The Dating Series part 3/4

FRESH on the blog today, The Dating Series part 3/4. If you have neglected the opportunity to check out the previous post on the same subject please do so now before continuing. HERE & HERE.

But the middle grows nearer- So what are we? 

I think our mindsets are changed into “it is okay to do this or that” and in a sense get away with it without real consequence. – Celine, 23

A date should be something YOU love not what is classed as ‘romance’. – Shelby, 18

Does the word “date” actually need a label? We are the ones who created it and made it to be perceived and seen that way. Maybe people just need to be more adventurous and not be so repetitive with each person in coping each other.- Jade, 18

I feel, perhaps, already holds a negative connotation and puts out this feeling of yearning for a by-gone era. Slapping a year on it makes begs the question what is 2016? It’s a time where the world is incredibly globalized, everything is at our fingertips and apparently that’s all we care about. – Alethea, 22

Divorce is so common, “escapes” and “Ctrl-Z” on relationships has become prevalent. When is it that you’re truly committed? After you say “i do”, because the “for better or for worse”, “for richer or for poorer” seems like pretty lovely shallow words that have lost their value… If times get tough- the solution is divorce. – Alana, 19

How has dating changed from the past?

I still personally feel really guilty when we go out and he pays, because if we both did it, I feel like I should pay my part. Dating has definitely changed from ‘courting, meeting the father for approval, picking her up, taking her out, movie style’ to ‘lets hang out for a while and then we can invest money into this when we actually are sure on making this a proper thing’ – Ashley, 18

I think these days parents don’t have a say in really who you date, there isn’t the official asking or interrogation like there was years ago- I think parents are more trusting and accepting especially due to how society is these days. – Jodie, 19

I really don’t think we can speak for the romance of a by-gone era. We weren’t even alive. All we’ve seen are photographs and films. And what do we know of photographs and films from our days of Instagram and snapchat? That it’s a presentation of the very best moments of our days. It’s not the 24/7 reality. Perhaps our grandmothers have told us stories about how romantic that summer in ’47 was when she met your grandfather and he walked 7641939 miles to her house everyday just so he could give her a flower. And damn it, that does sound romantic but what do people remember of their lives? The very best parts (hopefully)! What that story doesn’t take account of is the hardships in the relationship or otherwise (hello post-war period, hello scarcity, hello leaving school at 15 to support the baby-booming family, hello completely changed international order, hello emerging middle class and subsequent lower class). – Alethea, 21

We are in a generation where as women, we are far more independent, far more empowered, and have far more opportunities than we have ever had! I don’t believe we should still conform to the old style dating where the man gets stuck for paying for everything… We are on a pretty level playing field now ladies… – Alana, 19

Well there you go, the girls have said it so well I don’t have anything else to add, for now.

Catchya for PART 4/4 Next week. x



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