I Went to the Wrong Uni on my First Day

Hi hello hey, it’s been a while & I’m sorry for the absence but I just handed in my last assignment for this year so I thought I’d reflect on my experience of university this year.

I’m lying on my bed in a cream coloured pinafore dress after dying my hair violet from a cheap packet bought from Chemist warehouse. I feel like a kid. Perhaps, I still am. Maybe it’s because I keep escaping back to the Sunny Coast away from my adult responsibilities in the big city. Or maybe it’s because I’m hardly attending university at the moment- being a part-time student gives you that luxury. If you feel like you need to step away from hectic studies to focus on what’s really important than I 10/10 recommend this.

If my first year of university has taught me anything it is that it’s okay to be your kid-like self and pursue what makes your soul feel at its happiest.

Although like Ivy, (Read here: http://www.poisonandice.com/tuesday-talks/what-university-is-really-like) I didn’t expose my bra to an entire lecture room on my first week, I did however end up at the wrong university on the first day.

Hold up, let me try and redeem myself. I had my outfit sorted, my makeup done with a pop of bright lipstick and my tote bag full of the ‘Uni essentials’ (Which I later learnt was not even needed). I’d caught the correct bus but it was actually going the opposite way of my university. I was so focused on making my outfit on point that I had completed misinterpreted the Translink transport app.

Here are some things that I was wrong about:

(1) Dressing Up For Uni

I was completely wrong in thinking that university was a place that you had to dress up for. Some days I hardly even remember to wear a bra or shoes.

(2) Everyone is Stable

I was completely wrong in thinking that those who attended university were the ones who had their lives together.

(3) I Would Never Change Degree’s

I was completely wrong in thinking that I would be content with the first degree I started. Now I can confirm that I was in no way content, as I have now changed degrees three times in one year. I like to think it’s my way of working down my QTAC preference list. Or, you could look at it as indecisive Elly striking again.

A little bit of insight- Whether you’re having a gap year after school, changing degree’s copious times, studying too much or not studying at all, we’re all trying to deal with the crap and once you understand that, it makes university so much more bearable.

So, I’ve learnt that university ain’t what it seems (Hell, you could even miss out on your first day because you’re that stressed out!).

You create the path that is going to make you the most happiest and you follow it all the damn way.

5 Random Acts of Kindness

So I pose this question to you, if I introduced you to you, how would you like to be shown?

Personally, I’d want to be someone who showed kindness through the random acts I did in my life. Comment your thoughts below.

One of the easiest things to do in life is to be kind.

It’s actually super simple and there are tonnes of ways to demonstrate kindness to a world who really needs it.

Watch this video before we begin:

This blog post is in collaboration with the beautiful Katie Kuo from Katie Passionfruit. Check out her blog for her self-love post linking to this one.

5 Random Acts of Kindness

(1) Good-morning/Have a nice day message…e.g *Thinking of you* 

A message like this is easy to send to someone on your mind. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, just click send and then wait for the reply of “Oh you just made my day”

(2) Saying sorry to someone you’ve hurt in the past which was never resolved 

I don’t think there’s anyone else who hates confrontation more than me. It’s some scary shit to bring up old-unresolved issues to someone. But if you were in the wrong and realised that you need to apologise then this is another act of kindness.

(3) Buying someone a small gift 

The gift doesn’t have to be expensive because the fact that it is spontaneous will be worth more than you’ll ever know. Everyone knows me as that girl who doesn’t buy people birthday presents, but will buy random gifts when someone has been on my mind. Personally, I find that more special.

(4) Making someone a cup of tea 

This is easily my favourite random act of kindness. Ask someone if they would like a cup of tea, boil kettle, make cup of tea. Easy done.

(5) Visiting someone unexpectedly 

Ah, simple. Just don’t scared them but it’s totally okay to visit someone unexpectedly. Hopefully if their being particularly nice, they’ll offer to make you a cup of tea.

About Katie Kuo 

A passion for the creative things in life. I grew up in the country side of Auckland and am currently living in Sydney. When I have spare time I like to write, read, take long walks, listen to music and discover new things. I have always felt the inspiration to write, draw, express and create as much as I can from a young age. I believe that people, creativity and imagination are the most special kinds of inspiration.

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Exploring my Instagram Archives

Hacking the Instagram game means having killer captions, even if you have to lie about your feelings sometimes.

We all have those nights where we reminisce on the good times as we scroll through our Instagram profile. So I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane to some Instagram posts from last year and get real with what I was actually dealing with instead of what I said on my captions. (Most of them are selfies cause I’m usually alone so don’t judge). Who knows, after this blog post I might even start a series called “Not what it seems”. Highlighting the fact that other people’s lives are not always how they appear on social media.

So let’s hop to it. 

What I said



What I should have said

“I just travelled over 5000km’s and got my heartbroken by a guy”





What I said




What I should have said

“These French boys really pissed me off so much and I really wanted to go to sleep”




What I said



What I should have said

“I really have no idea what I’m going to do in 2015. I have deferred from University, I don’t have a job and I’m shit scared”

What I said


What I should have said

“I have a huge crush on the boy next to me so quick take a photo  so he will notice me”





What I said



What I should have said

“I actually stole this apple and I can’t remember where I stole it from but I know I stole it cause I’m running out of money and I’m hella hungry. Side note, I’m in Shakespearean territory and I’m going to go watch a theatre performance by myself tonight”




What I said


What I should have said

“I don’t really want to return to Australia just yet but I’ve been working illegally and they just figured it out”






What I said


What I should have said

“If my brother has to take one more photo of me I swear he’ll disown me from the family”




What I said 





What I should have said 

” Yep, this is the first and last time I’m going to have a healthy breakfast”


Head over to my Instagram (dancinginviolentfields) to see my caption writing these days.

He’s really good at (swimming) ruining lives.

“And then, after I learned about the graphic details of my own sexual assault, the article listed his swimming times. She was found breathing, unresponsive with her underwear six inches away from her bare stomach curled in foetal position. By the way, he’s really good at swimming. Throw in my mile time if that’s what we’re doing. I’m good at cooking, put that in there, I think the end is where you list your extracurriculars to cancel out all the sickening things that’ve happened.” – Fragment of a statement from a rape victim. 
There is nothing more I hate to read then a rape victim’s statement to the guy who assaulted her one night at a frat party. I feel physically sick and my spine keeps shivering to imagine what she went through.
And what does he get to go through!??! One six month sentence for he is “a really good swimmer” and a longer sentence would eliminate his chances of making it big! 
This girl (remaining unidentified) went to ONE party, on ONE night, and now she has the awful trauma of ONE act of vulgarness that will effect her for a LIFETIME.
This guy, Brock Turner simply gets away with it. And this is not the first time this has happened.
I recently watched a documentary called, ‘The Hunting Ground’ that exposes the epidemic of sexual assault within American colleges. The movie presented statistics that were shocking to say the least. I was taken back by how little is often done to consequent these assaulters- most of them being athletes with their ‘rising careers on the line’. WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT YOUR CAREER PROSPECTS BEFORE YOU RAPED AN GIRL/GUY AT A PARTY.
But no, once again, it was all cool because they didn’t get expelled or anything and they could continue on their merry way to ruin more lives.
It is the victim who’s left to feel as though they are in the wrong.
Just think about that…
I personally just want to say sorry to all those girls/boys who have had to go through something like this. I would never wish it upon my worst enemy. I’m sorry that if you were drunk, you have to try picking up the pieces of a night you don’t remember.
Get it right.
Photo source: http://drewwilsonphoto.tumblr.com
Read full statement here: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/true-stories/this-is-the-full-statement-read-out-in-court-by-the-woman-brock-turner-assaulted/news-story/88fd97dadede453fbde82609893fa29b

The Dating Series part 2/4

Why Hello There !

This rainy weather has inspired me to post part two of The Dating Series.

If you haven’t already checked out part one then now is the perfect time to do so! CLICK RIGHT HERE . Otherwise none of this will make sense.

If you are a returning reader, welcome. If you should be doing your assignments or exam study right now like me, then stop reading whatever they are getting you to read- and look at this post instead. 😉 I’m the worst procrastinator…

Nevertheless I bet you are so excited to read more on the topic of dating in 2016.

Once again I will reinstate that this post is strictly outlining the parameter of ‘dating in 2016 for late-teens in middle class Australia’. It is limited to viewpoints of 10 girls who live middle class lifestyles and are between the ages of 18-22.  

Let’s continue with Ivy’s tornado metaphor – cause I think it’s brilliant.

When you reach the eye of the storm in the dating phase where everything is calm and easy. 

I think we all deserve what we want really. If you want a sit down date find someone to match that! If you want to inhale a pizza on the couch find someone to match that. – Shelby, 18

[Quoting Taylah on face-to-face talk] proper dates are lot more personal and emotional. These days it is more likely people don’t go on expensive dates to get to KNOW each other and see whether they want to date; they will go on a proper date if you are already an official couple. And until then, you do cheap, inexpensive ways to build your relationship. – Ashley, 18

[Well] I’ve had 2 boyfriends and have never been on a sit down dinner date. – Ivy, 18

If you want to dress like a goddess and go out to dinner, if you want to go for a hike, if you want to lay on the beach and talk til the sun sets, if you want to go out dancing and go home and collapse into wild sex. Nothing is wrong with any of these. And for every girl that wants to go on a date (of any kind), there is also a guy that also wants to go on that exact same date. – Alethea, 21

My current boyfriend and I haven’t had a ‘date date’ before. However, we’ve made our own dates- picnics in paddocks etc. Honestly that is all I would ever want until I grow old is to have our own customised dates that are inexpensive, are what we both feel comfortable doing and at a place that means the most to us.- Jodie, 19

I’ve noticed that his friends give him a bit of a hard time for choosing to spend a saturday night with me… instead of getting wasted at the clubs… More than one friend in particular has a girlfriend and he’s more than happy to leave her at home and just fit her in when it suits him best. [This poses the question ‘Are girlfriends becoming an accessory?’] – Alana, 19



A relationship is being there for each other and helping each other grow. It doesn’t matter if you go out for fancy dinners, or stay at home and watch movies, all that matters is that you take care of each other. Is that what dating someone is all about at the end of the day? – Katie, 19

Now it’s my turn. I feel like we can get obsessed over things pretty easy. And the dating phase is just another addition to that obsession. But when things start to pick up and maybe dating wasn’t as you expected or hoped for is when disappointment arises. Hell he might not have picked you up, organised a fancy restaurant so you could wear your red lipstick and new black fringe heels and talk about god knows what during a three course meal. Maybe that’s not just him, maybe he is more than that in the sense that he doesn’t care about materialistic things. Maybe you need to accept that from him. – Elly-Grace, 19.

I really love this youtube video which my friend recently tagged me in. It talks about the five love languages and how your partner might receive love in a different way to you. Give it a watch here! 

More to come! Stay tuned for Part three.

Adios – Good luck with assessment to all university/school students at the moment.

Much love.

Elly-Grace x