5 Random Acts of Kindness

So I pose this question to you, if I introduced you to you, how would you like to be shown?

Personally, I’d want to be someone who showed kindness through the random acts I did in my life. Comment your thoughts below.

One of the easiest things to do in life is to be kind.

It’s actually super simple and there are tonnes of ways to demonstrate kindness to a world who really needs it.

Watch this video before we begin:

This blog post is in collaboration with the beautiful Katie Kuo from Katie Passionfruit. Check out her blog for her self-love post linking to this one.

5 Random Acts of Kindness

(1) Good-morning/Have a nice day message…e.g *Thinking of you* 

A message like this is easy to send to someone on your mind. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just click send and then wait for the reply of “Oh you just made my day”

(2) Saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt in the past which was never resolved 

I don’t think there’s anyone else who hates confrontation more than me. It’s some scary shit to bring up old-unresolved issues to someone. But if you were in the wrong and realised that you need to apologise then this is another act of kindness.

(3) Buying someone a small gift 

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive because the fact that it is spontaneous will be worth more than you’ll ever know. Everyone knows me as that girl who doesn’t buy people birthday presents, but will buy random gifts when someone has been on my mind. Personally, I find that more special.

(4) Making someone a cup of tea 

This is easily my favourite random act of kindness. Ask someone if they would like a cup of tea, boil kettle, make cup of tea. Easy done.

(5) Visiting someone unexpectedly 

Ah, simple. Just don’t scared them but it’s totally okay to visit someone unexpectedly. Hopefully if their being particularly nice, they’ll offer to make you a cup of tea.

About Katie Kuo 

A passion for the creative things in life. I grew up in the country side of Auckland and am currently living in Sydney. When I have spare time I like to write, read, take long walks, listen to music and discover new things. I have always felt the inspiration to write, draw, express and create as much as I can from a young age. I believe that people, creativity and imagination are the most special kinds of inspiration.

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Western Australia: TRAVEL DIARY

Yes, it was a very long time ago that I went to Western Australia.

**WARNING: If you hate seeing incredible images of blue sky, blue water and blue dolphins than don’t continue reading**

The start of last year to be exact. However, I recently came across some super cool shots that were taken whilst we were over there and thought why the hell don’t I put them all together in a travel diary.

We only got to explore the other side of Australia for a short two weeks.

Places you must see in Western Australia:

  • Margret River
  • Peppermint Grove
  • Busselton Jetty
  • Buffalo Beach
  • Bunbury
  • Cottesloe Beach
  • Meelup Bay & Coves
  • Little Beach, Albany
  • Injidup (Just look out for sharks)
  • Eagle Bay/ Coves
  • Boranup Forest

There’s so much more to see but I’m lazy to write them! So just check out these beautiful photo’s instead.


If you’ve enjoyed this little photo series then comment your opinions below and I’ll create some more.

Check out my previous post here. 

Image credit: Joe Myatt, The fam and Myself 

2015 Goals


This might seem like such a pointless blogpost considering the amount of New years resolutions that other hopefuls create to make their lives appear somewhat organised. So instead, I have titled this post 2015 Goals, replacing the word resolution with Goals; I don’t know it just seems more attainable. I also wanted to post this before New years Eve/ New years day because I would end up forgetting otherwise!

I am sure that the fact I have finally finished school will hit me around the time all the young ones start heading back for their first day of term one. So therefore as the new year is approaching quickly I not only have to think of personal goals but of career goals as well… which is scary stuff.

However I will only discuss personal goals today largely due to the fact that I have NO IDEA what I aspire to be, only that I am having a gap year next year and will start university the following year (2016).

Next year I have 6 goals:

1. To stop making excuses for not living out my dreams

2. To save enough money to be able to travel to Greece and some other wonderful places!

3. To be daring to try new things

4. Living simply (getting rid of all unnecessary things/ people in my life… the ones who are drowning me down instead of lifting me out of the waves)

5. Filling my body with good nutrients and exercising

6. Exploring more wonderful places

Those goals don’t need much elaborating so I might just leave it at that. Basically I wanted to publicly share what’s been on my heart, sorry if this is boring to you!

I personally cannot wait for 2015 to start and also can’t wait to see what amazing things happen in my life! If you would like to check out my bucket list which seems to be expanding everytime I log onto tumblr then click this link here  >>> http://l-o-v-elly13.tumblr.com/bucketlist <<<

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas shared with family and friends, and also have a spectacular New Years!

Love & Blessings,

Elly-Grace XXXXO

p.s If any soul knows ‘where-abouts’ my feature photo above was taken can you PLEASE let me know somehow!

Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that. 

This is going to be a small post tonight as I have to start school tomorrow- sad face. Eugh. I saw this post on Tumblr last night and I know that you aren’t supposed to take anything that is posted on Tumblr and spread it around (apparently they are the rules) But I thought that this was a really good reminder to me and I hope that whoever is reading this gets the revelation as well. A true friendship with someone is meant to bring happiness, and love- not deceit and lack of trust. Don’t stay in a friendship or even a relationship with someone who is treating you the wrong way and making you feel bad about yourself. It’s not worth it at all! No matter how many memories you’ve shared together which you think can evenly weigh up the bad times.

  • If you’re not happy, get out of the relationship
  • If you’re reflecting a behaviour which isn’t you’re usual, get out of the friendship

I was watching the movie ‘The Clique’ the other day and I loved the line when they are all at the sleepover and the girls ask whether they would prefer to (a) Be a friendless loser or (b) Have a bunch of friends who secretly hated you

One of the girls chooses (a) which results in the others laughing and tell her that she got her wish. Mean right!

But personally I would choose (a) also because it’s way better to put trust in yourself than others who are just going to tear you down anyways. Does that make sense?

Sorry this is a very quick post, I’m not really in the right mind space tonight to write a big essay. Love to all. Will post again soon!

XX Elly Belly!