10 Tips for Being A Good Friend

Good friends are hard to find these days. But when you do search high and low for that quality person, you’ll want to hang onto that friendship. However, it goes both ways. A friendship can hardly flourish if it is just one sided.

I sat down with my beautiful friend, Katie Baird at Born to Explore the World and discussed what it means to be a good friend.



    Taking the time to listen to each other’s Spotify playlists, knowing full well their blood and sweat went into creating their own little slice of heaven.


    When they’re sick, and provide any sort of comfort food. They will remember this next time you’re sick.


    Be raw with them. Make sure you give your friends the privilege of knowing the real you at all times, even if it drags a whole range of emotions with it.


    Call them on their shit. It’s 100% okay that if you feel they are making a crazy life decision to pull them up on it. However, when they’re being over emotional, let them cry and rant to you as well. Sometimes you might not have the wisdom to give to them but they will find it comforting just knowing that you are listening.


    Answer their Skype calls or phone calls when their overseas and need your help ASAP and be willing to spend hours on the phone with them talking about every situation with them, and wishing you were together again. We get it, everyone has busy schedules so if you can’t answer their calls then just send them a message saying you’re thinking of them. It’s simple.

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    Celebrate with them. They’re victory is your victory. Seeing them happy makes you happy. So make sure you show it.

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    What’s mine is yours. Be so comfortable around them that there is no boundaries and what you can and can’t borrow and share…just not boyfriends.


    Treat their family like you’d treat your own. Ask about them, because almost instinctively you already care about them.


    And don’t be overly clingy. Be happy in who you are, and your confidence that the friendship makes you both shine – not one of you hiding behind the other.


    They will escape with you when you feel the need to get away. Even if it’s just to pick you up for an ice-cream or a long road trip. They will be there.



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4 Things You Should Never Apologise For In Life

One of the most commonly used phrases we use in life is, “I’m Sorry” and it needs to stop. Unless you are severely hurting someone, you should never apologise for the things which make you most happiest in life.
This post is in collaboration with another incredible blogger – Amy Theodore from The Noise In Wonderland. Amy also recently posted 4 Things You Shouldn’t Apologise for in a Relationship; check it out here. 

Spending Time Being Lazy- Amy 

It’s important to work hard in life, but it’s equally as important to have some down time. It’s okay to have a super lazy day every now and then where you just do absolutely nothing without saying sorry for it. Binge watch Netflix, eat those snacks you’re craving and don’t go to the gym. Sure life is short and you only live and once so you should cease the day and all that, but sometimes you just don’t have to.

Life Decisions – Elly-Grace 

If you’re like me, than it’s always so hard to make a life decision!  More often than not there’s a thousand other people you’ve involved in the decision making process. However, once you have a vision for your life, or purpose, then you should never apologise for it. There is nobody living your life but you. So if you want to quit school for an apprenticeship, do it. You want to leave university to go and pursue your photography? Make it happen. Don’t apologise for it.


Buying Material Things – Amy

There is a lot more to life than the fancy clothes in your wardrobe and the twenty candles you have scattered around your house, but that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have them. So you want to buy that expensive coat because you’ve been eyeing it off for a year and you’re still in love it with it; DO IT! Maybe Macs are overpriced but your computer has just shit yourself and you think Apple products look pretty, BUY IT! Material things can’t keep your happy for your entire life, but they can bring spurts of joy into your day or week and we all deserve to treat ourselves.

Spending Time Alone – Elly-Grace 

We all feel the weight of life getting us down. When you’ve surrounded yourself with too many people and their energy isn’t uplifting you. It’s very important to spend some time alone to regain your thoughts and focus on what’s really important in your life. Get away for a little while- drive to a waterfall, lay in the sun outside, read a book quietly in your room. Do anything to spend some quality time alone and most of all; Don’t Apologise for it!

A lifestyle blog written by Newcastle, NSW local Amy Theodore, The Noise in Wonderland is a corner of the Internet where anything can happen.

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4 Ways To Understand Yourself Better Than Anyone Ever Will


This morning my Aunty fell into my DM’s (haha had to use that) on Instagram. She had sent me a famous quote from the movie The Wizard of OZ. Even though I actually have never seen more then 15 minutes of that movie (Shocking right!?) I felt that the quote tied in perfectly to what I wanted to write about this morning.

4 Ways To Understand Yourself Better Than Anyone Ever Will

“You always had the power, my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.”

– The Wizard of OZ

The most powerful thing you can do in life is understand yourself; the potential and power that you possess. Otherwise, you’ll go crazy.

I’ve always thought that 2015 was the biggest year of shaping who I am. However, 2016 has really showed up to be another year of challenges I’ve had to overcome. The hardest challenge of all, understanding myself more. How I react dramatically in certain situations. How in other situations I am reserved and silent.

(1) Understand How Your Mind Works

Ahh the battlefield of the mind….

Do you have a quiet mind, a busy mind or a bit of both? It’s time for you to understand which one you have.

This year I’ve learnt that my loud, chaotic mind doesn’t fit well in a silent household.

Do you feel like you don’t have many views on issues which are consuming our world today? E.g ISIS, Homosexuals and Refugee’s? 

Recently I encountered someone talking quite demeaning about homosexuals. I’ve never been witness to a conversation like this in real life and I didn’t quite know how to respond. Usually I would remain silent on this issue, however it made me more irritated than it ever has.

I came away from that conversation excited as I was starting to understand how to think for myself about issues related to all of humanity- a.k.a you & me. I’m beginning to formulate my own perspectives and I’m basing them off love not hate. #spreadlovenothate


(2) Understand Your Emotions

Ever feel down and you’re not entirely sure why? It’s okay, that’s apart of being human.

I visited a friend whilst in the Gold Coast the other night and we had a massive chat about this. It also happened to be ‘R U OKAY?’ week so our conversation seemed fitting. It’s important to recognise your emotions and when you are feeling down about yourself. In those times, you must do something to distract you from that feeling. It’s the only way to pull yourself out of it.

Suggestions: go for a walk around the block, listen to an uplifting song, take a quick break from YOUR social media or watch something funny on YouTube (Recommended: Models falling off catwalks). 

With this knowledge, I’m learning the times of the day when I feel most down about life (4-6pm and late at night) and those times that I’m on top of the world (when I’ve left the house or I’m sitting in the sunshine drinking OJ).

(3) Understand Your Purpose

Without purpose we all feel a little, well, stuck. You don’t have to think too far down the track. But if works for you, think about the right nowWhy are you doing what you are doing right now? If the answer is, I don’t know. Then it’s time for you to start understanding your purpose.

(4) Understand Your Soul and Don’t Deny it of Happiness

Most importantly, I am finally realising what is going to make me the most happiest in this crazy world.

I will not deny myself of happiness. Why? Because I deserve it. Just because my path in life might not necessarily be the path that everyone else is taking. THAT’S TOTALLY OKAY.


Have a wonderful weekend babes. x –

Comment below if you feel that this post has helped you in some way. 

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6 Good Reasons to visit GOMA ASAP

14330979_10208608419421562_1839304247_n 14371903_10208608419621567_399630967_n14348615_10208608350499839_1035923065_n

I’m currently on the Sunshine Coast, just having a little break from the city life. It gets like that sometimes.

One of my friends studying in Brisbane called me up for a little chat and to tell me how envious she was because I was basking in the sun in Noosa where she only had two options- a swim in Southbank or in the Brisbane River. Um, bull sharks.

She said that she’d seen someone on a jet-ski on that river just the other day. (Warning tourists please DON’T do this, the river is shark infested).

Okay my train of thought is almost lost now. Basically if there is one place that any foreign traveller of Brisbane should go to then it’s the Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA). Here are some reasons why I think that. 

If you don’t visit often then there’s something new to see 

The exhibitions change every few months so it’s super refreshing to see something different. At the moment there is a beautiful collection of Cindy Sherman’s photographs on display. Don’t miss out, the exhibition finishes 3rd October! 

You don’t have to be creative to appreciate art

Literally, the beauty about GOMA is that anyone can visit and walk away in some way appreciative of what they have just witnessed. 

Their aircon is going to be your saving grace in Summertime 

Enough said. The Australian summer is brutal and when it shows it’s face we are all looking for some escape. Why not head to GOMA and utilise their electricity then your own at home…plus you get to see some cool artwork. 

It’s a nice escape from the hustle-bustle of Brisbane 

There’s not further need to elaborate on that one. 

It will inspire you 

It’s sometimes hard to see the inspiration which is practically everywhere. But a visit to the GOMA will most definitely inspire you. 

It’s FREE entry *exclamation mark* 

I saved the best for last, of course. There will still be the occasional exhibition which will be paid but for the most part feel free to wander around without paying a cent and then still have enough money for lunch afterwards. It’s a win, win situation and I like them. 

So go forth and enjoy some artwork. Want to know some more hot spots of Brisbane, click here. 

Comment your experience with GOMA below. I would love to hear about it. 


Where: Stanley Pl, South Brisbane QLD

Opening times: 10-5pm everyday (including weekends) 

Image credit: Colby Rinaldis 

Broke Uni Students Guide To Brisbane Nightlife

Brisbane nightlife holds so much potential. However, most people would associate the words ‘Uni student’ with a poor soul most likely laying on the floor procrastinating their assessment load in between sporadic bursts of tears and eating two minute noodles. Let’s be real here, we are most likely all broke or going to be if we buy another Acai bowl for $12… seriously, I refuse. There’s one thing that’s certain though, and it’s that we love spending as much time out of the house as possible.

Who should read this?

Any broke af uni students looking to change their usual routines when it comes to going out in Bris-vegas (lol, no, never say that). Obviously if you are not over 18 then just don’t drink- simple, and you’ll save even more. Oh young ones enjoy your lemon, lime and bitters (secretly I want to be you).

Why should you read this?

Frankly, I’m excited to see as Brisbane nightlife begins to emerge and turn into a really groovy place to live. And you should be too.

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Let’s get into it!



Where: Boundary Street, West End. Kick onto The Fox Hotel for a rooftop Sunday sesh. (Within walking distance from West End)

Drink:  Locally brewed beers @ Brisbane Brewing Co.  Get the bartenders to give you a taste of a selection of different beers. Roughly $6 for a pot of beer.

Eat:  The Burrow – They are moving to a new location soon. Recommended* The Poutine chips $15 and Bad Mutherfungi Pizza $22.5

Est. total cost:  $20-30




Where:  Vulture Street, West End

Drink: Head down to your local bottl-o and pick up a cheap bottle of wine. Hot Tip* Check for how many standard drinks are in the bottle. Don’t* buy a $5 bottle of wine expecting it to be good. #regrets

Eat: Huong’s BYO restaurant. Thai green curry with coconut rice is to die for!

Dance:  If you want to feel like you’re overseas again then hit up Down Under Bar & Grill (Dunders Backpackers Bar). And yes, before you ask, it most definitely is pumping on a Monday night. Can’t go wrong with $6 mixers and $12 beer jugs

Est. total cost:  $10-20


Where: IMAX Theatre, Southbank. Budget Student Tuesdays Cost: $5.50

Drink:  The Charming Squire  Pretty chilled atmosphere with live music pumping most nights. Plus it’s filled with lots of attractive men in business suits having drinks after work. It’s also filled with tradies too…you decide.

Est. total cost:  $14-20



Where:  Strike Bowling, Wintergarden Brisbane CBD. $15 unlimited activites upon presenting student ID.

Drink:  R.E (Royal Exchange) uni night. Don’t get too messy for your Thursday classes though.

Est. total cost:   $20



Where:  Fortitude Valley

Eat & drink:  Beach Burrito Company. Grab two tacos plus a beer or glass of sangria for only $10

Dance:  Birdee’s or Free Salsa dancing at Cloudland every week

Est. total cost:  $10-15




Where: Brisbane CBD

Eat & drink:  Charm Sushi and Bottle shop. Doesn’t look like much from the outside but this place is so rad. You can pick up a huge feed for less than $10. They have a bottle shop attached at the back. While you order the food your friend can go pick out a bottle of wine. It’s a win/win situation. $1 shots at the counter as well…be careful young ones.

Dance: Brisbane Square holds free salsa dancing until 11pm or Friday’s Riverside on Eagle Street… and if you’re game, head back to Dunders.

Est. total cost:  $20


Saturday is a wild card in my books. You’ll always find something to do on a Saturday night. The Valley is the most common place to go. There are also some cheap $30 live concerts you can go to at the Tivoli, Triffd (Newstead) or The Brightside. 

Est. total cost: Expect to lose a lot of money on a Saturday night. Hot tip* Don’t take your cards with you, just a selective amount of cash.

Hopefully this list has helped you in some way. I know for a fact as a desperate uni student I seek more exciting things than my usual hang out spots.

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Go out, party hard but make sure you stay safe.

**Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these companies to post on their behalf. Just wanted to share my experiences of Brisbane nightlife** 

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