The Dating Series part 2/4

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This rainy weather has inspired me to post part two of The Dating Series.

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Nevertheless I bet you are so excited to read more on the topic of dating in 2016.

Once again I will reinstate that this post is strictly outlining the parameter of ‘dating in 2016 for late-teens in middle class Australia’. It is limited to viewpoints of 10 girls who live middle class lifestyles and are between the ages of 18-22.  

Let’s continue with Ivy’s tornado metaphor – cause I think it’s brilliant.

When you reach the eye of the storm in the dating phase where everything is calm and easy. 

I think we all deserve what we want really. If you want a sit down date find someone to match that! If you want to inhale a pizza on the couch find someone to match that. – Shelby, 18

[Quoting Taylah on face-to-face talk] proper dates are lot more personal and emotional. These days it is more likely people don’t go on expensive dates to get to KNOW each other and see whether they want to date; they will go on a proper date if you are already an official couple. And until then, you do cheap, inexpensive ways to build your relationship. – Ashley, 18

[Well] I’ve had 2 boyfriends and have never been on a sit down dinner date. – Ivy, 18

If you want to dress like a goddess and go out to dinner, if you want to go for a hike, if you want to lay on the beach and talk til the sun sets, if you want to go out dancing and go home and collapse into wild sex. Nothing is wrong with any of these. And for every girl that wants to go on a date (of any kind), there is also a guy that also wants to go on that exact same date. – Alethea, 21

My current boyfriend and I haven’t had a ‘date date’ before. However, we’ve made our own dates- picnics in paddocks etc. Honestly that is all I would ever want until I grow old is to have our own customised dates that are inexpensive, are what we both feel comfortable doing and at a place that means the most to us.- Jodie, 19

I’ve noticed that his friends give him a bit of a hard time for choosing to spend a saturday night with me… instead of getting wasted at the clubs… More than one friend in particular has a girlfriend and he’s more than happy to leave her at home and just fit her in when it suits him best. [This poses the question ‘Are girlfriends becoming an accessory?’] – Alana, 19



A relationship is being there for each other and helping each other grow. It doesn’t matter if you go out for fancy dinners, or stay at home and watch movies, all that matters is that you take care of each other. Is that what dating someone is all about at the end of the day? – Katie, 19

Now it’s my turn. I feel like we can get obsessed over things pretty easy. And the dating phase is just another addition to that obsession. But when things start to pick up and maybe dating wasn’t as you expected or hoped for is when disappointment arises. Hell he might not have picked you up, organised a fancy restaurant so you could wear your red lipstick and new black fringe heels and talk about god knows what during a three course meal. Maybe that’s not just him, maybe he is more than that in the sense that he doesn’t care about materialistic things. Maybe you need to accept that from him. – Elly-Grace, 19.

I really love this youtube video which my friend recently tagged me in. It talks about the five love languages and how your partner might receive love in a different way to you. Give it a watch here! 

More to come! Stay tuned for Part three.

Adios – Good luck with assessment to all university/school students at the moment.

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