira and then reconnect with over in Ireland.

Like me, she had also spent a decent amount of time overseas, experiencing and understanding how others do life.

With both of us now back in Australia, moving to Brisbane to study couldn’t seem less appealing. Especially with vivid memories still roaming wildly from our overseas expeditions.

When we hung out that day, we decided to make the most of our time in Brisbane. Because, just like travelling, we would surely look back on this experience and realise that it was such a small part of our lives. Therefore, having a pact agreement that we would take on Brisbane as though we were tourists ourselves. Instead of viewing it how I normally would, I aim to view it through new eyes.


I have lived in Brisbane before, when I was in primary school. So although many elements of the city have changed, a lot has remained the same (think Queensland Museum which has probably not changed it’s main exhibition since it was built, much to mine and Logan’s disappointment).

This feels even more different though then back then. I have officially moved out of home and I was more nervous in doing that then when I flew across the globe.

Of course I’m relatively independent (#stillcan’tcookadamnthing) but now that the time has come to move out of home, this independence only makes me feel sick at the thought of how it was when I left home for boarding school in grade 8.

Back then, I loathed a never-ending series of goodbyes after each holiday break had come to an end.

Of course things were very different back then. The people and the fact that I was still in a school environment all added to the immense hate for that place. Things would change this time around as well. I was much older now and more in tune with how to deal with situations by myself.

Unannounced nervousness rose as I packed up my bedroom on the quest for a new life in Brisbane. I couldn’t understand why I would have felt more in my element if I were to make a detour to the airport on my way to Brisbane. Since Brisbane was only an hour away from home and by quick detour, I meant; get on a plane, move to a foreign country and never look back.

However I couldn’t pin point the emotions that I was feeling on the journey to Brisbane. I mean I was excited for university and excited for a change of atmosphere, yet I still felt like I needed to crack some sort of code for the itchy feet I was experiencing. So that’s when my Aunty stepped in whilst we were having coffee. She knew exactly where these feelings had erupted from. The trigger that had set it off was due to my uneasiness and hate for my boarding school days. I automatically knew that this was exactly how I was feeling. Since realising where the pain was triggered from I was able to master how to control it.



My first week of university life was far from what I had expected. Then again, life is frankly more exciting when realisations ride shot gun on your expectations.

I didn’t get the best night sleep the night before the first day of university. So basically on Monday morning a zombie Ell rose from her bed, put on her ‘new year, new me’ outfit, grabbed the necessary items for uni (whatever I threw in my bag was out of a pure adrenaline rush to make it to my first lecture on time, I was extremely unorganised). I walked briskly to the bus into the city. Once in the city I would have to catch bus 66 heading towards QUT at Kelvin Grove campus. However, because I basically don’t know how any of the transport works in Brisbane I accidentally caught the 66 bus going inbound instead of outbound. But a motivated, headphones in- music on/world off sort of girl like myself didn’t really pick up on that factor.

I assumed that I was in the right place as I looked around at all the tech savvy kids on my  bus.

Skipping to the point now…

I ended up at UQ. Which is the wrong university. And as I watched all those tech savvy kids jump off the bus, I knew that even being a tech savvy kid myself; I hadn’t done any of the necessary google research in order to reach my destination.

I applied the “phone a friend” terminology into my real life crisis. 10 minutes later my gorgeous friend Lainie had collected me from my troubles and was en-route to my actual university. I decided to give my first lecture of the year the flick and instead have a much needed coffee break at the Regatta Hotel as a congratulations for starting university….


I would laugh about it later because most kids would get lost whilst navigating around campus. I guess I would be in the same boat as them if I could even GET to uni.

My first week of university slash hahaha jokes on you you’re actually an adult now life had so many downfalls.

I won’t go into too much detail but basically here is a list of what happened:

  • I caught the wrong bus and ended up at the wrong university
  • Thus missing out on my first ever lecture. (Okay I know, nobody goes to them anyways but it was a sentimental thing in my head that I should try to attend. Ah well too late)
  • My phone internet ran out, but thankfully would be up & running in another week
  • I had no idea how to do the Marketing quiz as I haven’t bought the textbook because I can’t afford it at this rate. Still managed to scrap through with a 6/10 score.
  • Centrelink contacted me saying that my claim for youth allowance as a studier will be rejected if I don’t get bulk paperwork in by Wednesday
  • The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) contacted me saying that I haven’t done 3 years worth of tax return forms. Basically I was now a criminal for tax evasion.
  • My new printer that I bought was not connecting to my computer so I couldn’t print off anything to prepare me for lectures
  • My brain got swamped with assignments already
  • My brain got swamped with things to remember for my new job
  • I continued on a daily basis to catch different wrong buses (not to university, I learnt the first time) but to other destinations around Brisbane….every time thinking “well how the hell did I manage to do that AGAIN!”
  • I did so much unnecessary walking which could have been prevented with some internet on my phone
  • Lost my phone charger
  • Drank too much wine
  • Only got 3 hours sleep before a 7am shift at work
  • My mum drove back to the Sunshine Coast with my wallet in her bag after our visit on Friday

And in the words of Joyce Meyer “WELCOME TO ENJOYING EVERY DAY LIFE”

So many things will go wrong, and since leaving the nest this is just the START of many to come ! !

It’s hard to ignore the fact that for the first few weeks I will struggle with things. I’ve often heard the term “Don’t try to run before you can walk” and I love it. There is so much honesty in that quote not only for those who are anxious in new situations but also for those who feel like they want to get out of their situation as quickly as possible. I am at both ends of the spectrum. I know I will eventually get to that place of peace, but I so badly want to cross that horizon now!

I’m still learning patience and to enjoy the touristy life of being a Brisbane-ite.

Wish me luck.

x o


Restless yet inspired

For the last 24 hours my brain has only been focused on getting through customs/immigration effectively without them taking my makeup powder off me (cause god forbid I have to spend another $200 on that expense) checking boarding times/gate numbers and working out the best options out of 2 breakfast meals on the plane. If I get the chicken with rice it could not be cooked well enough and lets be honest…which Aussie eats rice for breaky?? YET! If I get the sausage and egg then there is a massive chance that the dish will look like slop. I went for the latter and much to my despair before hand- my empty stomach starred at the dish, knowing that it had inevitably just seen into the future and that I would not be full any time soon.

Mum didn’t want to leave me at Brisbane International Airport. And I didn’t want to leave her 🙁

I have now landed at London’s Heathrow airport, munching on a ₤3.75 bacon&egg muffin at the Naturally Fast Food (fair-trade & organic cafe) Neon in Terminal Two. A much deserved meal after those awful plane meals on the flights from BNE – SIN (8 hr flight, wait 4 hours in airport) and then SIN- LON (14 hr flight, wait 5 hours in airport). My skin looks and feels like all existing life has been sucked out of it due to feeling so dehydrated. Yet the only thing I consumed on the plane was boundless cups of water, as mum pressed into me that wine would make me dehydrated.

So far I have noticed the intense focus that everyone in airports possess…they all have somewhere to be and someone to meet. I feel so strange being a foreigner in places I’ve never experienced before… even if they have only been spent in airports during layovers.

I’ll keep this first blog post simple due to my state of extreme tiredness. Even though today is a Thursday over the next 3 months you will see regular posts on Sunday’s. I believe Sunday is the weeks dedicated ‘rest day’, therefore each Sunday you will ‘rest’ as you read DIVF. But who knows with me, that day might change to a Monday… so keep checking back to see! At the end of each blog post I will have a quick list of the things I have learnt that day or week. So here goes my very first one!


No.1 When in doubt, always follow the crowd… they will lead you to your devine destination (toilets, flight gate, food, baggage collection…) just follow someone who you spotted on your plane in a non-creepy way (3 – metre rule) and chances are you’ll find exactly where you need to be!

No. 2 Don’t think that because you had to stow away your aerosol can of deodorant in your large check-in baggage that you will be able to go 20 or so hours WITHOUT it. I tried, and in my grandmothers words, I smelt like a pole cat.

Which brings me to tip No.3 Take a spare pair of clothes with you to get changed into at the next airport. Because even though you are unable to have a shower, you will still feel better now in some fresh clothes.

No 4. A window seat on a long flight is not always the best option! Take it from me who only got to leave my seat once in the flight from Singapore to London due to the 2 men who were fast asleep in the next two seats to my left. Struggle street you ask??? I think YES!

Last but not least,

No 5. Prepare for exercise and patience in London Heathrow Airport. First you have to walk so so far and climb up stairs to collect your damn luggage, (I brought the same stamina used for Mount Pomona climb with me!) and then you have to repetitively keep your eyes on a black conveyer belt watching bags spin around and around, wondering whether someone has mistakingly stolen yours. My next flight to Athens takes off at 12:15pm, so you’ll most likely hear from me in the next few days when I reach the island of Kythira. I’ll probably be complaining again about this flight as I accidentally checked myself in for the window seat again. Thankfully it is only 3 hours. All in all- I’ve been enjoying the journey so far. I’ve laughed at many stupid things that people have been doing, and they are probably laughing right back at me over similar things.


first post

Experience trumps Things

Well bloggers/readers/strangers who stumbled upon the greatness that is ‘Dancing in Violet Fields’– aka my blog, 2015 is well and underway if you haven’t noticed!!

Apart from developing a small flu/cold from two eighteenth parties in a row (I’m sure there will be many more coming up!) I have managed to enjoy the first seven days of 2015. From a trip up to my home town of Biloela for 3 days over to Agnes Waters to visit my grandparents and finally a stop over in Bundaberg visiting more family before heading home… oh how I love coming home. I will most definitely sleep well tonight…. Oh my gosh I am getting carried away and it is late so don’t stop reading just because of my blah blah blah above… something is about to inspire you I’m sure of it.

Whilst in Bundaberg today my family and I took a trip over to the nursing home to visit my great grandma (who is 92 and still looking mighty fine!). We weren’t there for too long but I cherished every moment we spent with her. Mum began explaining to her about our Uluru trip in 2014 and granny began to recall some of her holidays to New Zealand, Bali, Fiji and around Australia. Pausing for a moment of reflection as she said she unfortunately never made it to Uluru.

Once a place that she would of loved to have explore, can now only catch her eyes through the getaway programs shown on TV.

I’m only 18 and shouldn’t be thinking too deeply about this, but I shifted myself into grannies position in life. Now too old to travel anywhere else she might have dreamed of when she was my age. Wishing for a moment to be gifted with the opportunity to have another exciting experience!

So where am I going with this? 

Well…. I saw Grannies face light up when she saw us walk through her door. I noticed the tv was immediately turned off so we could just sit there in conversation. She did not care about the ‘stuff’ she had accumulated in life, cars, jewellery, clothes… nothing. Because nothing of this world was of use now….just the grateful memories of her past travels and the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren she had witnessed grow up.

So I chose today to remind myself that my life is mine. 

And you will choose today to remind yourself that your life is yours.  < I feel like the boldness just makes it feel more real. < look I did it again. hahahaha!

To live simply will be my constant saying throughout this year. Because it’s all you need really. The ways of a world which aims to sell ‘stuff’ and ‘things’ which in the end have to be disposed of anyways is not something I wish to partake in. This does not mean that things are bad, I just feel like if they weigh your life down then having wonderful experiences is more beneficial.

In late November I caught a lift with one of my mum’s friends from the Gold Coast up to Brisbane. We had plenty of time to talk which was great because she is one of the most genuine souls you’ll meet, plus just a rad person to chat about life with. We began talking about her spontaneous recent trip to India and how she had sold everything (furniture, car, etc..) all for the experience to feel alive. She told me that life is a cycle, I was just beginning the journey of life after school with nothing at all holding me back, she had just returned from a wonderful trip where nothing held her back. She was living simply.

So I reflect tonight on these two recent events which remind me that my life is mine. I choose to live it how I want. You can too.

I don’t want to get to my great grandma’s age and not have travelled/explored all the places I dream of constantly. Because when I get to 92 years of age, I want to say “Oh I made it there, I got to go there”, as I sit here, every few seconds glancing up at the world map to the places I will see and the people I will meet.

And when my great grandchildren visit me in many many years to come I want to smile with the confidence that I have achieved everything in my life and made the most of the experience.

Ell x

2015 Goals


This might seem like such a pointless blogpost considering the amount of New years resolutions that other hopefuls create to make their lives appear somewhat organised. So instead, I have titled this post 2015 Goals, replacing the word resolution with Goals; I don’t know it just seems more attainable. I also wanted to post this before New years Eve/ New years day because I would end up forgetting otherwise!

I am sure that the fact I have finally finished school will hit me around the time all the young ones start heading back for their first day of term one. So therefore as the new year is approaching quickly I not only have to think of personal goals but of career goals as well… which is scary stuff.

However I will only discuss personal goals today largely due to the fact that I have NO IDEA what I aspire to be, only that I am having a gap year next year and will start university the following year (2016).

Next year I have 6 goals:

1. To stop making excuses for not living out my dreams

2. To save enough money to be able to travel to Greece and some other wonderful places!

3. To be daring to try new things

4. Living simply (getting rid of all unnecessary things/ people in my life… the ones who are drowning me down instead of lifting me out of the waves)

5. Filling my body with good nutrients and exercising

6. Exploring more wonderful places

Those goals don’t need much elaborating so I might just leave it at that. Basically I wanted to publicly share what’s been on my heart, sorry if this is boring to you!

I personally cannot wait for 2015 to start and also can’t wait to see what amazing things happen in my life! If you would like to check out my bucket list which seems to be expanding everytime I log onto tumblr then click this link here  >>> http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist <<<

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas shared with family and friends, and also have a spectacular New Years!

Love & Blessings,

Elly-Grace XXXXO

p.s If any soul knows ‘where-abouts’ my feature photo above was taken can you PLEASE let me know somehow!