I Went to the Wrong Uni on my First Day

Hi hello hey, it’s been a while & I’m sorry for the absence but I just handed in my last assignment for this year so I thought I’d reflect on my experience of university this year.

I’m lying on my bed in a cream coloured pinafore dress after dying my hair violet from a cheap packet bought from Chemist warehouse. I feel like a kid. Perhaps, I still am. Maybe it’s because I keep escaping back to the Sunny Coast away from my adult responsibilities in the big city. Or maybe it’s because I’m hardly attending university at the moment- being a part-time student gives you that luxury. If you feel like you need to step away from hectic studies to focus on what’s really important than I 10/10 recommend this.

If my first year of university has taught me anything it is that it’s okay to be your kid-like self and pursue what makes your soul feel at its happiest.

Although like Ivy, (Read here: http://www.poisonandice.com/tuesday-talks/what-university-is-really-like) I didn’t expose my bra to an entire lecture room on my first week, I did however end up at the wrong university on the first day.

Hold up, let me try and redeem myself. I had my outfit sorted, my makeup done with a pop of bright lipstick and my tote bag full of the ‘Uni essentials’ (Which I later learnt was not even needed). I’d caught the correct bus but it was actually going the opposite way of my university. I was so focused on making my outfit on point that I had completed misinterpreted the Translink transport app.

Here are some things that I was wrong about:

(1) Dressing Up For Uni

I was completely wrong in thinking that university was a place that you had to dress up for. Some days I hardly even remember to wear a bra or shoes.

(2) Everyone is Stable

I was completely wrong in thinking that those who attended university were the ones who had their lives together.

(3) I Would Never Change Degree’s

I was completely wrong in thinking that I would be content with the first degree I started. Now I can confirm that I was in no way content, as I have now changed degrees three times in one year. I like to think it’s my way of working down my QTAC preference list. Or, you could look at it as indecisive Elly striking again.

A little bit of insight- Whether you’re having a gap year after school, changing degree’s copious times, studying too much or not studying at all, we’re all trying to deal with the crap and once you understand that, it makes university so much more bearable.

So, I’ve learnt that university ain’t what it seems (Hell, you could even miss out on your first day because you’re that stressed out!).

You create the path that is going to make you the most happiest and you follow it all the damn way.

My mum pulled me out of school in grade 10.

**Disclaimer: I’m not saying that school is bad, I just think the system needs a change** 

I’ll start by saying, it’s okay. Because really it is. If you haven’t noticed already but you are actually just following a system which has been set in place as a means to keep you moving forward. They tell you that you must aim for greatness or success or whatever the people controlling the ‘system’ want. 

I always hated school.

And I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.38.56 PM





Do you know when you start to hate it the most? When people keep posing questions about your future. 

These people are most likely your teachers, family and friends of the fam who probably haven’t seen your since you were a little kid. Yet still, they think their opinion is somewhat valid for your future choices. Uh, come on. You’re meant to be just telling me how you need to put bricks on my head because of how tall I’ve grown since I was a toddler. Shocking right… that I’ve actually grown since I was a toddler. 

Everything changes when you enter middle school. 

Grade 8 begins and suddenly you’re in a whirl wind of deciding the subjects you’ll be doing for the next year, keeping in mind that those subjects will ultimately decide how grade 10, 11 and 12 pans out. 

This is when the system turns to crap. 

You’re starring at that form in grade 10 trying to put ticks beside those six subjects. Teachers are speaking their daily lecture of making wise choices as they are detrimental to grade 11 and 12. 

I’ll admit, grade 10 was my worst year. Trying to keep my head above water in terms of assessment, the stress of trying to fit into the school mould whilst also battling with some sickness. The last thing that I wanted to decide upon was my future. Can you understand why crying on the bathroom floor most days would be the result of this? 

Mum pulled me out of school.  

And it was the best thing she could have done. I was able to spend a semester of home schooling, getting better, getting stronger for the next two years. I had envisioned myself graduating from school but it felt like such a long time away. Taking the time to refresh in the comfortability of my home was just what I needed. 

Why hello grade 11 and 12! 

I thought I was ready to conquer the last years of my schooling life. But I found out that nothing can really prepare you. *Cue another round of subject deciding* and you’re one step away from going insane with all these decisions. (For Queenslanders) You’ll hit grade 11 and are instantly thrown into QCS practise. At my school we were preparing for this test for over a year before we sat it. That’s how our system goes. Not only will you be asked questions about what OP you want to get, you’ll also have to make decisions on what degree you want to do and where you want to study. Keep in mind that the biggest thing people will respond with when you tell them the degree you’re studying is, “Oh and what job do you want with that, and oh, does it pay well?”. It’s unfortunate that most of us are growing up with our main concern being money. 

Guess what… 

I want to let you know that I’m two years out of school and I still don’t know what’s going on with my life. And if that doesn’t comfort you then I have many friends who will back up that claim because it’s relevant in their own lives too. Some have taken gap years before university, some have entered university for a year and then taken a year off to rest. It’s okay to do whatever. 

Because right now we are at a stage in our lives where we are in control and any decisions we make are our own choices. It’s actually a sweet thing. *BRB Packing my bags to Italy*

I’m first year into university and I’ve already changed degree’s three times. Kinda feels like I’m working my way slowly down my QTAC preference list. 

It’s alright because we are all moving forward in some way. Remember that. 

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Dear Grade 11’s

Grade 12 is not going to be easy

Especially once you are nearing the end of the race! But it is going to be worth it! It is worth the excitement you feel when you reach the goals you set yourself at the start of the year. It is worth the tears, highs and lows. It is worth it all. Because when you reach that last week of assessment the overwhelming feeling of success and accomplishment flows over you. That everything you do up until the very last day is the last time ever.

  • Handing that last assignment in
  • Finishing mathematics exams forever (hallelujah)
  • Lunch times
  • Last time you will have to drive/ catch the bus to school and the last time you will have to force your body out of bed for the 8:30am start of a new week.

All of these things that we have adapted into our routines for 13 years will finally seize to control our lives.

Oooh I’m sounding a bit dramatic, but hey- it is totally okay!

Basically I want to stress that no matter how badly you did in Grade 11 you can change those habits for Grade 12.

Here are some of the reasons why I didn’t try hard in Grade 11: 

1) I just didn’t try hard at all

2) What’s the point I don’t know where my life is headed anyways

3) Schoolies and looking for a formal dress is way too exciting so schoolwork doesn’t matter

4) Everyone is always going to be better in their studies then I will so I don’t care

You will care! Do not take this attitude into Grade 12 with you!

Here is some advice from a girl who thought she could not succeed in grade 12 but managed to change her attitude and study habits to produce grades that even her teachers didn’t deem possible.

1) Work:

If you have a part-time job I recommend you think about either reducing your hours or quitting all together (If you are a loyal worker and have a good relationship with your manager/boss then I am sure the position will still be open when you finish grade 12… explain your reasons and motivation to do well in Grade 12). Trust me, you will stress less about the limited hours to finish an assignment and work on that instead! HOPEFULLY, procrastination is your worst enemy, do not let it into your life!

2) School: 

At the start of the schooling year go to all of your teachers and let them know what grades you want to finish on for that particular subject. For me, I personally wanted to jump from finishing Grade 11 on a Low C for English to a high A in Grade 12. So I went and stressed how much I wanted to make that huge jump and that I would do anything my teacher asked of me. ** Side note: HAND IN DRAFTS. Not even joking they save your life **Anyways, teachers are paid to move you in the right direction where you can excel in their subject. So go and have a casual conversation to them at the start of the year about your goals and they will help you reach them- guaranteed!

3) Yourself: 

I have briefly discussed a change in attitude that I had to make to enable myself to work really hard despite everything. Your attitude as you embark on the pilgrimage is the most crucial part of character building.

“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character”

Albert Einstein

See! You have to agree with me since one of the greatest thinkers in the history of our world even has a quote to describe it! It is honestly true though. Not only working on your attitude, but work on de-stressing yourself too. I struggled with that as I entered term 3 because the people around you will be stressed but you can’t let that enter your system too! Another quote coming up!!

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. 

– Goi Nasu

Grade 11’s there is going to be some hard mountains to climb in Grade 12. But I disagree with the people who believe that your results in grade 12 are just a reflection of those in grade 11. I am an example of how that is completely untrue!
So my final words of wisdom would be to stay strong, stay humble and most of all enjoy the next phase of your life because it truly will be over before you know it !!
Make sure you read about my Mum pulling me out of school in Grade 10, here. 

Tick tock, Oh my gosh.

Is it because I have a goal to finish the ‘Divergent’ series. Is it the change in the weather. Or the fact that I’ve been watching ’The Voice Australia’ every night because my cousin Isaac is in the competition. Maybe it’s just because I have an overwhelming laziness to write something for ‘myself’ that doesn’t include another creative writing story, feature article or lord help me, analytical exposition. I think that would have to be it indeed. I’m just so swamped with assessments and I feel like my clock has been adjusted to speed up x2 so that I’m left with halved-half-days,-  that’s ‘less than half’ for people who don’t understand that analogy. I don’t know why I feel like everyday time is dramatically escaping from my sight! I don’t have a job, social life or any extra-curricular activities to attend to!

So why is it that I feel like every time I check the clock it’s skipped 3 hours ahead when I felt like 3 minutes had pasted?
One word: 


‘Our greatest enemy’

We all do it! Come on, fess up…Admit it! Does it make you feel better to admit it if I tell you we wouldn’t be classified as Human if we didn’t. Well I guess some people just have those ‘procrastination-skills’ as they matrix their way through the simple life of a life un-procrastinfiyed. Or however else they can be classified. But let us not draw attention to those people because it’s just unfair that the other 99% of humans who do procrastinate on a daily basis.

Elly’s 3 Tips to reduce your procrastination:

1) Not everything has to be neat and tidy before you start doing some damn work! > You do not have to go around frantically cleaning your house/bedroom/desk/school bag/to-do list/ as though the Queen is coming to town to see you! I know what you want to say, “Oh but I need to make sure my workspace is clean and tidy to start my assignments/study on”– and trust me I completely know what you mean. I know that it isn’t possible to try and start an assignment if your mind is filled with clutter as you stare at the untidiness of your room. So go ahead and clean if you must! Just don’t let time get the better of you where you replace 3 minutes for 3 hours upon the discovery of old primary school photos as you take time to pause and reflect.

2) You don’t need to go on a snack break every 0.5 seconds! > It’s a hard one but it’s true. Don’t do it! You’ll not only start to form bad habits of needing a drink or snack every time you sit down to your desk, but a trip to the kitchen might mean a glance at the T.V which will entice you to seize all forms of school work! And lone-behold, before you know it you’re trapped waiting for your favourite show to appear! Which might evidently mean watching for a good few hours! You’ll forget what you were mean to be doing in the first place!

3) Don’t randomly call friends or begin a new text message channelling your inner grade six self…..

Elly: ‘Hey’
Jane: ‘Sup?’
Elly: ‘Nm, you?’
Jane: ‘Yeah me nethier. How’s school?’
Elly: ‘So bad, so much work to do. Not enough time’

Well maybe if you got off your bloody phone you’d have enough time!! Did you ever think about that? Well, perhaps you should take a minute to think about it now. Do you understand my drift, readers? Or have I lost you because the ‘no-phone-deal’ is too big of a thing for you to give up!

Anyways, so here I am, a classic example of one who procrastinates too much as I currently should be working on my Film and Tv assignment. Oops!

So I guess all those points were not only for you guys, but also for myself! Who woulda thought eh!

Jane: ‘K kool gtg ttyl bye x’


Friends are supposed to make you feel good about yourself

just remember that. 

This is going to be a small post tonight as I have to start school tomorrow- sad face. Eugh. I saw this post on Tumblr last night and I know that you aren’t supposed to take anything that is posted on Tumblr and spread it around (apparently they are the rules) But I thought that this was a really good reminder to me and I hope that whoever is reading this gets the revelation as well. A true friendship with someone is meant to bring happiness, and love- not deceit and lack of trust. Don’t stay in a friendship or even a relationship with someone who is treating you the wrong way and making you feel bad about yourself. It’s not worth it at all! No matter how many memories you’ve shared together which you think can evenly weigh up the bad times.

  • If you’re not happy, get out of the relationship
  • If you’re reflecting a behaviour which isn’t you’re usual, get out of the friendship

I was watching the movie ‘The Clique’ the other day and I loved the line when they are all at the sleepover and the girls ask whether they would prefer to (a) Be a friendless loser or (b) Have a bunch of friends who secretly hated you

One of the girls chooses (a) which results in the others laughing and tell her that she got her wish. Mean right!

But personally I would choose (a) also because it’s way better to put trust in yourself than others who are just going to tear you down anyways. Does that make sense?

Sorry this is a very quick post, I’m not really in the right mind space tonight to write a big essay. Love to all. Will post again soon!

XX Elly Belly!