Why good day humans of the world,

I never imagined 2015 to start the way it did. I had my vision of how it would turn out… I had my perfect plan. But a planned life is no life to live. Yes it’s good to have some sort of outline or balance in your everyday routine. But basing your happiness around a structured plan with events, travel, birthday dinners, your next meal or promising relationships is actually super unhealthy.

How do I know this? 

Because in these first 3 months of 2015 I have learnt more about myself than I ever have in my 18 years of living. Which isn’t a very long lifespan but as long as I am learning something new every day I know my life will be rich.

So here’s the detailed low down of my first 82 days of 2015:


Wide eyed Elly-Grace enters 2015 with a plan for where she will be travelling at the end of the year. Knowing that she will need a full-time job to meet the dream for those travel endeavours. So she sets out searching for that job. At the end of January an unimpressed, stressed, jealous (of all her other grade 12 classmates who have seemingly picked up not 1 but 2 jobs), and jobless Elly realises that she has just wasted a month worrying about not having a job. That, she should have listened to the wisdom of her father who told her that she needs to enjoy the time she had. She also shouldn’t have put her happiness in people, why? Well stay tuned cause the answer arises in February.


Oooh yes a new month! More mountain climbing and spontaneous adventures YES PLEASE. But come on God I really need a job so my plan of travelling can come into fruition.

Despite countless resume handed out and over 30 job applications submitted online by Mid Feb and I was still unemployed…

So of course I jump at the chance of a holiday away (even if it was still with my family) to WA. I guess you’ve gotta love when all your expenses are paid by your parents. Side note** Cherish those moments kids cause even though I’m not ‘officially’ an adult yet, it’s a sad day when you’re parents refuse to even pay for your macca’s ice-cream cone anymore. 

So off we went to explore Western Australia for a week. I’ve been so blessed to have the opportunity to explore Australia as much as I have. I realised that this year actually…

I used to hate it when most kids would go on international holidays whilst my family would instead take a road trip to Jindabyne or Rockhampton…. geez I was a spoilt child for thinking those things. Enjoy wherever you get to go! Even a small road trip can be a fun experience.


Everything happened at once! I got a few casual jobs which was excellent because I love it when I can be busy whilst getting some money. I think when you let go of stress and worry then your life balances out…

Sometimes when your chasing people with the wrong intentions, it doesn’t work out… either that person is not on the same page as you or something better is right around the corner. So when I got back from WA I wanted to focus on what I am passionate about. That being, Modelling. So I took a quick over night trip down to Sydney to try to get signed down there. It was a very spontaneous and independent experience as I had to not only navigate my way around the city alone to meet with Agencies but I also had to organise my accommodation, flights and taxi’s. The trip wasn’t a waste of time at all but I’m learning that if you want something in life, it’s not just going to be handed to you on a silver platter… that’s just not how it works.

However for a few days after I got back from these two interstate trips I got so overwhelmed with the decisions that I needed to make for this year I sent myself crazy…. only for a few days though.

So now, as I step into the month of April (with my birthday just 20 days away) I begin to take my eyes off the whirlwind of things around me which have bound the decisions I needed to make. I choose to step out into this new season of my life with my ears open to hear God’s wisdom for the path I need to take.


Throughout these past months I have learnt that…

– You can not rely on people

– Every day above ground is a great day (Cheers Pitbull for the inspo!)

– Food should not be the cure of your happiness…. and neither should people or events

– It’s hard to think straight when your adrenaline has burnt out, take time to heal and rest

– It’s your life, no one else is going to understand how you are feeling, there’s no way to explain it better than that. You need to grasp a hold of your life and take all your problems to God and he will lead you in the direction you need to go

– Let go of anger…. it’s like an anchor holding you down to the depths of the ocean…

– Life is not going to be stable. You are never in a stable job… something could happen one day and it could all go down hill. You need to prepare yourself to be content with whatever happens. Its life, you live and learn… my dear, at least you lived!

Sorry this post took a while, I hope you get something out of it on your fine Monday night.

Have a wonderful week!

xxx Elly-Grace

P.s Sorry if you got a tad confused from this blog post. It was a lot of jumbled thoughts all morphed into one! 1000 words later and I am still talking….Okay I’ll stop now.


Photography by one of my beautiful best friends Katie Baird


Instagram: katiejbaird

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