The art-form of coddiwompling

Oh hello,

I was on the hunt for a cool word to get tattooed on my wrist (eventually when I have the money) and with an obvious interest in Travel I came across this cool article on Hello Giggles titled 6 Words That Every Travel Junkie Should Know. 

The word coddiwomple stood out on the page like a sore thumb. You’ll never hear me saying that expression again, but I feel it fit the moment.

Coddiwomple: “To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination”.

I have been on a quest to find a word to perfectly describe me. I can gladly say that I have now found that word. Alas! I don’t have to explain the way I like to live my life. Instead I will point all those who question me straight to the dictionary (most likely the slang dictionary because I’ve never seen this word before) and tell them to take it all in!

The past few months of living in Brisbane have gone by so quickly, and that scares me a lot. However I am comforted by what I have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Who knew that vague walking in a purposeful manner would actually equip you with so many observational skills.

It’s so difficult to adapt a similar mind-set towards your mundane lifestyle to that of being in a foreign land. But here are some tips on how you can enjoy your life while you feel stuck in the mud.

  1. REFLECT. Before you do anything else in the morning spend a few minutes reflecting on the day just been and choose to make today the best you can. My mind is a chaotic mess. But if I spend a few moments praying about how I will get through the day, then I won’t be doing it in my own strength anymore. It’s so easy to give it over to someone else to deal with. Wise words from my mother, obviously.
  2. WRITE. If you’re not a writer than sing. If you’re not a singer than dance. I won’t continue with this, but you understand the meaning. Do whatever you feel passionate about, it will set you up to continue that passion throughout the day.
  3. LISTEN to some music which ignites your soul and makes you generally excited about life. Cue spotify playlist: Elz
  • Be The One – Dua Lipa. This track literally makes me want to jump into a 70’s music video and start pulling out all those classic funky dance moves. *Think* the snorkel, the disco finger, the bus stop and sprinkler.
  • Let’s Dance To Joy Division- The Wombats. This is literally the coolest song. Come along to one of our fortnightly wine and pizza nights and we’ll get you dancing to this in no time! (see photo below)
  • Lisa Sawyer – Leon Bridges - Seriously, this song will touch your soul like no other song can. Just slow dance with someone to it, please. Do it for me.
  • One Dance – Drake ft. Whizkid and Kyla - I give you full permission to shake your hips in whatever way you want. Particularly on a Friday afternoon when the week is over, but if your more of a Monday morning person – than get those hips shaking.
  • Love Me – The 1975 - Pretend you’re a famous drummer, or electric guitar player or just sit back and bask in the beauty that is Matt Healy’s sexy voice. Your choice.
  • Oceans – Hillsong - You can’t go wrong with this track, and that’s the honest truth.

Now go out and make your life amazing. But mostly, stop being so serious about everything. Have fun coddiwompling my friends.

Here are some photos of my past week. It’s been a hectic one.

Until next week,

Elly-Grace x

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